Marlo Hampton and Charles Grant: A Fake Storyline Gone DeWrong

Remember that game on Sesame Street, one of the things does not belong?
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Part I of this LONG STORY is here. 

On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey gets her first job as an emcee for a fashion runway show. Cynthia knows a LOT about modeling, but we have all seen that attempting to verbalize her own thoughts is rather difficult for her. Based on previews for tonight’s show, her performance is almost as cringe worthy as seeing Miss Lawrence turn up in full garb at a real event in Atlanta. The fashion show was held on May 5th.  That means these scenes occurred after the baby shower brawl but before any of the birthday parties.  While we are talking about real timelines, this may be the place to point out that Nene had at this point not filmed at all with ANYONE and there were rumors galore that she was being replaced by Marlo Hampton. It does seem mysterious that Nene was not at this event since she is portrayed on the show as being BFFs with Cynthia. Doesn’t it? I’ll get to that soon.

We know that Kandi’s birthday was on May 17th but that was the night of her real party I’m not quite sure when Kandi’s fake party was filmed.  The baby shower for Kim was on April 17th and there was at least a month if not more before anyone saw Nene filming anything.  So a lot of blogs ran with the idea that Marlo was replacing Nene this season.  And maybe she was. Click through the jump for all the tea.

This is why models don’t get paid to talk
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 So Cynthia somehow gets this gig at the Botanical Gardens. The event is hosted by the Georgia chapter of the International Interior Design Association and is their biggest charity event each year. The fashion show is actually a competition where teams of interior designers compete to create a wearable piece for a male and a female model. It didn’t seem as though this was explained during the clip so while you all might assume the patrons are laughing at the designs, they are really laughing at Miss Lawrence. Pay close attention to the actual attendees in the background during the episode. As much as Bravo TV would like to lead people to believe that the gay men of Atlanta are traipsing around in five inch pumps and sequined women’s blouses at our charity events, this is SO not the case.

For the love of GAWD, Miss Lawrence, learn to behave!
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Not only did certain members of the RHOA create a spectacle, Miss Lawrence either worked his way up to the front before this shot was taken or got moved father back during the show.  I do not understand why Bravo wants this idiot on the show and invites him to every scene! It’s embarrassing and Bravo is going to run out of places they are allowed to shoot in Atlanta soon!  Atlanta has GREAT GAYS! They are just not on the RHOA. The buffoons they do put on the show sure do not do anything to help the perception of gays in the black community. Andy Cohen should be ashamed. As for the crowd that paid a $100-$150 dollars to attend this esteemed event, the group directly around Miss Lawrence can be seen laughing and texting like crazy people in many scenes and still shots.

Yellow is the new black!
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Phaedra and Apollo showed up well-dressed as usual for the event and were photographed at the event’s step and repeat. Phaedra tells the Bravo cameras tonight that Apollo and Peter have put their beef behind them. While they did have just over three weeks to calm down between the baby shower and the fashion show, with Nene in a snit, they needed someone to film with Cynthia and Phaedra and Sheree are always down for airtime. That said, Peter, while in attendance at the fashion show was hardly even seen in the previews. It will be interesting to see if Peter and Apollo are filming in the same room at the cocktail party held after the runway show. There is a bar at the party and well Peter does not always remain on his best behavior in some instances. Also, Peter is not known to be the most comforting husband when things go badly for Cynthia. It would not surprise me if Peter was not seen much at all in any of the fashion show scenes. We will see him in other scenes though as Cynthia, it would appear, did not read Nene Leakes’ book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice (available in a dollar book bin near you) and is considering funding Peter’s latest money hole, Bar One. It seems her storyline this season will be her family trying in vain to get her to see the light of day.

Introducing, another fake storyline
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Speaking of the cocktail party this is the occasion where Bravo decides to introduce Marlo Hampton to the viewers. Now remember, Nene has not been seen filming for RHOA at this point. Nene is prone to temper tantrums and while the RHOA film crew was in town, they were also filming some things for Kim’s upcoming wedding spin-off. One can only imagine Nene’s head was exploding. There had been rumors of Nene getting her own spin-off but those fell by the wayside recently once Kim and Kandi got spin-offs instead. Kandi even got a Producer credit on her show The Kandi Factory. That girl has business sense. While Nene was melting down, Marlo was filming. In fact, Marlo filmed A LOT of scenes for this season up to and including the big South Africa trip! Marlo also told Bravo she was engaged to Charles Grant. Pay close attention tonight when Phaedra, who will claim to know Marlo “from the gym”, introduces Marlo and Charles to Sheree and Cynthia.  In the extremely rehearsed and stilted scene, Charles has enough when Marlo says to the girls that Charles is not her husband, but may be someday. At that precise moment, Charles tells Marlo it is time to leave. Bravo wanted to work the angle that Charles used to hook up with Nene so that she and Marlo would go head to head.  Nene knew the deal and eventually when she was reminded she was under contract with Bravo to film was fine going along with it, but Charles was not. This was a problem. It was about this time that Bravo “happened to find out” that Marlo has a violent criminal past.  Like that one time she knifed some chick in Florida or the fact she is a convicted felon. I think Bravo decided no matter what kind of a diva fit Nene was throwing, they didn’t want to go forward with the Marlo v. Nene storyline lest one of them kill the other. Bravo likely met a financial demand or two of Nene’s and reminded her she was under contract. So Charles rode on out and Marlo was left with no storyline and Nene decided to fulfill her contractual obligation and that pretty much catches us up for tonight’s show. As a footnote, Marlo and Nene are like peas and carrots on twitter these days and seem to spend a lot of time together. I don’t think Bravo was counting on that.

So if you read through all that thanks! Leave me your thoughts and opinions. Thanks again for the follows on @tamaratattles on twitter!


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27 responses to “Marlo Hampton and Charles Grant: A Fake Storyline Gone DeWrong

  1. Where do they do the casting for this show, at the county jail. YikesI agree that "Miss" Lawrence is an embarrassment to the gay community. He is a clown and Andy Cohen should be ashamed of himself to perpetuate this stereotype.

  2. Pleeze, baby jeebus, make nene go away.

  3. My daughter says the same thing about the RHOA–that you'd think all gay men pranced around in full makeup and heels. It's ridiculous! We know lots of gays here and NONE of them dress that way!

  4. I don't have a problem with Miss Lawrence being Miss Lawrence, but she needs to tone it down in civilized settings. And it is not the best way to represent the Atlanta Gay Scene. If he wants to be Miss Lawrence more power to him, but we all have to conform to dress codes and expectations in certain settings.

  5. ACL

    I couldn't disagree more with the Miss. Lawrence comments. Conforming is the reason the gay community has so many problems supposedly we all should conform. I mean I don't prance around in stilettos but he's a hoot and himself all the time. Too many people are afraid to be who they are we don't need anymore. On the other hand he is making it easier for people to stereotype the kids. If that's the case though imagine what the housewives are doing for the women folk. Anyhow I had no idea Atlanta was such a disheveled production. Thank goodness it's entertaining fakery it's the only kind I watch lol. Nice blog BTW Tamara first visit first post.

  6. I cannot stand Lawrence. He is a big fat fake who plays it up for the camera. I have nothing against gay people but he disgusts me. If Bravo continues to show him this much, I'm out.And he is one ugly ass mofo, no matter how he dresses. *puke*

  7. Pam

    Hated those chain earrings on Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious. They were even worse on Lawrence.

  8. I hate throwing shade on Miss Lawrence, and I don't want things I say to be seen as gay bashing. I just think he has not found himself and he is trying so hard to be over the top that he has lost touch with who he is. I'm also not saying he needs to conform as a general rule. I am saying he needs to dress appropriately for functions just like everyone else. That was a dress to impress event, not a dress to be a spectacle event. Bless his heart.

  9. I Love your blog. You make a lot of sense. Nene was doing a lot of interviews and LA and New York. Maybe she was really not coming back for season 4. From day one, Nene said the rumor was a lie, but nobody believes her. Nene is under contract and will not break it. Bravo never anticipated that Marlo and Nene would be fast friends. Bravo already knew about Marlo's past. There is something about Nene that draws people in.

  10. Gay or not, if you can't dress or do make-up well, just stop! He dresses like a 65 y.o. woman on a cruise…stop it already!

  11. The best thing I'm getting out of this is the timeline, thank you so much for keeping it straight for us, because Lord knows I can't. Why can't they just show things in the sequence they happened?Cynthia is doing herself no favors not knowing where her husband is getting the money from. This dear woman, she's a pretty face, but that's about it. There's nothing else going for her. She can't speak apparently, and can't stay aware enough to know where her damn husband is getting 40K.

  12. I'm so over Nene I hope this is her last season. Cynthia going to go broke trying to prove to her family that Peter is not after her money.

  13. The whole Marlo, Charles, NeNe storyline line was a bust! First off Charles didnt even sound convincing when he said they went out on a date. Then to watch ALL the women question him about NeNe in front of his date? Are you serious? and then Marlo just had to sit there and listen to that? That would NEVER happen in REALITY. I have to bring this up just because..Has anyone besides me wondered if Phaedra is a criminal attorney why would Sheree be using her to represent her in court for child suuport instead of a family lawyer?

  14. She would not, Beatrice. But that is info for an upcoming post! Not today though, that TAR one about wore me out.

  15. I completely agree with ACL. I am a white gay from Atlanta that would never have the nerve to dress like Miss Lawrence no matter if I wanted to or not. If Miss Lawrence is a stereotype then so is the blonde gold digger Kim, the angry black woman Nene, the criminal Apollo, and the thug Bryce, etc. Maybe if you have something to say about Miss Lawrence then say it and stop making it about the gay community at large. I am not certain what the label "Great Gay from Atlanta" even means. Does that mean they dress a certain way and act "proper"? Just ease up on the fact that Miss Lawrence was sent in to Bravo by the CEO of Gay Inc. Miss L is just being Miss L…love it or leave it!!!!

  16. I wonder if Miss Lawrence is really 'Miss Lawrence' when the cameras shut down for the day. I'll bet he wears jeans and a hoodie…WD

  17. Ms. L is just trying too hard. Shock value and all that.

  18. The problem is not with Miss Lawrence, its the fact there is no balanced representation wof Atlanta Gays.

  19. deb

    NeNe doesn't want broke Charles Grant. You see what happen to Greg when he got broke. She got rid of him. Then why would she want someone coming into the relationship broke. NeNe Leakes is a huslter and I mean that in a good way. She is nobody fool and she will not let anyone fool her. Broke Marlo and Charles will end up in jail. Along with Sheree.


  21. I don't know the particulars of why Dwight didn't come back, though it did seem that there was friction between Dwight and all of the girls at the end. Dwight recently applied to have his lapsed cosmotology license renewed so apparently he is back doing hair.

  22. I Agree with the guy from ATL…Even though Ms. Lawrence looks like the LAST bulldog, i believe that is him. I know people who live their lives just like him, bald head, womens clothes. I dont think he should be bashed for being who he is though. He's not the only gay in ATL. It is BRAVO's fault that they dont show another type of gay on the show, and BULLDOG should NOT be bashed for being who he is. Even if he looks a mess in those three season ago earrings.

  23. Thank goodness he has your kind comment to make him feel better. :)

  24. Love Miss Lawrence I think he plays the androgynous card well and it suits him, he does not have to look like any other person or represent a whole class of people, he is just himself. Maybe Andy Cohen was a little shocked as I was at first to see men fearlessly wearing heels with normal clothes sometimes, I don't see that in Miami, maybe now since this show this trend will spread. I they want to wear heels good for them, God knows they can be painful and I am a woman lol!

  25. This is NOT a trend in Atlanta. Miss Lawrence and Kim's wig guy whose name escapes me at the moment are the only guys I've ever seen wobbling around on heels. Atlanta is the third largest gay male population in the country so there is no shortage of opportunities to see gay men in Atlanta. I assure you, none of them look like these two. It's yet another casting decision by Bravo that makes a mockery of Atlanta.

  26. Paula Lee

    To much drama necks rolling weave everywhere everybody jealous of each other to much boy when people get rich let’s pray for them, they all trying to make it or they already made and don’t know how to act I guess I like them all just strange personality

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