Herman Cain Is Dropping Out of the Presidential Race!

BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! ( I always wanted to say that.) Word around Atlanta is that Herman Cain has ended his campaign for POTUS ! It wasn’t because he can’t find Libya on a labeled map, or because of all the sexual allegations, no it was because his Mistress of thirteen years has come forward to tell all about their relationship. Yesterday, Ginger White came forward to let us all know about her torrid affair with Cain. She provided phone records and other evidence of the affair. White stated that she and Cain spent lots of time snuggled up in fancy Atlanta hotels and that he made her boring life more exciting.  Rumor has it White is flat broke and facing eviction so the timing of her story could not be any better for her finacially. I’m just saying. Looks like we won’t be getting ourselves that 9-9-9 plan after all.  Why don’t politicians, or pizza men for that matter ,ever think that their skeletons will come out of the closet? Rather than denying the story, Lin Wood, Cain’s attorney issued a statement that said that a candidate’s sex life should not be discussed in the media.

What do you think of the news? Do you think Gloria knew? Will she divorce him? Do you care about the sex life of the person you will vote for for POTUS? Leave me a comment and PUHLEASE follow me on twitter @tamaratattles ! I am almost to 200 followers! :)

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13 responses to “Herman Cain Is Dropping Out of the Presidential Race!

  1. Since the GOP used it as an excuse to go after Bill Clinton for 8 years, Cain's attorney is 20 years too late. And if there is any justice in the world, Gingrich won't be getting that Evangelical endorsement. This political rant is brought to you by someone who only knew Nene from Celebrity Apprentice and now watches RHOA because of the tea.

  2. As I said with Clinton, I don't give a crap if someone is sleeping with a flock of goats (are they called flocks? this farm girl doesn't seem to remember, hmm… maybe it's herd), as long as they're capable, that's all that matters. Of course, no one in today's world seems all that capable, so there's that.

  3. He was long done anyway. I hope she can at least sell a book deal.Or even better…maybe all of Cain's mistresses and the women he sexually harrassed could join him on a new reality show. Unfortunately, I think we're gonna need a bigger show….

  4. Truly, it was only a matter of time before the BIG HEAD got in trouble with his big head!!Herman Cain you do protest too much and way too cocky, no pun intended :)

  5. These guys are so arrogant they honestly think they can do anything they want and no one will ever hold them accountable. I do, however, find it suspect that these women just HAPPEN to come forward when there's a HUGE spotlight out there. Couldn't be for the money, could it?!WD

  6. I do care if they are sleeping with a HERD of goats. I'd like SOMEONE in the White House with some INTEGRITY? Why don't we get better options when it comes to our POTUS candidates? So decent men need to step up to the plate or a Zombie Apocolypse is imminent. Which reminds me, I need more bullets for the Zombie Closet. :)

  7. I'm with Ms. Tamara. I thought Clinton was a jerk and never liked the type of man he was.

  8. He should be ashamed of himself. When you have secrets, especially secrets that have the potential to hurt people like his did, you do NOT run for president. I feel so bad for his wife.

  9. He had asked Cindy Adams from the New York Post Page Six gossip page to host a dinner party at her Park Avenue home this Saturday. Today he had her cancel the event. LOTS of A-list journos were invited to attend including Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, Bill O'Reilly,Greta Van Sustern and others. Cancelling that would have been insane if he were staying in the race.

  10. Tamara, I'm with you where is the outrage. We ran Anthony Weiner out of office for putting/sending pictures of himself on twitter. And he was actually a politican that made a difference. The Democrats stepped up and asked him to step down. Why are the Republicans being silent on this issue?? Where are their moral values . . . oh yeah, that right that have none when it comes to them (different rules for them)!!

  11. Damn I should have read this first before I posted on the Herman and Nene post. Oh well, I'm glad he dropped out.

  12. " Where are their moral values . . . oh yeah, that right that have none when it comes to them (different rules for them)!!"Give it a rest right after you say Charlis Rangel, William J Jefferson, and Bill Jefferson Clinton. And they were actually elected, not just some pizza jockey with a yen to be president. They had to lean on ol Nancy to even get a motion to censure Rangel and to oust Jefferson from his committee leadership.

  13. Read what Dr. Lil the deception expert has to say, as one tweeter out it, excuse her grammar, lmao what a shame someone of her status looks like a 7th grader typed it. http://drlillianglass.com/body-language-blog/2011/11/11/cain-accuser-bialeks-body-language-screams-signals-of-deception/

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