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Kandi Burruss Hosting NYE Event in Miami

Photo Credit unknown.

 Sometimes it is what you don’t see, the things that aren’t there, that make for an interesting blog.  I’m hoping this is one of those times. I have a lot of confusion surrounding this Miami NYE party that Kandi is said to be hosting tomorrow night. So many downright crazy things have been going on online in the past few days, I wonder if I am just all swept up in the paranoia that is everywhere.  So I am going to write this post about what I don’t know, and the crazy notions I am attaching to my not knowing, and then wait patiently for y’all to tell me what you think.

It all started back when I posted the ad for the Bravo/Ciroc NYE parties occurring in several major cities tomorrow night. I noted in that post that Kandi Burruss was conspicuously absent. Today, I’ve been researching the event that Kandi is hosting. It’s the Orange Drive Miami Music Festival. If you go to the official site, you will see a pretty impressive line up of musicians playing the three day even which began today.  What you will not see is any mention of Kandi Burruss.  Also, unlike the other events, it is not sponsored solely by Ciroc. While Ciroc is listed on the sponsor page it is one of many sponsors and not even the sole liquor company sponsoring the event.

On Kandi’s twitter account she has not mentioned the event at all and has been talking briefly instead about an event in Macon she and Phaedra are hosting in February. It’s like this whole event only exists in a brief mention on the PR release. As I was working on this story, I checked Kandi’s twitter and she had updated that she is flying to Miami tomorrow and looking forward to the warm weather. That’s it. No “join me for NYE”, no nothing.

Yesterday, Nene Leakes arrived in Miami.  Today she is tweeting that she is laying out by the pool all day.  Nothing about what she is doing there. She makes it sound like a vacation. Maybe it is. Maybe Nene and Kandi are both in Miami at the same time by sheer coincidence. Nene posted WAY back that she was not hosting any of the Bravo NYE parties.  But why hasn’t Kandi been pimping out her appearance? Why is Nene in Miami for NYE? Who is she with? Why is there NOTHING out there other than the PR statement from Ciroc/Bravo about Kandi’s appearance?  What the heck is going on, y’all?  I need answers.


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Nene Leakes and the Mysterious Gifts of Jewelry

When it comes to Nene Leakes, there is one thing we know for sure. Nene likes to flaunt it. Over the Christmas holidays Nene was tweeting pictures of all her fabulous gifts, a fancy handbag, some Louboutins, a pair of earrings, and this necklace pictured on top of her new Birkin.  Nene tweeted this picture on Christmas day with the following tweet, “OMG he gave me an amazing all Diamond Letter N necklace! I love it!”. So of course, we all wondered who “he” was.

Wetpaint recently interviewed  John Kolaj and this is the quote they included in the article regarding his gift giving, “Absolutely, I gave her that ring! It’s 8 carats. I gave her a set of diamond earrings, too.” They also quote him  as saying he gave her “a few pairs” of Louboutins. 

First of all, all precious stones are measured in carats, the standard measurement of weight.There was no mention of the type of stone in the ring. Secondly,  if Nene received an 8 carat ring, of any sort, she would  surely tweet a picture. That is what Nene does.  Color me skeptical about there being any 8 carat diamond ring, total weight or otherwise.  This necklace was Nene’s big Christmas gift “from him”. 

She also tweeted a picture of “diamond  earrings” that were also “from him” on her birthday.  I know enough about jewelry to know these earrings are not from Cartier or Tiffany. It’s odd to me that there is no jeweler name on the inside of the lid of the box. It is impossible to authenticate diamonds from a picture on the Internet but if they were from a major jewelry company, I think it would be obvious.

I am not making this post to call out Nene’s gifts. I am pointing out some inconsistencies between John Kolaj’s interview quotes and Nene’s tweets. And also to  question why neither Nene nor John will state for the record what their relationship is. Nene is trying very hard in her tweets to appear as though she is in a relationship with someone that is serious enough to warrant expensive gifts. John certainly has plenty of money. If it IS him, I would think Bravo would want Nene to admit it. I mean after all that is the “storyline” right?  Yet Nene remains married to Gregg. For whatever reason, Nene seems to be pretending to be in a relationship with John. Perhaps John didn’t quite have the gift list straight when he interviewed with Wetpaint?  It’s all very strange to me.  What do y’all  think is going on?


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More Storytime with Sheree, Y’all!

Random unsourced picture of
Sheree and Miss Lawrence circa 2009

Update: I removed the video as it was acting up something awful. I spent a LOT of time trying to fix it last night in a vortex of hysteria and have now officially given up trying to fix it. Instead, please click the link. :) Also that is one of those sites that starts multiple videos at once so you need to shimmy down the page really quick and stop the ad on the bottom left. Frankly, this interview really isn’t worth all the trouble. I’m sorry I even blogged it at this point. got an exclusive interview with Sheree and she tells us all about her struggles with men and business. And she doesn’t mention Nene ONCE!

Apparently she has her sites set on Kobe Bryant. I think they would make a delightful couple. She admires his commitment to marriage. I’m not making this up, she really says that. Also she is suddenly bringing She by Sheree back with a fitness clothing line. And she is tired of all the rumors about who she is dating! What you haven’t heard them either? Don’t worry, she will tell you all about them. As soon as she can remember the name of her very good friend. I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say about this.


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Real Housewives Are Poster Girls for Responsible Drinking?

Here is the PR release on the Housewives NYE Parties.

‘Housewife’ aficionados have the opportunity to toast stylishly alongside a housewife at one of five sizzling New Year’s Eve celebrations: Kim Zolciak in New York, Taylor Armstrong in Chicago, Kandi Burruss in Miami, Alexis Bellino in Los Angeles and Gretchen Rossi in Houston, Texas.
“We are so excited to partner with CIROC during this holiday season, to bring our fans a uniquely glamorous opportunity to greet the New Year with The Real Housewives,” said Ellen Stone, SVP of Marketing for Bravo.
Committed to keeping consumers safe, CIROC and Combs, in partnership with these glitzy Housewives, will further ignite the brand’s social responsibility platform with the execution of the fourth annual “CIROC Safe Rides” program. This initiative provides consumers with access to free and secure transportation from their New Year’s Eve fetes. Leading up to New Year’s, Kim Zolciak, Taylor Armstrong and others will surprise lucky pedestrians with CIROC Safe Rides cards to ensure that they get home safely on New Year’s Eve.  Additionally on December 31, designated CIROC brand ambassadors will distribute thousands of “Safe Ride” cards to adult consumers in major metropolitan cities across the country. In New York, Chicago and Miami cards valued at $15 will be redeemable for usage in taxis, black cars, and liveries. CIROC will give Atlanta area consumers metro cards good for use on MARTA at the end of their big night.
New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite times of year. I love the energy of people coming together all over the world to celebrate life – what was and what is yet to come,” said Combs. “I want everyone to know that however they choose to ring in the New Year, it is important to celebrate safely and responsibly.”
In addition, these starlets will remind fans to celebrate the holidays responsibly through dedicated public service announcements and other multi-media programming on select lifestyle media outlets through the month December.
New Year’s Eve is filled with anticipation for new beginnings and a brighter future. I want to remind all of CIROC’s loyal fans to start the New Year out right by celebrating this special time responsibly,” said Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Because nothing says drink responsibly like having a housewife give you a free MARTA pass. Am I the only one who remembers seeing Kim Zolciak driving around town in a convertible with a glass of wine in SEVERAL episodes of RHOA? Might I just point out if you are drunk in downtown Atlanta in the wee hours that MARTA is generally not the safest option? I wonder why Kandi was not in the video? Ciroc could really use some help choosing people for this promotion. I’m surprised the housewives didn’t have a martini glass in their hands. They were in the back of a limo. This whole campaign seems very poorly thought out to me. What do you think?


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Justin Bieber’s Grandparents in Serious Car Accident

Justin Bieber’s grandparents were in a pretty serious car accident yesterday. His mom, Pattie Mallette who lives in Atlanta, reported the accident on twitter yesterday “My parents got into a car accident today. They flipped into a ditch & totaled the car but thank God they are alive! My dad has broken ribs. Plz pray 4 him 4 quick healing! Count your blessings & forgive ur parents always. U never know what tomorrow holds!!!”  Police from Stratford, Ontario, Bieber’s hometown said that the couple skidded on some wet snow and flew into a ditch rolling the car once before flipping back upright. The Biebs was in Stratford as of December 26th where he tweeted the picture at left of him with some of his family members.  He was tweeting  about basketball a few minutes ago. Not sure if he is still up there or not. There has been no official comment from Justin wherever he is. Meanwhile, tween girls everywhere sob in sympathy while dousing themselves in the Someday perfume that Santa brought all the Beliebers on his nice list. I knew you would all want to know.


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Joshilyn Jackson: A Grown-up Kind of Pretty

If you got one of them fancy Kindle Fire thangamajigs or the Nook doohickey for Christmas, or Hannukah or Festivus or whatever, then you might just be looking for something to load onto it. Or whatever it is you people do. I suggest that you click here  if you have a kindle or click here if you have a nook and download every single book by Joshilyn Jackson.

That is all. I have spoken. So shall it be done.

Really? You need more information? Alrighty then. Jackson is sort of a round-the-way Atlantan (she’s really from the Redneck Riveria but let’s not go there) who writes southern novels. If you love Flannery O’Connor, and if you don’t there is something seriously wrong with you and you are probably a yankee, you will love her.  Her books are about southern families and all the crazy involved therein. Didn’t you just spend time with your family? It’s kind of like that but without actually having to deal with them in person.  The main characters are women that you may love or hate that you love. Mixed in with their southern charms are secrets and lies and guilt and shame and violent outbursts and murders and tearful remorse.  And all of this is somehow wrapped in a sort of humor that southerns use to embrace, and often  even deify, their own personal crazy. Or something. I am probably explaining this all wrong which is why I wanted to end this post a paragraph ago.

When I find a new author I know I am going to love I have to start with their first novel and work my way through. For Jackson, this is gods in Alabama.  It’s about this white southern Baptist girl who kills the star football player in high school and runs off to Chicago after making a deal with God to stop being a whore and telling lies if He just gives her a pass on this one transgression. Wait. That is not right. It’s about a white southern Baptist girl who falls in love with a black guy from Chicago and can’t tell her parents. No, actually that is but a teensy, tiny, to the point of almost being irrelevant, part of the storyline. I guess this is why those fancypants New York Times book reviews never tell you what the book is about. It’s just too hard. I reckon a fancypants NYT reviewer would say something like, “it’s a story of redemption” or something. Y’all are gonna have to just trust me that it is a damn good story about some chick’s desperate choices that will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Just get the book.

Or just get the new book that will be released January 25, 2012, A Grown-up Kind of Pretty. I’ll just let Jackson’s website tell you what that is about. It says, “When a long-hidden grave is unearthed in the backyard, headstrong young Mosey Slocumb is determined to investigate. What she learns could cost her family everything…” Oh did I mention her books are mysteries? No? Well they are.  You can buy the new book  AS AN ACTUAL BOOK  signed by the author by going HERE.  You can read the first chapter HERE.  I will be, if sanity is present in a large enough quantity on January 25, in a book store selecting the most pristine copy on the shelves to add to my library. However you choose to read it, whether on an electronic doohickey or thangamajig or the way the Almighty God intended, let me know what you think!


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Will Brittany Daniel Return to Season 5 of The Game?

I decided that I should probably start answering y’alls email questions here. I find that if one person has a question about something, usually there are more people who are interested. So from now on, when you send a question, let me know if it is okay if I use your name!  I am by no means an expert on all the Atlanta tea but I will do my best to find the answers if I don’t know them. Here is the first of what I hope will be lots more TeaMail from Tamara!

Dear Tamara, Hiya!  Here is hoping you had an great holiday.  I was wondering if you would spill the tea on The Game since it is produced in Atlanta.  What happened to Brittany Daniel?  I find it disturbing that all of the cast members were elated when they were picked up by BET but no one seems to mention her or act as if she is missed.

Click though the jump for my answer!

Thanks for the teamail! :) From what I understand, when The Game was cancelled by the CW, and before it was picked up by BET, Coby Bell was snatched up for a major role on Burn Notice  by USA.
Then, when BET picked up The Game,  Bell was called back to work. Arrangements were made to allow Bell to keep a recurring spot on The Game.  During season four, the first season on BET, the Bell and Daniel characters were separated. Rumors started when Daniel was the only cast member not to show for the premiere episode party that she was unhappy with her “demotion” to recurring character. During season four, Daniel’s character checked out after six episodes to “go find herself”.  I can understand that it must have been very disappointing to have such an integral role suddenly side-lined because of someone else’s career obligations.  Clearly, both Daniel and her large fanbase were disappointed.  I am unable to find Daniel doing anything that would have made her unavailable for season five, but she appears not to be appearing on the season. There are outraged fans all over the Internet who are demanding her return; however, season five has finished filming and Brandy Norwood was introduced as Bell’s character’s love interest. Looks like she is gone for good.  It is interesting that neither Daniel nor any of her castmates have acknowledged that she is not on season five in the media.  A few disreputable sites out there have tried to start race-based rumors for Daniel’s departure but there is no truth to any of that nonsense.  It seems that when Bell became a recurring character, Daniel’s role was simply written out. She may not have realize that her last six episodes would be her last until she got the scripts at filming. That probably did not make for a  pleasant filming experience for her. But, it happens. If you recall, Daniel was a recast from the original actress who played Kelly Pitts. Sometimes things just get changed up. That said, the BET site has hinted that couples counseling could be in the future for Kelly and Jason…but I would not count on that actually happening. That post happened prior to season five filming. My guess is that you have seen the last of Brittany Daniel on the game.

Here is a clip from the upcoming season. Nene Leakes has a small cameo in the new season. See if you can find her in the clip!

Got a question for me? Email me at and I’ll try my best to answer you in the next, Teamail with Tamara blog!

Season five Brandy Norwood


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Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah Premieres January 13th

Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolutions yet? I suggest you consider making seeing all the fantastic movies that filmed in Georgia a priority for 2012. There are well over a dozen coming out this year!  Joyful Noise  stars Dolly Parton in her first major movie in twenty years as  G.G. Sparrow, a very active member of the local church choir who hopes to take over as leader when her husband, played by Kris Kristofferson, passes away.  In an unwelcome turn of events,  the pastor chooses Vi Rose Hill (Queen Latifah) to take over the reins instead. Let’s just say  G.G. and  Vi Rose butt heads just a little.

The predictable storyline is sort of a protestant version of Sister Act as the choir competes in competitions unsuccessfully until someone comes along to shake things up. Enter Broadway’s young Jeremy Jordan, who plays G.G.’s grandson Randy, a bit of a delinquent with a good set of pipes. He falls in puppy love with Vi Rose’s daughter, Olivia played by  Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee)
and the two of them breathe new life into the choir.

The movie was filmed all around the Atlanta area including the Fredrick Brown Jr. Amphitheater (The Fred) in Peachtree City, a Waffle House in Conyers, the Landrum home in the Cole Town historic district in Newnan, downtown on Linwood Avenue,  and in several other area counties. The movie was shot in from February through April of this year.

Joyful Noise premiers in theaters on January, 13.  If you like gospel choirs and music themed movies with lots of funny scenes, you will enjoy this feel good movie.  Let me know what you think!


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Nathan Lane in Atlanta to Work on New Sitcom for USA Network

Nathan Lane, Ken Jenkins, Douglas McGrath
Photo Credit: Hatcher Hurd

Nathan Lane recently shot a pilot episode for a potential thirty minute sitcom on the USA network in Martin’s Landing,a residential neighborhood in Roswell. Lane will star as the title character, Jasper, a stage actor who must put his career on hold in order to return to Texas and care for his father. Ken Jenkins (Scrubs) will play Jasper’s ornery father who prefers to drink rather than address his failing health. The most important part of this story is that if the pilot gets the green light, Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock) who plays a hunky doctor who befriends Jasper, will be filming in Roswell!  Andrea Martin (The Producers) will play Peggy, Jasper’s casting agent. Douglas McGrath (academy award nominee for Bullets over Broadway) will write and direct the series which is using the working title On We Go.

For more details on the filming locations see article here.  Thanks to @DavidAtlanta for the tip!


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Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra, Y’all

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You Better Watch Out! You Better Not Pout!

Merry Christmas, Y’all!


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Kim Zolciak’s Interior Designer Kendra Davis

Kim and Kroy in Chicago for her recent event at Spin via Twitter

I know a lot of you think I am partial to Kim, and I guess I am but I thought I would give you a little tea on her move-in to get you through the last Friday before Xmas.

I was a bit taken back by the way she talked to her “interior designer”, Kendra on the last show and was hoping she would smooth things over on her blog. I was hoping she would say something like “Kendra and I are friends so my conversations with her came across more condescending that they really are because we know each other.” or SOMETHING.

Here is what she said about moving in and Kendra doing an amazing design job in an insanely short period of time.

“My interior decorator, Kendra, had a lot of work to do in a very short period of time! But she pulled through tremendously. I couldn’t have done it all without her. All the furniture from my storage units (furniture I had custom made two years ago and never had the chance to put in the townhouse), Kroy’s house, and my townhouse was all combined into one big move! UGH!”
Even if we overlook the fact that Kim says she had enough custom made furniture, sitting in storage to fill a 17,000 square foot house while living in a townhouse, there is a huge problem.  Remember back in one of my first posts here, I when told you about Kim’s new house? I told you it was owned by Antonio Davis, a former NBA player who was initially looking to sell but with the soft market agreed to rent it to Kroy and Kim.  Antonio Davis is married to Kendra Davis who styled the house in the pictures you see in that post.  Apparently, Kim and Kroy and Bravo reached a one year rental agreement. This makes the most sense for the Biermann’s because Kroy is a free agent after this year and could be sent anywhere. So until Kroy has a long-term contract somewhere, renting makes sense. Kim has stated on twitter that both she and Kroy own their own pre-marital properties which increases the speculation that Bravo is at least partially paying the rent on this place for the year.

What doesn’t make sense is Kim talking the way she talked on the show to Kendra. Essentially Kendra is not just the interior designer but her landlady! Word on the street is that Antonio and Kendra gave them a great deal on rent (perhaps partially in exchange for her appearing on the show) in order to have some income from the property since NOTHING is selling in Atlanta right now, even after they reduced the price by a million dollars!  Also, Kendra didn’t even really get a credit for her design company and in fact Bravo didn’t even use her last name! Not cool. Bravo really needs to treat the home owners of the property they shoot on better than they do. Did they learn nothing from the debacle with Bethenny Frankel in Malibu?

Also, why the hell did Kim use Two Guys and a Truck to move her? If you supposedly have tons of expensive custom made furniture, and a rich husband, why would you scrimp on the moving company? Perhaps because the moving expense was not covered by Bravo? Just a guess. Kim tweeted that they broke a bunch of her stuff, which happens in all moves unfortunately. But even I would not use Two Guys and a Truck and I don’t profess to have nearly the money Kroy and Kim do!

So there is some Friday morning tea for all you unfortunate souls who have to work tomorrow. Not hating on Kim at all, just a bit shocked by a few things. I still believe she is maturing and may finally be in a good place.

Have a very merry holiday season, y’all. I’ll try to check in at least once a day. We’ve had thunderstorms and tornadoes today in Atlanta. Let’s hope things clear up for a beautiful Christmas! Thanks always for commenting I enjoy reading them even when I don’t always agree or comment.

To read more about Kendra and her somewhat shady past, click here,  and for silly speculation about how Kendra and Kim come to know each other click here.


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