The Lighting of the Great Tree at Lenox Square

Photo Credit: AJC

 Scott McCreery, the country music crooner who won season ten of American Idol, performed three songs at the lighting of the great tree at Lenox Square Mall last night.  McCreery headlined the event which included performances by Marietta’s own Melanie Moore winner of So You Think You Can Dance, gospel group Mary Mary ,and Atlanta native and rising country music star, Erica Nicole. However, neither the tree nor McCreery had an easy journey to the venue.  The original tree split while being hoisted to the roof and an understudy had to step in to play the role of the great tree. McCreery spent Thanksgiving morning in NYC lip-sinking “The Trouble with Girls”  on a float for the Macy*s Day Parade  where he had some trouble with his earpiece and was unable to start singing with the music.  Actual journalists treated this like big news as if we all thought that singers were actually singing on TV live on a float in the middle of a parade. The eighteen year old sang live at the Atlanta event and posed for pictures with throngs of his adoring public. I think he’s gonna be fine despite the negative press.

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2 responses to “The Lighting of the Great Tree at Lenox Square

  1. Poor Scottie, the kid's getting a bum wrap all over the place for doing what everyone else in the parade has done for years and years. Gotta say, this is the first black friday I'm spending in, and it's odd, like the holidays haven't started yet, without that mad rush of shopping. Oh well, at least I didn't get my nose broken, like a shopper at our local walmart did last night. At least he can't smell now!

  2. Pam

    Poor Scotty. He seems to be a nice enough young man, I don't know why the world wants to give him grief, as if he wont get enough later on in life like the rest of us grownups.As far as spending the day, I need a new tv, and drove by Best Buy and saw the parking lot overflowing and just drove on home at 3 o'clock this afternoon, no less. No way do I need one that bad.

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