Courtney Cloer Thompson to Replace Nene Leakes?

I know that many of you have been saying it is time to put Nene Leakes out to pasture. Nene herself has been super busy taking any event she can get and bragging about how rich she is all over twitter lately. To me this sounds like someone knowing she is about to be fired and trying to lay the foundation for an excuse of “I quit that job, I didn’t want to work with those hos anymore”. I talked extensively yesterday about Nene not showing up to film anything at the beginning of this season. The pre-opening party for Bar One that aired last night was the first time all season that Nene had been filmed with anyone other than Cynthia and Kandi. Notice she was hours late for that co-hosting gig without so much as a phonecall.

Word around the Internet is that Nene was a big old diva at her WWHL event and asked for Cristal and a car and driver and all sorts of over the top perks. Also, she is said to have been very angry about two of the other housewives getting spinoffs instead of her. He tweets lately continue to escalate her claims of how happy and rich she is. She was real-time tweeting with the east coast airing of the RHOA last night basically retweeting anything she found that referred to her as the star of the show. She seems completely desperate like someone on the titanic partying away their last few minutes of life as the ship is sinking.

Then today, Rodney Ho @ajcradiotv , TV blogger extraordinaire for the AJC, posted this bombshell. According to Rodney, “Three sources have confirmed to me that a Buckhead housewife named Courtney Cloer Thompson has signed on as a new cast member of  “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” next season. Of those sources, one is a relative and another is a close friend. Thompson herself declined to comment.”  Rodney also spoke to Bravo reps who flatly denied the rumor.

Courtney is an unusual choice for Bravo as she is a real housewive and actually lives in Buckhead and has real Atlanta money! He husband is a well known lawyer and an adjunct law professor at Emory. I simply can’t imagine her wanting to have to drag the likes of the current RHOA around Atlanta. Showing up with Sheree and Miss Lawrence just doesn’t seem like it would fly in her social circle.  As, Rodney points out it is way too early to really lock in a new castmate as it is months before filming would start, unless of course there is some event she would have access to that would make starting filming early profitable.
I for one would love nothing more than for this cast to be shaken up and replaced with more respectable representatives of Atlanta. Courtney is a missionary to Haiti which means hopefully she won’t be pulling people’s wigs off or having her vehicle repoed in the Home Depot parking lot or drinking herself into oblivion. Maybe we can see how the REAL Atlanta housewives live! Send me an email, Ms. Thompson and let me know the tea!

So what do y’all think, is this just one more nail in the coffin for Nene Leakes or just wishful thinking? Comment or else! :)


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27 responses to “Courtney Cloer Thompson to Replace Nene Leakes?

  1. It's sad to see people implode. Reaping from bad seeds isn't pretty, no matter how much you may dislike the person who reaps it. However, good news to see someone with some real credentials represent Atlanta. Hopefully, Bravo has learned their lesson of vetting someone before you expose them to the public and make yourself look bad.

  2. NeNe has been tough to watch and nearly impossible to like the past couple seasons. I think they might be on to something.

  3. I would watch the devil himself if it saved me from watching one more minute of the water buffalo on a rampage.

  4. Well that would be a novel idea. An Atlanta housewife who actually lives in Atlanta. Not OTP. Although, Cynthia does live in Atlanta proper, just not ritzy Buckhead. Nene's so over the shark there's not even a word for it. When you have one cast member who likes you and maybe one more who tolerates you, your name is Jill Zarin. Bye…

  5. deb

    If NeNe leaves they might as well cancel. I can see these RHW coming to an end. I am basically done with all reality tv.

  6. yep..the ship has sailed and nene ain't on it.

  7. Just like NJ got along fine without Danielle, so too would Atl without Nene. Sure it may hit some bumps in the transition, but it'll do fine in the long run. These women get too big for their britches thinking Bravo NEEDS them, when really they should just be grateful they have a dang job, and we find them relevant enough to watch.

  8. Well said Sherri. A little humility and gratitude goes a long way. I get not liking some people in your life especially when you are "forced" to film with them, but Nene seems to hate everyone. Her "fans," Andy Cohen, Greg, Wendy Williams and of course ALL her cast mates (including Cynthia, based on the way she treated her at the opening). I think she could be meeting the President of the United States and she would still have that look on her face like she just smelled a rotten pile of garbage. And in my opinion, if you hate EVERYONE, and EVERYONE is a piece of crap the problem is not everyone, it is YOU, Miss Leaks. I think you really, really in your quietest moments do not like yourself or your life, just because you scream the loudest does not mean you're right, especially when you are screaming about how rich and "fabulous" your life is.

  9. I think Nene is very tenderhearted. She has a very rough childhood full of abandonment. She has had to cope with all that through the defense mechanism of pissing off the other person first so they can't get to you. I know how this works because I find myself doing it a lot. It's not really even deliberate on her part. Having a lot of media attention and then having it go away will be particularly hard for her. I really hope she keeps Gregg around and they work through things. He is her only solid place. The things he said on that radio probably shattered her. She needs Gregg. I hope the best for her. That said, I will still point out her horrific behavior, that I believe is all for show here.P.S. Shut up in advance, Pam. It's Christmas :)

  10. Nene is going to find out real quick that ANYONE can be replaced! Jill Zarin???

  11. I agree with Tamara about Nene, I think that's what we saw during Nene and Sheree's first meeting this year. Nene went crazy with Sheree but immediately went to Cynthia and broke down. Nene doesn't know how to effectively deal with her emotional pain when it's caused by others. I really believe that if Nene would have opened up to Sheree about her feelings instead of freaking out and screaming at her their friendship could have been repaired and even strengthened.Nene has season 4 disease and it sucks because I really liked her.Tia

  12. Oh I TOTALLY think Nene tried to screw Sheree over. But yes to the rest of it. She knew she would look bad.If you read my recap back when I did that, you will see how I focused on her trying to maintain control of the conversation. And when she could not do that (with SHEREE? , really) she ran. That said the delayed breakdown with Cynthia was a reshoot.

  13. I doubt she will be part of the show. I have had two friends be told they were new cast members (one a friend/walk on, the other a potential housewife), only to be toyed with later and everything fall to bits…so, I'm weary of all of this…I just don't think they should replace Nene with a white woman, either. Sorry! I said it!

  14. I think if anyone is going to be replaced it will be Cynthia. She seems like a nice gal, and is the best looking one of them all, but she isn't that entertaining. Sure he problems with Peter and her sister is ok for a couple of episodes but how long can that go on? Also Tamara, is Kim staying with the cast for next season? If Kim leaves, they may replace Courney Cloer Thomgpson with her??? I don't see them replacing Nene… Unlike Danielle who everyone basically hated, Nene has a lot of fans.

  15. Nene is the unbearable jill zarin of RHOA.Fan base doesn't matter if you get too big for your britches and start ordering people at Bravo around? You are DONE.DONE. DONE.

  16. Hi Tamara, thanks again for all your hard work.I used to LOVE Nene, the first two seasons, she was a funny vibrant lady who was down to earth. I don't know who or what she is now. So sad. As someone who has worked in the service industry, you really see what's what with "celebrities". I would quit before having to put up with the likes of her. She's probably a crap tipper too.

  17. I would love to see Nene be replaced. I am so sick of her fighting and talking loud over everybody. She brings nothing but anger to the show. Her ego has gotten way to big its time to replace her big a$$.

  18. GIRL… Where, Where, Where, Where, Where…. you get your SWEET TEA from… LOL…. I check your website DAILY…. Shawn…

  19. Why is everyone complaining just because NeNe said she is rich. If she wants to boast about her money…."SO WHAT"!!!! At least she makes an honest living. I don't recall anybody complaining during the previous seasons when Kim bragged about her materialistic items. Kim brags about the cost of her house, her cars, her jewelry, her clothes, etc… My point is that Kim is always bragging and flaunting her wealth. NeNe makes an honest living & Kim acquires her wealth by laying on her back & spreading her legs. Yet nobody complains. Bottom line, if NeNe leaves I'm done with the show and so will alot of people I know!!!!!

  20. This may be unpopular..but So What!! Why can't the show have all black women? Kim is trash and needs to get off the show. Atlanta is full of successful, intelligent and very wealthy black women. Why can't they seek out one of them?? I don't want to see some "classy" white woman looking down her nose at the other ladies. Reality TV is what it is. Fun/OTT/Fake…but it makes good TV. It bugs me when people complain but obviously stay glued to their TVs weekly. There are no black woman on BH/NY/OC or NJ. Why does Atlanta have to have a white woman?

  21. Uh, have you considered that it is Kim that is being put to pasture? Sorry Tamara, as much as you have displayed you don't like NeNe on this site (and anyone that casual browses this site can see that clear as day), she is RHOA. Nobody really cares about the other cast of the show because Phaedra's storyline is always a non sequitur, Sheree is broke, Kim is continuing her gold digging for a paycheck, and Cynthia is NeNe's friend. It's basically leaves Kandi and NeNe as the fan favorites and Bravo knows this. Oh yeah, Kim's little spin-off isn't happening. So if Courtney does join the cast watch for Kim to be gone because she is the one that trying so disparately to get a spin-off especially after expressing so much subtle racial animus towards the black cast members and their spouses. ***Phaedra voice*** Everybody knows that the Real Housewives of Atlanta isn't going allow more than one white woman be on the cast at the same time, so why not get rid of the trailer trashy one for actual upper class one…

  22. LOL. Oh kayman. Not only is Kim's spinoff a done deal, but it has already completed filming. You're not from around here are you? Stay tuned and all shall be revealed to you. Meanwhile, you might find the Guess what Nene Leakes is filming thread more to your liking.

  23. Actually, I am from the area and spend time in Atlanta (and DC, NYC, and LA), and get my information straight from the horses mouth 90% of the time. Oh yeah, Bethenny Frankel's now dead talk show concept was a "done deal" with it even being test marketed in a number of cities, but nobody decided to pick it up. That's why I said what I said because 'never say anything is a "done deal" because Comcast's suits are the ones that actual make the final decision'. Just ask Bethenny about that one…

  24. ACL

    Well I won't be tuning in if this girl gets NeNe's spot. She already looks like the rest of the housewife franchise been there done that. They better not tamper with it until ratings decline which they haven't they've soared. No reason to replace the show.

  25. boring! same old thing you always see. I'm sure she is great but the other shows already have ladies like her.

  26. This is classist but you'd never get it. Yes, the other shows have enough White could be missionary, rich boring women. The cast of Atlanta is distinct and we love them all.

  27. i like the idea of incorporating some new women, Atlanta isn't all black btw so they could diversify it a little more. As a woman of color I love this franchise because I love Atlanta and some of the ladies but some of the things these women do and say is just utterly embarrassing…i find to be highly cringe worthy. They are supposed to be women of influence and prestige… I dont get it… bring some new people and nene needs to tone down her attitude…alot!!

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