The Truth About Nene Leakes and Her (lack of) Money


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Updated: This is one of the first posts on Nene Leakes I wrote here on when it was a wee baby. It was written during my first month of posting on November 27, 2011.  It just goes to show there is a lot in the archives for you to read on slow weekends. :)

Nene Leakes  has been telling anyone who will listen how rich she is lately.  Which makes it a great time to revisit her interview with Joy Behar back in March.  Look at how she hated on Star Jones for having money. It’s funny to hear her claim she is living in the Atlanta Country Club community, a place she has never lived. Despite all her hollerin’ about being rich, Nene Leakes has never lived in a home that she owned. She was evicted from her rental home in the Stonebrier at Sugarloaf gated community, which is  way out in Duluth back in September of 2010. According to the eviction notice, Leakes’ husband owed  $6,240 in past due rent.During season two she was renting a home in the St. Marlo Country Club community, which was rumored to be paid for by Bravo TV in order to continue filming. She is currently living in another rental property that the other housewives make fun of because it was rented unfurnished and Nene has no furniture to speak of. Again, rumors abound that Nene is not rich enough to make her rent without help from Bravo.

UPDATE: THE PREVIOUS POST WAS ON ANOTHER HOSTING SITE AND DID NOT TRANSFER OVER. It had a HIGHLARIOUS Youtube of Nene complaining about Star Jones talking about how rich she was on the Celebrity Apprentice, and all of her rich friends and what a great neighbor she lived in and how she was a lawyer… Sounds like Starr was Nene’s role model. Anyway that Youtube seems not to exist anymore, but someone did an animated version of the text. Check it out.


Also, before going on  The Apprentice Nene set up a “charity”  called Twisted Hearts. Twisted Hearts Foundation was not a charity but a non-profit LLC, a failed organization suspected of money laundering. Twisted Hearts was mailed a notice on September 17, 2010 that it was involuntarily or administratively dissolved and the certificate of authority was revoked by the Office of Secretary of State due to failure to file its annual registration. So it’s no wonder she just cut bait and ran when The Apprentice became too hard for her, she didn’t have a charity to begin with!
No wonder Nene was so angry with Star Jones for having an education and money in this video! She was so jealous she could not think straight, bless her heart. Her jealously of Star also resulted in Nene making buddies with Al Reynolds through her public flirtations with him on twitter  and palling around with him in Atlanta. Clearly Nene wants what Star has do badly she is losing her ever-loving mind. It’s only been a year since Nene could not pay her own rent, and we are still not sure she is paying it now, so her comments to other housemates about how rich she is, is flat out hysterical!
Just giving y’all something else to think about when you watch the show tonight. Listen to the part where she sleeps with the Pizza guy and ends up with a franchise. It costs between $301,500-$547,500  to start a Famous Famiglia franchise. and we all know Nene doesn’t have that.  So let’s pay close attention and see if she gets some sort of partial partnership out of her sexual affair while married.
Psst she got like a 5 or 10% share of one franchise in an airport for a limited time. Nene is no longer in the pizza business. Allegedly.
So let me know what you think after seeing the show tonight. Leave me a comment and please oh please follow me on twitter @tamaratattles ! 
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60 responses to “The Truth About Nene Leakes and Her (lack of) Money

  1. I'm gonna miss Joy's show :(

  2. gorilla cookies nene is a simple,ugly monster.frankly, i don't understand why a network would feature a functioning retard, which is the only logical way to describe nene. well, that or monster. or gorilla cookies bully.who could take her seriously?

  3. But…she paid CASH MONEY for her son's $16,000 car!!?!?! Delirious bitch.WD

  4. I watched tonight's episode and didnt see anything about a pizza franchise. Did I blackout or something?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      This is an old pst TT has resurrected for our entertainment.

      • Micheal

        You know you just responded to a comment from 2011 right?

      • ​Apparently they do not. :)

        I like looking back at the illiterate Nenetards that I used to let post freely in their native tongue, Ebonics.

        Actually it was probably Nene herself. Because shortly after this the information of Nene being on Glee was leaked to me exclusively….

        From someone “close to Nene…”

        On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 12:55 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  5. That's some strong poon if it can get her a pizza franchise!

  6. I was assuming that when Nene was seen talking to Cynthia about having sex with someone she was referring to the pizza guy. Everyone involved with production, like Cynthia already knows that Nene and Gregg are still "together" while exploring their options. As for the method in which she got, some sort of interest in the pizza franchise ( I doubt she owns it outright, she can't afford a house let alone a pizza franchise) that John Kolaj saw the free advertising involved with letting Nene run around talking about Pizza Familgia (who had even heard of that before this?) and found it to be a good investment regardless of the quality of the, um, poon as you say. :)

  7. another great article..interesting info uncovered…was twisted hearts the charity she named on CA????

  8. thanks cutie pie, and yes, it was her charity on Apprentice. Intersting that she had to leave before she won anything, no? Bravo is not the only scripted reality show…

  9. Who would wanna sleep with the Nene beast, especially if it cost you an expensive pizza franchise. I'd like to get a look at the pizza guy. I'll bet he's old, fat and hairy with bad teefs.

  10. Hi Tamara,I haven't read the blog yet but wanted to comment on your header. It looks like you changed it? No matter, but I did want to say I like it a lot. :)

  11. You can see the pizza guy here. didn't change my header but that doesn't mean someone else did. :) thanks.

  12. Nene's charity on Celebrity Apprentice was Atlanta Mission – My Sisters House of Atlanta Georgia, not Twisted Hearts Foundation. The mission provides assistance to homeless women and children.

  13. i think you don't like nene,its call acting..

  14. Yeah, acting like a buffoon.

  15. I did see the document issued by the state of Georgia in regards to Twisted Hearts. Can we get clarity if it was listed or the other charity. All in all I feel sad for the children of NeNe and Sheree that are involved in this all. Even if it is presented to them as acting, are they not affected being pulled from one household to another. At what point can this be viewed as exploitation by Bravo, no matter what the price.

  16. While the Twisted Hearts "charity" was questionable, it as Anon says above My Sister's House, a reputable charity that was listed as Nene's charity on Celebrity Apprentice.

  17. Why are there so many haters in Atlanta? If NeNe wants to inspire others by shouting out that she's RICH then accept it. However, she got it and what she does with it is her business. Since the ATL is full of haters, I think I'll keep my butt in Texas.

  18. Tamara do have a personal dislike for Nene

  19. The way Tamara talks, you would think home girl knew Nene personally. Chile you don't know what's in her banking account. #hater

  20. Ne ne is very jealous of anyone with money and/or education. She is a bufoon and the reason why so many black men look to women of other races. I would never be seen with such an ignorant woman.

  21. I’m just waiting for the rebuttals to roll in

  22. It's_shane

    Does Greg work?

  23. LuLu

    So is she still renting now in 2015?? A mess.

  24. sarcasatire

    Slow news day, eh?

    One way to drum up page views is to drum up Nene stories, even those that are 3-4 years old. Brava! A formula that works!

  25. arrived

    Nene has money. She just not trying to spend it right now.

  26. Lucy94

    I’m just curious, what dollar amount does Nene consider to be very rich?

  27. hannahkingrose

    Lucy94 who knows. Most people who are “very rich” seem to want to purchase their homes and cars. At least it appears they do when we see them putting them on the market for resale all the time and buying others like Kandi and Lisa V. At present the median cost of a 3 bedroom house in Atlanta is &261,000.00 and NeNe could probably purchase a good used car for approximately &20,000.00. So for a total of about &281,000.00 Nene could purchase both a home for her family and a car. Does that mean she has spent all of her funds and does not have the required amount but still considers herself to be very rich? Or does she have more than $281,000.00 and is too stupid to realize that when the money from RHOA stops coming in she won’t have anything to show for it? We all know she was not making the $1,000,000 she claimed per season. So what the hell has she spent her money on because I sure can’t see it. It definitely wasn’t spent on clothes, educational endeavors, quality wig products nor sensitivity training.

    • Simone

      Hannah.. ..Agree.. Except if you spend 20G for a used car and over 250g for a three bedroom in Atl then you are getting ripped off big time in GA..IJS.

    • There’s a difference between hitting the jackpot like NeNe did and being rich. Rich is a lifestyle and a skill that consists of living below your means and knowing how to make your money work for you. They stay rich because they don’t have a need to be flashy and display their wealth which dries up the bank accounts and retirement plans. It’s like a gambler who steals money thinking the next game will be the big win and they can pay back the stolen money. Being rich for a minute isn’t rich!

    • ericaf

      Lmaoll, that’s a great response. I live.

  28. sandi

    NeNe says she can’t control what NaNa says, but it seems to me she is proud of her lude ,disgusting tounge lashings. She lashes out at anyone with a criticism of her, not with facts or opinions but with vile ,cruel, inexcusable frothing from her nasty mouth. She seems to be proud of NaNa. If anyone one in the real world (with or without money), acted like that they would be advised to seek immediate, professional, psychiatric and psychological counseling. If not for a T V show she would certainly have no one other to talk to than her expensive, guilded mirror.

  29. itsmejohnna

    We all know she can’t be too rich cause she don’t have a good enough hairdresser for one and finally, “rich” people tend not announce their wealth! That “I’m rich bitch” is soooo sad cause if u really were we would know by the way she carried herself.

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