Hermain Cain’s Big Announcement…

Photo Credit: abc.go.com

Photo Credit: Aaron Gould Sheinin

 Herman Cain showed up at what was supposed to be his Georgia Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening today to make a big announcement. Cain returned to Georgia for a face-to-face chat with his wife Gloria about allegations made earlier in the week by Ginger White of a long-term sexual affair. Although Cain denies being more than friends with Ginger, he did say he had provided her some financial assistance because he is “soft-hearted”. His philanthropic endeavors spanning more than thirteen years with Ginger oddly never came up in conversation with his wife. So yesterday he had some ‘splainin’ to do.

So here we are waiting for the big announcement which was scheduled for 11 a.m. and we’re now being told it will happen at 1:30 or maybe 12:30. Herman left home around 11a.m. to make the less than thirty minute drive to the event but stopped to talk to his donors along the way. So right now they are probably sitting around in some undisclosed Godfather’s having a slice and a cold one.  His Georgia press secretary told reporters he doesn’t know what Herman is going to say and is unsure if he will share the big news with him before he speaks to the public.

Oh Lord, Now it looks like he is going to throw his support behind Michele Bachmann. I.just.can’t.  He hasn’t actually spoken yet but I imagine it is going to be something like, “Out of my deep respect for women, I am going to throw my support behind Michele Bachmann.” I’m just gonna post this and go cook some lunch. If and when he actually says something I will update. This is just redickulous, y’all.

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3 responses to “Hermain Cain’s Big Announcement…

  1. Paragraph 2,line 3, should be HIS donors. Paragraph 3, line 1, should be HIS support. I would fire your assistants ass.

  2. Thank god I have you for that. Now go make me a sammich.

  3. i really want this man to be president because it would be amazingtake bush's inflated ego and leaven it with complete political naivete, you get cain. let's ratchet up this political nonsense until the roof falls offi'm going off the rails on a herman cain! *guitar solo*

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