Herman Cain is Home to Face Gloria

Gloria Cain of Fox News with Greta Van Susteren

WOO BOY! Guess what, y’all? Herman Cain has been OUT OF TOWN since the Ginger White story broke. He is home now with his wife for the first face to face conversation about things. I’m gonna open my windows and see if I can  hear the hollering!  CNN is reporting that Gloria was completely unaware of the relationship and that she found out about it when she saw it ON THE TEEVEE, y’all!  Ole Herm says she understands that he is a “soft-hearted and giving person”.  Gawker is reporting that GLORIA is gonna have a sit-down interview with Greta Van Susteren the same place she previously stood by her man in this interview.  I expect by Monday the obvious withdrawal from the race for POTUS  will be confirmed. Fridays are often when politicians drop news they don’t want to get media attention. I don’t think Gloria is gonna let this one slide. I expect some good tea to come from this. Stay tuned!
Would you stand by your man if you were Gloria or kick his ass to the curb? Leave me a comment and tell me what is on your mind. Thanks for the follows on @tamaratattles they are much appreciated.

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14 responses to “Herman Cain is Home to Face Gloria

  1. Actually it's Greta Van Susteren, not Gloria Van Susteren.

  2. DUH! I am a big fat moron. Thanks for catching that. Apparently my brain can't handle two such similiar names. Mea Culpa!

  3. Oh boy is right. NO ONE is buying his she-was-just-a-friend-in-need-who-I-funneled-money-to-numerous-times routine. Sorry. Not buying it.The thing about Herman is that we all understand humans make mistakes but his stories are just becoming far-fetched and it insults our intelligence to ask us to believe his tall tales over and over again. Honesty is the best policy!

  4. I listen to The Herman Cain Show on Atlanta Radio from time to time and agree with him on many things. But, I would make a better presidential candidate than he would. I know where Libya is and am aware of global policies of the US. His grasp of global politics is nil. I'll be voting for Ron Paul. Again. Knowing full well it won't help. So I shall stockpile supplies and prepare to hunker down for the economic colapse I so fondly refer to as the Zombie Apocolypse.

  5. It's hammer time. If she didn't know, his political career is over. Hubris gets them every time.

  6. Would I stay or go? It depends if he was truly sorry. Some men are truly sorry ladies, and others are not. Case in point Faboulous and Emily off of Love and Hip Hop, clearly he don't want Emily and isn't sorry for how he treats her. So in that case leave. Herman has been with his wife for over 30 yrs, and if he is truly sorry then I say leave. There is no guarantee just because you leave that you will find happiness again. Dating is hard trust me.

  7. I'm a Ron Paul fan myself!

  8. I'd kick him to the curb. If you're going to make a fool out of me and then go into public life and think you're not going to make us both a national laughing-stock, you're too stupid and thoughtless to stay married to me. How can anyone run for frickin' PRESIDENT and not realize every single skeleton is going to go dancing right out of the closet and on to TV?

  9. These men are so damned egotistical – they honestly think they can do whatever they want with no consequences. I'll bet Gloria already knew…probably for years. But, it was private then and she could make that decision to stay with him. Now it's public and showing the world he's a whore. I would kick his ass to the curb. In fact, his shit would be in the yard when his limo arrives from the airport.WD

  10. ned

    Up north it's not a soft heart that has no conscience.

  11. You must go to "womenforcain" and read some of these post. Why are women so stoopid!! Most of the pictures are white women, enough said. I left a message, but doubt if they will post it!!"Tired of the DOG and PONY SHOW". The people of American need politicans that care because the hurt is for real, this is not a game.

  12. Herman said in an interview that Gloria did not know about his friendship with Ginger. And WOW at the "white women" comment. Uncool.


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