Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp at the Palm

SPOTTED: Hollywood couple, Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp grabbing some dinner at The Palm tonight. The two are working on sound track for Mellencamp’s  Ghost Brothers of Darkland County a “riveting Southern gothic musical” based on the 1957 deaths of two brothers and a young girl that is slated to kick-off in Atlanta April 4, 2012 and run through May 14th.
Frequent Mellancamp collaborator T. Bone Burnett is involved in the project as its musical director and has recorded the songs for a soundtrack album that is slated to hit stores before the show opens in Atlanta. The CD version will include the full musical presented as a radio play with sound effects and voice acting by Elvis Costello, Meg Ryan, Kris Kristofferson and Matthew McConaughey. Kristsofferson, Costello, Neko Caseand, Taj Mahal have already recorded songs for the soundtrack disc.
Looks like love is still in the air for these two? Thoughts? Leave me a comment!


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31 responses to “Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp at the Palm

  1. Well, I guess this solidifies that I'll have to take a drive on up to Atlanta between April and May of next year. My ears have had a love affair with his voice for years. Hmm… now just to find a place to stay, and a partner in crime to force to go with me.

  2. Am I just getting used to the freaky-botox-alien-facelift look, or is Meg's face looking back to normal?

  3. Sherri, pick me pick me!

  4. Her trout mouth is not as pronounced as it was in the early days post-surgery. Alternatively, we're just getting used to it!

  5. Look at all my redneck friends coming out of the woodwork! Looks like a road trip is in order during spring break, y'all!

  6. PS so many things today I should have PUT EXCLUSIVE! in Big letters. Someone called me from the palm to tell me. I am starting to have some GREAT sources. When I posted this, they were still there eating! #sortofstalkery

  7. T – I was just thinking the SAME thing! Your sources rock! LOL

  8. I'm very happy with them. #prayformore! ask.believe.receive.

  9. They are so adorable. Great stuff.

  10. Hollywood couple? NEITHER live in Hollywood: and could care less about being "Hollywood".

  11. I think they're not there for the CD, that's done. He's probably there for the musical itself. To see how it's coming along. The cast was announced a few weeks ago. Nice to c Meg Ryan tagged along for the ride :-)

  12. Tamara, Probably there about the play, not the CD.

  13. Just spotted them outside Table 1280 in Midtown.

  14. Thanks so much jefatlanta YOU ROCK! email me anytime with news.And anons and Elissa you are all right. Not here for the CD but for rehearsals.Thanks for correcting me! I appreciate the news and what to keep things true here!

  15. Tamara, do you allow negative nasty comments like the ones posted above(smrtass etc?), Meg looks great.I thought this was anti-nasty blog.

  16. Anon, just curious, how is it nasty if you're observing something that's been in front of our eyes? Meg's kind of been known for her plastic surgery in recent years, and quite frankly, she's finally starting to look semi-normal again.And also, isn't the nature of gossip in and of itself sort of… nasty?

  17. Just saw her today at Four Seasons off 14th in Midtown Atlanta.

  18. They are married and they're working on the play. They have their kid with them.

  19. They are not married and have no children together. They are a couple and are working on a play.

  20. When I saw her at Four Seasons, she was dressed down in jeans & top, cute scarf, great aviators and had a camera. Quite attractive. Very petite. I think she was saying goodbye to Mellencamp in an SUV. I was surprised she was off exploring alone, think she was headed to the high, but it was at 2:45pm.

  21. Tamara, Meg Ryan has a 7 year old daughter. She usually travels with them. That's probably whom anon saw with them.

  22. this project will be a flop. as far as the hag that john is with is the reason for his marriage and family split up. make no mistake this hag is a snake n the grass dont care but for herself. when john and elaine were having problems she should of let john alone and let the 2 work out their problems. you think that the boys dont want their mom and dad back together. you think that what this hag did was ok? shes back in the spotlite only cuz of john. thats ok john will come to his senses and dump this waste of space. and i hope it hurts the hag soooooooooooooooooooooo good

  23. by the way does anyone know about the explicit videos this hag has done that looks porn and graphic detail. google meg ryan nudity videos and see for yourself. john you know bout these?

  24. elaine? You know I have a sitemeter, right? This is sad and you need to stop drinking honey. It's Christmas. Get it together.

  25. Tamara, that sounds like this is one unhappy Mellencamp fan! Yikes! Anyway, I know for a fact that John and Elaine already split up in the summer of 2010, months before he started dating Meg Ryan. So whomever made those comments got it all wrong.

  26. Elissa, I basicly thought the same thing but have you seen the photos of john,his wife and meg ryan It will make think again!!! just saying!!

  27. i aint worried cuz meg will get dumped by john. what goes around comes around. its really funny, gee whiz 1st marriage yeah, divorce poor john, 2nd marriage yeah, divorce again poor john, 3 marriage yeahhhhhh whow 18yrs, then along comes snake in the grass, divorce again poor john, yeah each time as the old saying goes "oh the next one will work out" really? even if they dont get married, johns success with women is the pits, and then he got stuck on being stupid with meg. oh yeah the othe 3 didnt work out, what makes anyone think this will be any different. get a grip

  28. What's with all the hate you have for this couple anonymous? They're two adults in a relationship, yes, enjoying each others company. Nothing wrong with that. And no, she was not the cause for his divorce, just ask the people that actually know him and his 3rd wife.Seems they were back in Atlanta this past week though.

  29. wow lotsa stuff lol. its well known that celebreties relationship hop or marriage hop. seems like with all the fame fortune and stuff that goes with it, they would be happy. but all i see in a lot of celebreties just from reading is still an emptiness that seems to be filled. sad as it may be money fame fortune and a person cant make one happy. saddest part is some will go to any length to achieve any of this. just my opinion only

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