Finale of The Amazing Race Filmed in Atlanta

The Amazing Race will air its season finale this Sunday and for the first time ever it was filmed in Atlanta! When the final three landed at Hartsfield, all on the same flight at about 2 p.m. on July 10, 2011 there were three teams still in the race. Jeremy and Sandy the California dating couple whose bickering and bumbling had them barely escaping last place on many legs have managed to get to the final three and have a large Internet fan base. Many think their middle of the pack editing gives them a great shot at winning it at all. Some just liked seeing Jeremy in an orange thong.

 Ernie and Cindy are an engaged couple from Chicago. Cindy is a perfectionist when it comes to Ernie’s tasks but often stumbles on her own.
Their bickering is not nearly as endearing as Jeremy and Sandy and Cindy often ends up with a really  bad edit. Lots of fans were angry when Ernie and Cindy U-Turned fan favorites Bill and Cathi the retired grandparents.  There appearance in the final three over snowboarders Andy and Tommy enraged and disappointed some fans as well. They need to pull together in order to win this which means Cindy has got to stop being so controlling.

And the third couple is Atlanta hometown favorites Marcus and Amani. Marcus is a retired football player and Amani own Maize ‘n Grace a boutique on Main Street in LaGrange. Amani and Marcus were good friends to Bill and Cathi in the race. Marcus is known for having a football analogy for everything. They get along much better than the other couples and have a never give up attitude. They have overcome a lot of setbacks only to end up in the front of the pack.
 Will the final leg taking place in Atlanta give them an advantage?

Jump past the break to read about all the challenges that take place in the finale in Atlanta. Of course I know the tea!

 All three teams arrived in Atlanta at 2 pm on July 10, 2011. They were of course welcomed with hot weather and traffic. Fortunately, at first the traffic was not a problem because the first challenge was literally around the corner from the airport at Flight Safety International. All teams took cabs for the very short trip and arrived within minutes of each other. Once inside the teams flew flight simulators to complete take-off and landing simulation. Team must complete the task successfully before moving on. Expect a co-pilot or two to be less than submissive passengers. There was apparently a backseat pilot or two.

 According to Internet rumors and especially the super sleuths at Reality Fan Forum, everyone is out of the simulator and on the way to the next stop within fifty minutes. It appears from the preview that Jeremy and Sandy have a bit of an edge leaving first. However, Sundays in Atlanta in the summer means full-on road construction. I-85 was undergoing major work and all the teams got to experience the thrills of Atlanta stop-and-go traffic. Amani and Marcus seemed to have the Midas touch with cabs this season, so perhaps their luck continues.  Eventually, all the teams make it to the first roadblock at the Margaret Mitchell House. The Margaret Mitchell House is the former apartment of the author of Gone With the Wind. Teams will be greeted by a southern belle in a white antebellum dress. Once there one team member must go inside and complete an assignment on Margaret’s own old-fashioned typewriter. If you think computer typing skills will help you on the typewriter, you are wrong. Typewriters have keys that strike a ribbon of ink. One wrong key and it’s time to start all over. With a million dollars on the line, that can be extremely tedious.  Ernie takes one for the team to complete this task while Cindy waits outside questioning his abilities and wishing she had done the task. Oh Cindy! This roadblock is where some distance begins between the three teams.

Next, the teams return to their cabs and head south again on I-85 for about five miles to the Green Lot parking at Turner Field, the home field of the Atlanta Braves.  Despite all the traffic the first team arrives at the second road block by 4:15. On this task one teammate is hooked up to rappelling gear and dangled off a huge three sided billboard. Each side has a huge map with hooks for all of the destinationsin the race and the competitor must run a rope through the hooks in the order that the countries were visited. Cindy takes on this challenge and reportedly does much better than you would expect. After completing the task and receiving their clue they are off to the final pit stop!

The final pit stop is at the historic Swan House. The Swan House is located about ten miles up I-75N allowing teams to enjoy the traffic of the other major artery through the city. This is at least a 20 minute drive if you know exactly where you are going.  This going to be a problem. First, no one really knows where the Swan House is. It is part of the Atlanta History Center off West Paces Ferry. I don’t think Amani and Marcus have any advantage finding this. However, the Swan Coach House, a restaurant is very close and teams may get directions to there to at least get them in the vicinity of the final mat.  Phil will be waiting at the end of the great lawn at the foot of the stairs for the winner.

Check out some behind the scenes shots on this youtube put together by the fans at Reality Fan Forum, it’s spoilerfree though there are certainly hints. :)

Who do you want to win the Amazing Race?  Who do you hope does not win? Leave me a comment! And thanks for following @tamaratattles on twitter for notifications of new posts!

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8 responses to “Finale of The Amazing Race Filmed in Atlanta

  1. Love it! Can't wait to see who wins! Thanks for blogging about it.

  2. Thanks, it was a LONG detaily post! A bit much for the morning after RHOA. :)

  3. Just watched my first episode last night! Marcus and Amani are the coolest couple ever. One of the reasons for not really watching Amazing Race was me not liking the couples arguing with each other. So, I have to say without a doubt that I want Marcus and Amani to win.

  4. I was hoping you'd do a post on this when i saw ATL was the final leg!

  5. I stopped watching a month ago. I had better catch up.

  6. Honey, I'd like to have an advantage with that tall drink of Peach Taquini.

  7. Would have loved to seen a finish where they have to sprint to top of Stone Mountain in mid July heat and humidity

  8. That would have been better than making a billboard in a parking lot. I mean really. I was surprised the whole final leg was way short.

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