Sheree Whitfield’s Mystery House Part 2

After you finish reading this, there is a lot more to this story, here,  here and here, you don’t want to miss it!

Okay, based on a commenter’s report from the Londonberry neighborhood, I went back looking for the lot with the address I saw last time I researched this mysterious piece of property that Sheree was having demolished.

Pictured above is 711 Londonberry which sold in 2005 for $450,000. It’s a three bedroom three bath house with about 2,000 square feet.  This picture was taken during it’s final construction phase. It is listed on a few places online as the rental property that Bravo rented for Sheree during season two. Apparently, some rumors used this picture as the property that Sheree is allegedly building now. Obviously, it is not the house that Sheree claimed to be building as Chateau Sheree as it was completed years before the demolition. This house is apparently the one that Bravo rented for Sheree when she was evicted from the Long Island Drive home during the filming of season two. Bravo supposedly helped keep Sheree from being homeless for some months before she moved into the townhouse in the same area where she lives now. Sheree’s son, Kairo is enrolled in Riverwood, which is a magnet school in the Fulton County School System with a very good reputation so she will not be leaving the area unless her situation becomes even more dire.

This means that after much investigation, I have yet to locate the property where the bulldozing was going on. I suppose I may have to take a drive to Sandy Springs next time the weather is nice.


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25 responses to “Sheree Whitfield’s Mystery House Part 2

  1. Don't waste your gas..the guy Andrew that is on the show as the builder is a fraud. I know him and he has been in trouble for using false seals on blue prints. So if he is a crook then the house being built will not pass inspections because the engineer/architect is not licensed. This is a fact!!! Start with the builder..check him out then you will know that the building Sheree Chateau house is part of the entertainment the show!!! Maybe Shyree knows he is fake or maybe not..but this what happens when one crook tries to get over on another The only thing that is being built is what is being presented here as the facts on Sheree Whitfield Real House Wives of Atlanta

  2. Ooooh I want to know so bad. I tried google myself with no luck. My belief is that Sheree was banking on child support to pay for this house and according to next weeks episodes her ex aint going(yep I said aint)

  3. Anonymous I think is on to something. Sheree is a fraud, Phaedra is a fraud and so is this builder..smh..I thought this was called "REAL" Housewives

  4. Hey anon, could you shoot me Andrew's last name on email? Thanks for the info. This has got to be a sham because I am hitting deadends everywhere I look. :)

  5. @ Beatrice..I don't know about them being "Real" in the true meaning of the word "Real" but they are 'real" crooks". What "Lady" attorney would hire "strippers"( a mother with a husband(ex con)..there!!! Beautiful baby..I am worried what impression the child is getting..DFAC need remove all the children from that X-rated show. It is surely not rated G. lol Oh well!!!

  6. @ Tamara..I have called the company he worked for to get his last name.We had a good laugh at him. We are trying to remember his last name but it is def Andrew!!!!When I get it, I will certainly send it to you. I have been trying to get it through Google from his appearance on the show. Give me a minute…I will get it!

  7. wow…freakin' explosive news..thanks tamara and anonymous…great intel..

  8. I thought either Sheree is REALLY stupid or she isn't building a huge house. Granted, she should have a nice Housewives paycheck at this point, but that paycheck can and will go away as we saw with the RHoNY. How is she gonna swing the mortgage? Is she a savvy investor? Does she have a real business not featured on the show? It doesn't compute. Maybe Sheree is jealous of Nene. I mean, Nene may have been a stripper with dental problems in the past, but at least she owns it. Sheree wants to gloss over the fact that she wanted the world to think her firstborn was her "friend" Season 1. That is loathesome. Sheree really seems to be a jelly, gutter, failed golddigger with the personality of a mean old housecat. When Housewives kicks her to the curb, she's gonna be a$$ out.

  9. Tamara, you rock. I knew this story smelled and I think you're close to the stink.

  10. YIKES! Is Sheree becoming the Taylor Armstrong of Atlanta? The reason I ask is because FRAUD seems to be attracted to everything that she does.Sorry I don't have a link to give you right now, but that event in Philly that Nene and Sheree are arguing-over?-Turns-out that the organizer of that event (Malcolm? Marvin?)-is under a Federal Investigation for that very event last year!I'll try to find the link, I Tweeted it to Sheree the day after the show aired I think.

  11. Tyrone and please email me the scoop at .

  12. ….See this is what I don't understand. Most who hate on NeNe talk thisNthat about NeNe; BUT, she was right on the money about Sheree; so, why the hate on NeNe and NO ONE….I mean NO ONE has called Sheree out on her BS…because that is what she is ALL about…I like Cynthia's Blog when referring to Sheree:"And all I know about Sheree is that she lost her man, lost her house, and lost her car. Did I leave anything out?"Now why people talk all sideways about NeNe but each HW have issues:KIM – ummmm you were engaged to a MARRIED man and who by the way DID NOT leave his wife and was close to 10-15 yrs. older than herself; so when she called Peter an old man…I laugh!PHAEDRA – You married an FELON….how you call a person dirty when you are living with a man who couldn't leave the country or vote for I don't how long….and you are an Attorney.SHEREE – Please see above….No house, car or husband….enough said. KANDI – the only one I can tolerate; however, don't play both sides. What I mean is DO NOT go back and tell each sides what the other ladies says…it just create conflict…and the HW do not need any assistance in that department.NENE – I do like her; and she is 100% with you …however, she does need to calm down and not be so sensitive about issues. My point is that EVERY HW has issues and I think it funny they ALL want talk about NENE.

  13. This blog is awesome! I learned so much from the topics and the comments. Can't wait to find out more about Andrew the contractor. And I found the tweet housewifehater sent to Sheree about Tyrone. That's some serious dirt! I feel for the person who trusted Tyrone with investments, and I feel a little for the celebs who went to the event not knowing how it was funded.

    • He should take care of his kids regardless and make sure they have a home to live in. All this Chateau Sheree is her business or her dream, we need to stay out of it. Tyrone is a beat dad and don’t like to take care of his kids

  14. Tamara,Girl… I LOVE Sheree and your site, but you need to get to the bottom of the house mystery!!!!Keep us posted!!!!

  15. Sheree is a major fraud. For 4 seasons she hasn't improved her situation, you're still tryna get 7 figures from your husband who wasn't even a key player. Your buying things left and right knowing you can't pay for it and tryna show out. She's mad at Nene from coming up under Greg and making her own money. Sheree is the only housewife that doesn't have anything going for herself. How is she building homes with no money. Smh

  16. You gotta make those links clickable since I can't cut and paste here, thanks.

  17. sorry, doesn't seem like i can make them clickable. If you look to the bar on the right where my posts are listed you should find the links you need!:) or you can use the chateau sheree tag for the house related ones.

  18. You can also highlight the links and copy them from edit on your top browser and paste them in your address bar. I am still trying to get Andrew's last name(the fake builder). Have no fear..I am going to get it and then I will be able to tell all his dirty deeds.

  19. I live in Sheree's city, after reading the posts I became curious and drove by the "site" down the street. Well as of today…still no activity, just dirt. I will say as a GA appraiser the neighborhood is great. The location is great. The neighborhood is a multimillion dollar neighborhood backing up to Buckhead which IS the wealthiest neighborhood in Atlanta by far. Technically her property is not in Buckhead, but it is the neighboring city to Sandy Springs, and her property is at the tip of Sandy Springs and Buckhead. So…sounds like she has a good plan, but yes it will take lots of money! Good luck Sheree! (I took a pic of the bare lot)

  20. I love this blog!! I accidentally ran across this and now I'm hooked. After reading the post I find out so much stuff. So I decided to do a little digging myself. Check out celebritynetworth.comMs. Sheree estimated worth 50k!! Funny!

  21. What I don't understand is that her kids are almost out on their own. She has a grown daughter, a son who is 14 and will be an adult in 4 years, and a young daughter. By the time she would actually finish building a home as large as she was/is planning to build her son will almost be out of the house. It would just be her and her daughter. She doesn't need a house that large. Her fame won't last forever. Her star will burn out just like the others who are no longer on the real housewives shows.

  22. You all need to stop! It's television ok! SHeree is going through some things.. You all act like you're all doing so well and happy. If you had that much going on you wouldn't have time to watch the show. Cut it out!

  23. Sheree needs to grow up! Literally

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