Chateau Sheree Another Minor Update

Well, it does look like a nice quiet street…
To get caught up on all the tea on Chateau Sheree please read here, here, and here.

Thanks to the kind links from Reality Tea, the posts here about Sheree Whitfield’s venture into the home building process are my most popular posts. I also get lots of emails and comments from other locals with updates on the property. I have not gone to lay eyes on the property myself yet; however, one of my favorite anonymous commenters left me this information today.

I drove by the lot today. There is activity at the house. I stopped by and the builder told me the house is being built to be sold. The name on the blue prints is Whitfield house… with Andrew Washington as designer. The build gave me Thelma’s number as the person to contact to purchase the home. It is going to be a great house, but in my opinion a horrible location.

So it sounds like poor Mama Thelma is sitting on some property that has become a huge financial burden and needs to be sold. From the sounds of things there is no buyer for the house that isn’t built at this time.  Nene Leakes reference to the house as Neverland is becoming more and more apt.

I’ve had the first and last name of Andrew, who we saw portrayed on RHOA as the “contractor”  for quite some time and have been contacted by people who claim to know some dirt on him. None of it is very pretty, or particularly legal. I have refrained from going into any detail here because I am unable to back up any of these claims with facts. It does appear that he is not the contractor but a “designer” who should work under the direction of a licensed architect to create the blueprints.


I can tell you some facts that I do know about building a house IN GENERAL. When building a structure, the government powers that be require that a licensed architect place a seal on the blueprint that certifies that it meets certain safety and energy efficiency requirements. Licensed architects are paid well for their skills and abilities. A “designer” cannot place such a seal. Even if a “designer” worked in an office suite that housed licensed architects where seals were, you know, just laying there, it would be a criminal offense if anyone who was not a licensed architect, like say a “designer” in an adjoining office space to affix such a seal on their own blueprint. Not to mention that person would be no longer be very welcome renting space in such a suite. If that were to happen word would get around about the “designer” and only someone with the IQ of a gnat would hire that “designer” because their shadiness would surely rear itself during the building process. For example, that “designer” could gum up the entire works and completely stall a project. That could leave the property owner in a really bad financial situation in which the seller would want to unload the property to get out from under the expense of the mortgage and the building costs themselves. We’ve all seen situations on those reality shows about flipping houses where the renovation takes too long and eats up any profits and the house flipper loses all of their investment.

Also, has anyone notice how many married men in the Atlanta area cheat on their spouses? As someone who is single and lives here, I can tell you it is certainly a problem.

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11 responses to “Chateau Sheree Another Minor Update

  1. One would think with all the profits from She By Sheree'& all the cash coming in from Sheree's acting career, she should have no trouble financing this McMansion.

  2. Seriously, Sheree may be the dumbest female on reality television, which is saying a lot. I enjoy reading about the ATL housewives, but don't watch anymore, because it's just all so out of control. There's only two housewives on the show, it's basically a basketball wives show in Atlanta. That being said, I really enjoy your writing.

  3. So – is her mother really just building a spec house in the shittiest real estate market of all time? I guess stupid runs in the family.WD

  4. I am getting so disgusted with the A.A. community ripping eachother off. I have seen it happen here with the buddies who went to school with the football players that made it big. I guess they think it's OK as long as they got theirs.

  5. Pam

    Agreeing with Used2b718 that Sheree just has to be as dumb as a post. There is no other explanation for Chateau Sheree. Or the lack of, rather.

  6. Sheree was never smart. She a wannabe. Everything she get's get taken away from her. She's the dumbest out of all the housewife's

  7. Many homes are done by designers. In fact most homes that are built are from designers' plans. There is nothing at all shady about being a designer (unless you work for Heree). Designers do not usually gum up the works, because a licensed contractor oversees the job. If the house is messed up, it is on the contractor's head.A person can even design their own home. In my area, all I need is an engineer to sign off on my plans. I don't need an architect.

  8. Your link is an 11 year old arizona link of no significance. Here is GA law.O.C.G.A. 43-4-16 (2010)43-4-16. Architect seal; documents required to be sealed; requirements to be met before being sealed; assumption of responsibility; notation if not furnishing construction administration; violation and penalties; documents prepared by registered interior designer (a) Every architect registered under this chapter shall have a seal in the design authorized by the board, bearing the registrant's name, certificate number, and the legends "Registered Architect" and "State of Georgia."(b) Plans, specifications, drawings, reports, or other architectural documents issued for the purpose of obtaining a building permit or for other requirements set forth by law shall be sealed by the architect and across the face of the seal shall be affixed the signature of the owner of the seal. The location of the seal on such documents, the identification of the pages which must be sealed, and the form of any title blocks may be established by the board in its rules and regulations.Additionally, Andrew Washington was identified on RHOA as a builder/contractor depending on who was speaking. Not only is he neither, he was reprimanded for illegally practicing as an architect.

  9. I think it depends on the locality of where the house is being built. I know of areas that require an architect to sign off, even if you buy the plans or create them yourself. It's all about being safe. For example, certain foundations are required depending on the soil of the land.

  10. TAL

    Ok, you have your facts wrong about Architects designing houses. I am an Architect in the state of Georgia. Any one can design a HOUSE in the state of matter the size, cost or complexity. An Architect is only required if it is a commercial property (costing more than $100k) or multi-family (more than 2 units). Certain states, such as Florida, do require registered Architects to design single family houses. Florida has “extenuating circumstances”, if you will…those nasty things called hurricanes! Any house as complex as this one, should definitely be designed by a registered Architect, however, it is not required.

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