You Better NOT Call Tyrone!

Okay, I have been reading the tea on that Tyrone guy that Sheree called during the big blow up with Nene. Apparently, every single person that appears on RHOA is a shady as the day is long with the possible exception of Kandi. But this Tyrone guy is likely headed to the pokey.

Here’s what. Tyrone is a 44 year old man from Philly who among other things claims to be a pastor. In addition to his holy work, he also runs scam investment operations. Essentially, what he does  is tell people that he wants to get a group  of investors together and pool their money to invest in U.S. Treasury STRIPS  (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities). Essentially, the money will be invested in Treasury bonds that will mature on a specific date and provide around five percent interest. So Tyrone manages to get around oh FIVE MILLION DOLLARS from investors and then shuttles most of it off to a personal account in Ghana. Now the beauty of this scam is that everybody knows that you don’t get any interest on your  investment until the bond matures.  So everyone will just sit around happy as a clam and not check in with ole Tyrone to see how their money is doing, like they would if it were in the market.  But, he did claim to be trading them and that the investors would gain five percent A WEEK, but all the ins and outs of the financial plan are boring and irrelevant because he never purchased anything and he never traded anything. He also was not authorized by any agency to conduct business with either the stock market or the commodities commission. What he did was take the money and spend it on hookers and blow, um metaphorically speaking.

The event that Sheree and Nene were arguing about was a Joy to the World Fest held in Philly last December. Sheree did go to the event, but Nene did not. This was advertised as a charity event to feed the hungry. Apparently Tyrone turned out to be the hungry one. Local Philly media cover the story expressing  concern that an event financed with stolen funds could be trusted to then give the funds raised to charity. In fact, if Tyrone had simply donated the funds he used to finance the black-tie party to charity would have had  a much greater financial benefit. Associates of Tyrone indicate that what Tyrone really wanted was his own reality show. It is starting to appear that what Tyrone will be getting instead is a nice vacation in a federal prison.

What is it with Sheree and all these skeevy characters? Remember the fake love doctor she hooked up with on the show? It’s like she’s a magnet for shady folk. Leave me a comment and follow me on twitter @tamaratattles !


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10 responses to “You Better NOT Call Tyrone!

  1. Thanks for digging up the dirt. Sheree sure knows how to pick 'em, doesn't she?

  2. I believe the saying is "water seeks its own level".

  3. Sheree's ex must go nuts when he sees her hooking-up with scammers. Thanks for explaining his con, I couldn't figure that one out-(and neither could his investors apparently).

  4. And Sherre was so quick to believe this con artist above NeNe????SMDH!

  5. Nene never even did the event? She seemed surprised by this post today and commented on it on twitter! :) Let's hope she didn't read to many other posts. Thankfully, I'm throwing shade on Sheree today and not as much on Nene. I'm equal opportunity with my shade, though.

  6. Poor Sheree she seems to always to end up with the wrong guy.

  7. let's not forget her "fake builder" too…NeNe need to calm her nerves and not let them fake wives hassle her..she is so like real but she get too frustrated..and this is what make her seem like she is like the others. I am just saying…

  8. Any deal that included Sheree should make folks run the other way. Do not trust her nor any of her associates. She makes my skin crawl.

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