Nene’s Shady Past With RiDICKULOUS

Looks like RiDICKulous’ story on Nene is holding up. Read here for the tea first.
Dallas Southern Pride
hosted by
The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Own
97.9 The Beat’s Own Gary with The Tea
Friday, October 2
at Club Che
10333 Technology Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75220
Doors Open at 10PM

This is where RiDICKulous says Nene showed up with an “entourage” and let it rain on his display. :) According to the archives at ”  Last year, Nene hosted at least 3 Pride events including Atlanta, Dallas, and Baltimore and hosted even more gay and lesbian parties throughout the year.” That was 2009. Seems like her relationship with RiDICKulous, ( or um rEdickulous if you are looking for the videos. or email me and i’ll send the link)  goes way back.

So do you believe Nene’s ACT of RiDICKULOUS FACT? Leave me a comment and for the love of DICK follow me !@tamaratattles !

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13 responses to “Nene’s Shady Past With RiDICKULOUS

  1. So it's okay to watch if she's making a buck as well, but to make Phaedra look bad, oh lord no! her poor poor bugging eyes! HA! Love it when Nene gets caught in a lie!

  2. Poor Nene – the lying liar that lies!WD

  3. Well, those of you who believe she has 3.5 million as I see thrown around many sites, might want to check she is in a dead tie for Sheree over who has the least money and at least Sheree gets child support and a settlement. Nene is the brokest ass on the show, rememember She by Sheree? That was an advertising situation. Now Nene has a few of those. They are giving her a small investment for ad time on RHOA. ALL of the housewives do this. They do not get much money.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … thanks so much for allthe follow ups. I found you on Reality Tea – and I followed you on Twitter. ~RealitySux

  5. Isn't Bravo the puppetmaster, though? Maybe Nene and Mama Joyce were following Bravo marching orders. The show is heavily scripted, right?

  6. I never thought that NeNe being worth $3.5 million made sense because she isn't doing/producing much, and every home she's lived in on the show looked unfurnished. Maybe one day people will quit trusting that Celebrity Net Worth site.

  7. So why is it a shady past just because she hosted an event he was at?

  8. It's shady because Nene was tipping him like crazy and has clearly seen the act several times before, so her acting all shocked is all a put on. And yes, Bravo probably did suggest that Phaedra bring Redickulous but I am not sure they knew what they were getting into. :) Or maybe they did! They seemed to have no problem airing it!

  9. How do you see the video of him?

  10. i guess her new teef didn't correct thatpesky lying and boasting problem she has.that nene is a tired, simple, beastly bitof tang. someone called her gorilla cookiesand i think that's too kind. she'swiggy wooly lyin' bullyyawns

  11. Well Kandi had ReDICKULOUS on her KandiKoatedNights show tonight. And they talked at length about his er…skills. So… We all know Nene is playing a role and Phaedra is playing a role but Kandi? She maybe too.

  12. ooooh lawd!! i cannot wait for the reunion show after the finale. it's gonna be a doozey!!! lol! they got to have parts 1 & 2 for this one. the craziness of this seson is wild!!! lol!

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