Chateau Sheree is More Like Empty Lot Sheree

There is a lot more to this story, here and here.
One of my commenters did some sleuthing and found out that the property where Chateau Sheree is supposed to be is still in fact an empty lot. Also the house is listed in her mother, Thelma Ferguson’s name. Now why would that be? Perhaps because Sheree is claiming bankruptcy?  Everybody knows that Sheree got into a lot of financial trouble last year.
Sale Date      Sale Price      Grantee                               Grantor
30-DEC-10     $319,000      FERGUSON THELMA       HOMESALES INC
02-MAR-10   $290,316      HOMESALES INC               SULLIVAN MICHAEL & JACQUELINE
Sheree’s mother is an educated business person with and MBA in finance and an Atlanta Businesswoman. Why didn’t any of that financial sense pass down to Sheree? Maybe because Sheree had a child, Tierra at age 15. Perhaps she ran off or was sent away and wasn’t raised by her mother? He mother is the author of a book, ironically enough about her relationship with her mother who suffered from depression, BeSSie is My Mother’s Name.  For whatever reason, Sheree publicly denied her daughter in season one and referred to her as “her friend” in pictures that were printed in Essence Magazine. Tierra’s friends from college have reported on blogs that while Tierra was in college struggling for money for Ramen noodles, Sheree was off bouncing checks and buying an Aston Martin she could not afford.
But Sheree’s financial decision to demolish a two story home in an established neighborhood led her to be stuck with a $300.000 mortgage on an empty lot and the rent on her townhouse. Unless her poor mother gets stuck with the payments. 
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33 responses to “Chateau Sheree is More Like Empty Lot Sheree

  1. I'm thinking you and your blog are pretty cool.. Good info…No hate. thank you

  2. Pam

    I love a good scoop. Thanks for the info on Shyster Sheree.

  3. Bwahahahahaha. Just how much longer until this too falls in default, leaving some sorry sap (the bank, or worse, her mother) left to foot the bill. To live in Sheree's world, where everything is free, and you're rich rich rich, what an interesting place that must be.

  4. Oh my goodness… Gotta love them Atlantia House "wives". Nothing is ever as it seems. I knew that mess with Sheree was off though, how you always hounding your ex for money if you "rich"? I do like to watch the show, but reality it ain't.

  5. Looks like her mother is the one on the hook here – another in a long line apparently. Sheree might want to stop being so boring on the show so she gets axed back next season. Girl needs the money.WD

  6. She's becoming more and more likely just to be axed. :)

  7. Honestly, these are the poorest housewives I have seen. Cynthia is broke and has a shyster for a husband. I think nene is comfortable, but she ain't rich I am sure! Phaedra probably does well. She owns a boutique law firm. And of course, kandy is getting paid writing and producing.. But Kim is definitely a gold digger, big poppa's money ran out so she gets knocked up on purpose by a 25 year old so she can have a new source of income from that Falcons money. And no way is she 33. Let's add 10 years to that! But sheree has always seemed to be the biggest perpetrator. I don't think there will be a chateau sheree. She needs to get with a financial planner and find a lucrative investment. She has no talent or no business sense, so that's all she can really do. Her fashion line failed, and the clothes sucked. Sheree is the character that I dislike the most. She is the most fake.

  8. Have you seen Sheree's recent tweet about her house? Apparently she responds to a question about the house, saying "not done yet, really just getting started! It's been quite a handful…everyone's on their own schedule & seem to have an agenda". Might explain why the lot is still empty but also that it was just a 'scene' for the purposes of the show.

  9. Hoping you are following up on that scoop with the contractor. Keep sleuthing.Congrats on tracking down the location and info.

  10. Great scoop…thanks Tamara.

  11. Thanks y'all I need someone to email me Andrew's last name or rewatch the clip and tell me if they see a company name because I know they showed one.i am just major busy right now.

  12. Tamara I was gonna say the same thing about Sheree's mother. Sheree should def go to her mother when making money decisions. Because this brawd is clueless and tryna keep up with Nene,Kandi,Kim, Phaedra and Cynthia. If she comes back for another season, her storyline better change and not be about tryna get a 7 figure sum which she'll never get.

  13. Tamara checked your mail. I sent you the last name of the contrickster.oops I meant must have learned at a very young age how to build..I can see him now with his building

  14. so, can't rely 100% on the accuracy of this site, but it has Sheree's worth @ $70,000. another site has her @ $50,000 do you think u are that you're gonna build an 8,000 sq ft house?Luv how they have her as a "fashion designer". Uh-huh, how's "She by Sheree" coming along?

  15. Business Name History——————————————————————————– Name Name Type SHEREE WHITFIELD WORLDWIDE INCORPORATED Current Name ——————————————————————————– Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information Control No.: 08086715 Status: Admin. Dissolved Entity Creation Date: 11/18/2008 Dissolve Date: 9/18/2010 Jurisdiction: GA That was She By Sheree

  16. Tamara, Can you find out what happened to Dwight Eubanks and why he isn't on RHOA anymore?

  17. It looks like Dwight is in the process of renewing his Cosmotology license:, how I love public records!

  18. I love them too! Can you email me the link and maybe a screen save. It tries to make me log in to view this way. :) what do you suppose it means that he is renewing? Had he stopped for awhile?

  19. As for Phaedra, me, if I made $500,000 a year, I'd be crazy-happy, I don't even make 1-tenth of that. But the way Phaedra acts, you'd think she's part of some super-dooper, multi-million dollar firm.

  20. If that is showing annual revenue as half a mil, she isn't even taking home half of that. I would think she earned more. I guess when you add in the Bravo checks she does pretty good. Phaedra has the sense to save and invest and shop NORMALLY. That is how one becomes wealthy as opposed to RICH!!!.

  21. Although I enjoy reading this blog I couldn't be more frustrated and stressed by doing so.There is really only one thing bothering me, but that one thing causes several complications. First of all, I like to open additional links you have in your articles in a new tab or window and then go there after, especially when there are multiple links. The second problem is trying to follow the addresses given in the comment section. As they aren't links (that I couldn't open in a new tab anyway) and you have disabled right clicking functions my choice is to either forget it or attempt to type out all the letters, numbers, weird characters, which rarely happens successfully, and sometimes that address is very, very long.I'm sure you disabled right clicking in an attempt to protect your photographs, but they can still be copied with an additional thirty seconds of work. I hope you don't take offense to this, but I really like your blog and want to be able to read it without my blood pressure shooting through the roof. ;)Thanks, Tia

  22. I don't have any problems with the links in the main posts. They all work for me and open in a new tab. I'm using Firefox. What browser are you using?As for the links in the comment section. That could be better but it's pretty easy to just copy and paste it into a browser window.

  23. I'm so sorry Tia, but from jump street other bloggers were wholesale copying my posts and using them as their own withing minutes of my postings! I mean it's flattering in a way but … I try to start new posts with people's links in comments. I am so sorry. It is just he way of the world these days. I work REALLY HARD on my posts and I hate hate hate when people show me where they have been lifted. You can't leave the front door unlocked when you walk your dog anymore. It's horrible. I am glad you like my blog and hope you will understand that it is only "good" because it isn't being copied by tons of people the second I hit send. I love my fellow bloggers to discuss my blogs on their blogs and give a link. That is how it should be!

  24. You know what they call people that get cash not by means of working for it, yet they spend it like they have it like that…. Lmao

  25. Sheree just said on Andy Cohens Watch What Happens Live, that they just started laying the foundation on the house! On the show she was saying she wanted the house done by thanksgiving. Sheree needs to stop acting like shes loaded and she's not. She's asking for child support but she has 10K purses and stuff. I think she needs to have a yards sale. lol!

  26. On WWHL Sheree was asked if her mother was having the house built. Her well-rehearsed answer was that it was being built for her children and was in her mother's name. Uh huh.

  27. I just saw all that on WWHL. I really should get out of the house one day and drive over and have a look at that foundation. :)

  28. Tamara GUrl the foundation STILL EMPTY I DROVE BY 4 laughs earlier child….I need a way to Email u DIrectly so much TEA …..

  29. my email is in the about me section on bottom right!

  30. Tamara, I appreciate you following up and clarifying some of the stuff that has been said on the RHOA. I think Sheree is really sad. She obviously had some things to happen in her childhood which makes her feel that self-worth is only gained through financial means. It is pitiful for her to con her mother into buying property for a house that she (Sheree) obviously can not afford. Bravo should really reconsider her contract for next season, because this show is detrimental to Sheree's emotional and mental well-being and her children's. This is really sad.

  31. She is broke and always trying to act like she got money buying all this expensive stuff. Everyone knows that's not her house and bravo is paying for her townhouse she's renting now. What she needs to do is stop hating on Nene because Nene's doing her thing .

  32. Gigi

    Poor little Sha-Sha she is always looking for the next free dollar maybe she should forget the acting, clothesing line and the child support and get a real nine to five like the rest of the single mothers in the world

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