Herman Cain and Nene Leakes Should Run as the Pizza Party!

Okay, I am not sure what to think about this Ginger White chick. Today on GMA she was talking about Cain taking her on trips. The one that came to mind was a Tyson Holyfield fight from 1997. Really Ginger? Nothing in the last decade popped into your mind? Look, I think Cain’s campaign has been a joke for quite a while now. Cain may have good business sense and clearly was successful at running a bunch of pizza joints, but he could not get elected to Senate in his home state. What on earth made him think he had a shot at POTUS? It seems like he might be waffling on his decision to bail which was pretty much a given yesterday. If he is going to stay in, I suggest he approach Nene Leakes as a potential running mate. They could run as the Pizza Party! Because you see, Nene is a restaurateur in the pizza business. Oh hush, and just watch the video. It’s funny.


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6 responses to “Herman Cain and Nene Leakes Should Run as the Pizza Party!

  1. Now that would be an AMAZING pair!

  2. `bwahahaha! That freaked the dog out.

  3. LMFAO Your mind never ceases to amaze!

  4. LOL! You're awesome Tamara!

  5. What? It's his best hope out of this mess, right? :) And think of the ratings for RHOA! Thanks y'all.

  6. I think the Republicans are tryna get back at us(black people) for voting for Obama. They tried so hard to break him and find dirty info on him but he was clean. Herman Cain was used as bait. They backed him then found all the so called women who claimed to have slept with him. Things they couldn't find out about Obama. They got the man hype and we all know that during the preliminaries he wasn't gonna be voted for, specially by white Rep. I suggest Herman backs out before they make a bigger fool of him.

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