Mama Joyce, Don’t Be RiDICKulous

Y’all remember when I told you that Kandi’s mama was fine with strippers? Listen to the short video above where  talks to Kandi about her family having strippers at all of their parties. Now maybe the self-pleasuring and the swizzle dick in the drink tricks crossed her line, but I still think the producers set that whole fight up. When she leaves Mama Joyce says she has always told Kandi she didn’t like strippers and that is just not true. Why are you lying Mama Joyce?


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10 responses to “Mama Joyce, Don’t Be RiDICKulous

  1. Pam

    Mr. Ridickulous sucking his own penis was over the top for me as well and I wasn't even there. Phaedra lost her claim to being a Southern Belle with that little gift, imnsho. That was crass.

  2. Southern Belles were rich white slave owners. I don't understand why black people are suddenly proclaiming themselves to be southern belles with or without the self-fellating black strippers. It's nonsensesical.

  3. I agree with you Tamara. I am a southern woman that was raised to have manners, but Southern Belle I am not. I would rather be referred to as a Georgia Peach than a Southern Belle.Besides, women with manners don't have to proclaim they have manners every 30 seconds…it shows in your speech, mannerisms, and in how you treat people. Not only is Phaedra not a "Southern Belle", but she lacks professionalism. How are you gonna talk about litigation with a contractor and tell him to look at your "donkey booty" in the same conversation? Who does that?

  4. I imagine based on Phaedra's intro, that she was assigned the role of "southern belle" and she realized how silly it was. Phaedra is playing the role she was assigned and laughing about it. That said, Phaedra has a past that is more inline with male strippers and playing the dating field, until of course she married a convict. As characters go, she is the best of the bunch and I always enjoy her scenes.

  5. I can't even get to the point to see the crassness in his being at a birthday party to begin with, as I am too enamored by the size of his penis. I'm coming to Atlanta, we're having a party, and he will be the only guest invited. That censorship bar was too big not to be curious.

  6. LOL Somehow I knew you would feel that way!

  7. So what you're saying is, you're in!

  8. Being featured on RHoA = paycheck. Maybe Mama Joyce is getting that money! However, maybe she is ok with strippers dancing, but not the live sex show. I agree that that is too gross, ghetto and nasty for words. Phaedra, the most passed around lawyer in Georgia, is in no way a lady. She has boinked several clients, including some shady rappers. That's why her trophy husband is an ex-con with little to no job skills. And that's real!! LOLReality tv is populated with creeps, cons and sociopaths.

  9. I love Phaedra – she makes me laugh with all of her little one liners. Ridickulous stripping and sex show would not have bothered me BUT I can see where it would be too much for other people. I think BRAVO set the whole thing up for shock factor and have everyone talking about it.

  10. hey, what happened to her idea of going into the mortuary business?

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