Alexia Echevarria in Atlanta to Care for Her Son

Real Housewives of Miami’s Alexia Echevarria has been a resident of Atlanta and her husband Herman has been here every weekend since their son Frankie began an intensive rehabilitation program at The Shepherd Center. Frankie was in a very serious car accident in Miami last August. He was in ICU at Holtz Children’s Hospital  immediately after the accident. After more than one surgery and lots of recovery time, Frankie was transported to Atlanta for his rehabilitation. The whole family, including Frankie’s older brother Peter, was in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although Frankie’s status was touch and go at first, he continues to improve and his rehabilitation is going well. Alexia and her family are clearly very close and they have relied heavily on their religious convictions to keep strong during this crisis. Despite the enormous amount of stress, Alexia and Herman maintain a very positive attitude and are extremely gracious to their twitter followers.

Alexia will be appearing in season two of Miami Housewives which is scheduled to begin filming in January. Let’s hope that Frankie will be fully recuperated by then. Alexia is the executive editor of Venue Magazine.


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10 responses to “Alexia Echevarria in Atlanta to Care for Her Son

  1. How come this is the first time hearing of this? Was he driving?

  2. No he was only 13 and a passenger.And his parents and brother are amazing. Normally I would allow any and all comments but if anyone dares to say anything negative about this family I promise to delete it immediately. And perhaps hunt you down and kill you. This is the nicest family EVER in Housewives history.

  3. Frankie is 14 year and doing well, we are very optimist of his full recovery.he was a passenger at the time of the accident .Thank you for all the prayers.

  4. Really Tamara! Spare us the dramatics. If you don't want comments, turn off the comments section or ask people not to comment negatively in the article.

  5. With that being said, I can imagine what this family has been going through and I wish them all the best and the son a speedy recovery.

  6. Thanks for the update! I just saw this. I'd heard about this story in August and all I knew after that was that he was going to survive. They may be people we view from a distance on tv but these are REAL parents and a REAL family with a child in crisis. My heart goes out to them. They were in my prayers and will continue to be. I hope this young man makes a full recovery.

  7. Hope that her son gets better and recuperates and makes a full recovery. On another note, this Alexia is married to this Herman Echevarria but isnt he GAY. I mean nothing against gay people but why do they pretend. Yes apparently he has children from prior marriage but everyone in Hialeah says that he is GAY.

  8. peter

    I nice cover story for Alexia Echevarria’s Venue Magazine where she is the owner and editor would be entitled……”WHY I MARRIED HERMAN ECHEVARRIA A GAY MAN,,,,and why he refuses to come out of the closet”. Look today it doesnt matter whos gay and whos not but,,,trying to pass a fast one on America is not right. Really Alexia ???

    • So in a story about someone whose child nearly died in a car accident, you want to question her marriage? Why would anyone care why two people decide to marry? It’s not the 1950s anymore. You’re a douchebag.

  9. Jane

    Perfect example that money and fame does not guarantee a happy carefree life. You have to strive everyday to be happy and maintain a positive outlook. Gratitude is attitude, everyday is a gift.
    Its always a shame when people minimize a young mans pain and struggle to get better.

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