A Bit More RiDICKulousness

Last night, RiDICKulous called the WWHL aftershow to let Andy Cohen know that Nene was full of bull with regard to her reaction to his er… performance. In fact, this was the FOURTH time Nene had been to a RiDICKulous performance. He talked about a PRIDE event in Houston where Nene showed up with an entourage and was tipping heavily and having herself a good ole time.  Which begs the question, “What was Nene doing at an out of state PRIDE event in the first place?” Well he mentioned two PRIDE events and said that Nene introduced him at one.  The third event was a local Atlanta function. Clearly, Nene just wanted to get out of there as she was outnumbered by her haters (which is pretty much everybody) and Peter and Cynthia were in the same outcast boat so they took that golden moment in time to ride out of there. But not before Nene took some jabs at Phaedra with Mama Joyce.
Oh Nene just hates not to be the center of attention, and RiDICKulous sure took all the shine away from her at Kandi’s party. 
For more backstory on Kandi’s birthday click here.

What would you have done when the live sex show started? Leave me a comment! And follow me on twitter @tamaratattles.

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13 responses to “A Bit More RiDICKulousness

  1. It goes without saying, if Nene opens her mouth, it's a lie.

  2. Are you kidding? I would have stayed, watched, and tried to get a few candids. That's not the sort of thing that comes along every day for your Facebook profile picture!!WD

  3. I would have STAYED it was only a party and entertainment. If you are that closed minded you should just STAY home. I loved it and watched the repeat at 10 just go get me another good laff.

  4. Weeeelllll, let's make a few distinctions here. Those were probably paying gigs. So, of course, even if she didn't enjoy it, she's gonna take the money. And maybe at those events he wasn't allowed to…ahem…perform on himself. I think that was the point at which people really got grossed out. Why so much Nene bashing? All the Housewives are lying scrublets.

  5. Oh no, he clearly said he did his same tricks. That is his um, signature move. And that Nene was tipping very well. I am disgusted by Nene. I shall likely be hating on her with abandon in the future. You have been warned. :) You are however welcome to disagree. Some of my favorite (stupid) people are Nene fans. Where did you go, Pam?

  6. …..ooooh Tamara…stupid people are NeNe fan.. Really!….then what are Kim, Phardra and Sheree fan called….Brilliant! (Yes, I am being sarcastic) My point, there are many reasons to like and dislike ALL of the HW on the show. Those who like NeNe are not stupid….just a little different than you. Oh, you are welcome to disagree as well.

  7. UMMM Redickulous is nasty. I don't ever wanna see a man suck his own peen nor do I want a peen stirring my drink. If he's willing to suck his own peen what else is he willing to do.

  8. Pretty much all the HWs on all the series give us lots of reasons to hate on them. Drama = ratings. Nene is just better at it than most of the HWs.

  9. umm maybe i wouldve stayed to watch, if i started to feel uncomfortable i wouldve just left the room for a bit. no big(fake)dramatic exit! its not like the guy shut the party down. he did his job and left, im sure…… umm, stir ma drank, uh no thanks! ewwwww…thats where it crosses the line!~

  10. stop hating on NeNe….shows your class. a hater deserves to be hated on. You are a hater…They all provide us w/ entertainment, NeNe just does it better….Also you should respect her bc sounds like your job relies on her!!!!!!!

  11. NeNe is the biggest hater out there. Aren't you paying attention?

  12. Aw… hi nene. I'm pretty sure the only person who's job relies on you is your dentist, and he's clearly going broke.

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