Sheree Whitfield Builds Home in Sandy Springs (or does she?)

After you finish reading this, there is a lot more to this story,  here  here and here, you don’t want to miss it!
Update: I was unable to find a picture of Sheree’s fabulous new home ANYWHERE.  Tonight during the show Nene tweeted:
  NeNe Leakes RT : how Sheree building a house. I thought the fool was broke<She was frontin! It was never built.
We also learned tonight that Nene, Sheree and Kim are all renting their homes. And the rumors about Bravo paying the rent to keep them in appearances are raging again.

Before we watch tonight’s show and see Sheree Whitfield building “Chateau Sheree” it’s important to know the back story. And boy do I have the tea on the back story, so settle in and get ready because this is going to be a long read.

Sheree met Bob Whitfield back in 1993 and three years later in 1996 she gave birth to their first child a son, Kairo. Three years after that in 1999 she gave birth to their second child, a daughter, Kaleigh. Sheree has another child, Tierra, who was born well prior to meeting Bob when Sheree was a teen. Tierra was shown on season three when she moved back to Atlanta with her boyfriend of six years. Then Sheree married Bob Whitfield in 2000 and officially separated in 2003. The divorce was finalized in 2007, which was also the year Bob Whitfield retired from the Atlanta Falcons.

So let’s look at the divorce settlement. Although the relationship between Sheree and Bob lasted fourteen years, the marriage itself was a brief three year event. Sheree’s lawyers played up the fourteen year investment and two children. Bob’s lawyers focused on the short-term marriage. Ultimately, Bob’s attorneys turned out to be the best in court. Sheree was awarded custody of the children, $2,142.87 a month in child support, approximately $1.1 million in property division, and half of his NFL retirement plans.

What she did not get was any physical property nor any alimony. Sheree fought this all the way to the Georgia Supreme court but the courts all upheld the original divorce decree. The fur finally stopped flying sometime in 2009. This meant that despite the fact that Bob Whitfield owned four homes and a recording studio in Atlanta he was evicting the mother of his children from his Sandy Springs home.  Apparently, he decided to stop paying the mortgage on the home after he moved out and the house was eventually foreclosed on. Ironically, the property ended up selling for 1.1 million the same amount that Sheree was bought out for in the settlement.  Clearly the divorce was not amicable. After retiring from the Falcons Bob Whitfield was and is a successful businessman who could certainly have afforded to continue the payments on the property but simply chose to lose it in foreclosure rather than allow Sheree and his children to live there.

We can surely throw a lot of shade on Bob, but I have not even begun to spill the tea on Sheree.

In November of 2010 after running up over $180,000 on lawyer fees which she neglected to pay, her lawyers came after her for payment by attaching the brand new Aston Martin (seen above) she purchased with part of her settlement money. Apparently, you can’t just spend all of your settlement money after receiving it and not pay off your lawyers. I wonder if she is paying Phaedra for representation on the upcoming episodes where she tries to go after Bob for back child support. Is this going to end up in another situation between Phaedra and Sheree where money gets between them? I don’t think Phaedra will be as kind about an unpaid financial obligation as Kandi was when Kim stiffed her on the Tardy for the Party royalties.

Shelia Rashad at Sheree’s Foreclosed Home

When Sheree was evicted, she allegedly took with her all the appliances and fixtures in the Long Island Drive house which she valued at $200,000 when she filed a police report claiming they were stolen.  Sheree  claims that Shelia Rashad, pictured at left was an acquaintance who she hired to help her with the foreclosure situation in an attempt to buy more time in the property. According to Sheree, Rashad loaded up all of her fixtures in a Penske van and made off with them. Rashad gave the following statement to the AJC in June of 2009: “She threw me under when she left the house in such deplorable condition, considering she had me sign my name and made me responsible for the mess she left,” Rashad wrote in another email. “Her stripping the house was not part of the deal, it was clear that she was to leave the light fixtures and appliances. They would have understood her taking some of the fixtures but not every last one of them.”
Below are the before and after pictures of the foreclosed property. There is some mention of the furniture belonging to the bank. This typically is only part of the deal if the furniture is rented. Rent-to-own items are generally included in the foreclosure contract. I’m rather fuzzy on the furniture claims in this situation.

Okay, so now Sheree is out of house, but wants to keep the kids in the same school district. Fulton County schools generally suck, but the High School in her district is considered very good. So she has been renting a house in that district, just a couple streets over since her eviction. There are rumors that Bravo has had to pay part of her rent. The same rumors where going around a few seasons ago about Nene’s property woes.

That leads us up to night’s episode and her building “Chateau Sheree” replete with ballrooms and gyms and such. Heh.  I read an article a few days a go that I cannot for the life of me find. I remember the house she is building is in the Londonberry neighborhood and the square footage was 8,000 feet. Londonberry is a very nice neighborhood that is sought after by parents with school-age  children but is certainly not the best area of Atlanta to live in. The really wealthy live over in Big Poppa’s neighborhood. Since Nene is so very rich maybe she will buy his house. I believe it is still on the market. Sheree’s new house is hardly large enough for all the amenities Sheree spouts off to the contractor on tonight’s episode. It would be a nice step up from the townhome she lives in now. It would not surprise me if she already had her kitchen appliances and light fixtures picked out for the new house. :)  It’s great that she wants a library. She doesn’t read of course but she thinks having a library is what rich people do. Those rich people generally have more than a high school education and can read well, but fake it ’til you make it Sheree!

Believe it or not, I had more, but I want to get this posted before the show. That is what procrastinating on a blog post does!

Not sure if I will recap the show, I prefer to precap! :) It just depends on if anything happens I can’t keep my mouth shut about!

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64 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Builds Home in Sandy Springs (or does she?)

  1. So what happen to the house? Did it ever get built for anyone? Was it a developer who owned the land? Ugh, I hate the charade of this show sometimes.

  2. Well, the whole thing seemed staged to me from the beginning. If your car gets repossessed by your lawyers, that means you have really messed up credit. In this economy, having your sole income be contract work for a TV show and no steady income plus no credit means you have no shot at a mortage. My guess is that she bought the property with a house in disrepair at a cheap price and demoed it and then found out she could not get a mortage and could not pay the contracter. The whole ballroom and library and 8000 sq ft was simply a fantasy.

  3. Hi tamara..I see on email that you DM'd me..however, I did not receive a DM from you.You have my email address. I post on your site with my personal and true email address…please write me there so I may respond…Seems as tho Pork Barrel is going bat crap over Ilana's expose and is attempting to thwart it…lol..hope it doesn't get pared down to nothing…Speak with you soon…Coslopogus

  4. Pam

    Kind of wondering just how Sheree was planning on paying for her new home. There really is a limit to just how much b.s. she can spew about her grand lifestyle without having the money to back it up. As much as I dislike Peter on the show, he was right about one thing. Sheree is NOT pretty.

  5. I remember seeing pictures Sheree's house before she had to move out and the carpet was in bad shape. I don't doubt she took all the fixtures…including the toilet seats and light bulbs! WD

  6. There were stories on line that Sheree poured cat piss all over the carpets. Not sure that is true, or if it was just an over the top description of how bad the carpets were when she left.

  7. Tamara, what neighborhood does Big Poppa live in? I live in the ATL too and have wondered about that.

  8. He was living at 490 West Paces Ferry but after listing the house for $25 million in 2009 I believe it was foreclosed on as was one of his SHopping centers. The house had 11 bedrooms and SEVEN FULL KITCHENS! I'm so glad to have some Atlantans commenting. I want this place to be more Atlanta and less housewives after the season ends. But that is not until April! Hope you come back!

  9. I like the Atlanta angle! I have been to Church, btw. It's a fun place. I live right down the street. I want to hit Bar One one Sunday when they have their HW viewing parties. Have you been?

  10. No, I am a suburbanite and would stick out like a sore thumb. I will more likely make it to Church eventually. :) Plus Mr. Luscious goes to those. lol.

  11. That is EXACTLY what Peter said to a friend of mine who lives in the Grant Park/Cabbagetown area where Bar One is, when he stumbled in for a late nite drink having no idea it was connected to the HWs,just checking out a new bar. Peter told him..'you stick out like a sore thumb, don't you?'

  12. I've noticed a distinct lack of diversity in the crowd. I may drop in during the day at some point. I am not exactly ready for the public these days. :) I need to get a few pounds off so I can wear something besides sweats. The life of leisure I have been living has taken it's toll on my waistline. Well the area where one should have a concave waistline rather than a convex one. :)

  13. Convex? Honey, that sounds like my ex-husband.Ooosh. What is that ugly moss-like funk growing in that kitchen picture? My LORD, it appears to be over the breadbox, too.

  14. Whatever it is, it appears she took it with her.I'm sure the rental kitchen has moss growth. The thought makes me itchy like the time I used real Spanish moss to cover the oasis in my flower arrangement. Apparently, the florist folk debug that stuff somehow before using it. Who knew?

  15. That makes me sad that she lives in a townhome. Sheree is actually my favorite housewife on Atlanta. I live near Piedmont Park and always wondered why none of the ladies actually live in Atlanta… except for Cynthia who lives in Glenwood Park. I think Kandi lives in the Fairburn area. I was trying to think of where the most desirable place in Atlanta that has so many trees was. The only street I could think of with so many empty tree lots is Peachtree Battle, but that is way out of any housewives pricerange except for Kandi. I wish they would feature housewives from Buckhead, Vinings, and Midtown instead of sprawled out Sugarloaf.I thought Sheree was getting revenue from some workout videos she produced or something. Im sad she didnt even get alimony!!

  16. Hi Tamara, love your page and I just discovered it. It would be great if they could have REAL housewives that actually cook, shop, go to the childrens' school. These ladies are funny to me, have more problems than the law allow. Not shame to air out all the LIES either. I like watching them, but will be happy when they get REAL.B. EubanksGeorgia

  17. I live on Londonberry and if she bought and built in this neighborhood it's news to me!

  18. I live in Kingswood, right in Buckhead. This show is ridiculous. Who found these derelicts? This is no representation of Atlanta. Classless, no education and not ladylike. The south is supposed to represent charm, southern hospitality and gentility. These women are grotesque.

  19. Why can't people let this lady be free to life out her life … whether true or fantasy? She has the right as a citizen of Georgia and the USA

  20. I saw the actual address to the lot online at some point. I need to figure out how I found it. For the anon that lives on Londonberry, did you recognize the large white house across the street? I don't think the house was ever really started but the tear down should have been obvious to passersby despite the fact it is set far back off the road.

  21. I would have to agree that this is NOT an appropriate representation of Atlanta. I have lived in Atlanta for 20+ yrs. I feel like Bravo went out and found the worst of the worst of Atlanta (besides Kandi). It should be called The Slum NON wives of Atlanta. I guess true Southern high society women with MONEY would never agree to do such a show, nor would they NEED to. Its too bad, because Atlanta is a beautiful city, has a lot of history, culture, and is a great place to raise a family. Bravo is making look like thugville.

  22. I grew up in Atlanta my whole life, I live in Florida now. We lived in Virginia-Highlands. My Dad went to Northside High and my Mom went to St. Pius. They don't live in the city. You are right Drew, only Cynthia. All the clips they show of the big homes are in Duluth, probably Country Club of The South. I was thinking last night while watching how fake it has become. I totally agree with you Kingswood in Buckhead. They do not represent the Atlanta I grew up in, not by a long shot. The scene with the Stripper was so disgusting I can't even believe they showed it.Tamara: If you have the physical address, just go to Fulton County Property Records. You can use the option to look it up by address and it will give you the name of the owner. Happy hunting! I'm glad I found this page!

  23. Amen Anon! It is NOT a good representation of Atlanta at all!!!!

  24. The Contractor Andrew is a crook like Sheree. I "know" him from an actual architectural firm he "worked" for and he did nothing by the book. I hope he is not falsifying the seals if the blue prints are real. When I saw him..I laughed and knew Sheree was full of BS if she hired him. Oh is entertainment!!

  25. I have family and friends that live in and around Atlanta. I agree with Anon. The ladies do not represent Atlanta in a good light. No education, no class and an embarassment to the city. We must all remember that this is only entertainment.

  26. That lot did not appear large enough to have an 8000 sq. ft. house built on it!! Sheree could be so cool, but she is becoming such a joke flashing around money while in debt.

  27. The lot is on Lake Forrest Dr. Doesn't look like anything is happening!

  28. None of these "housewives" actually live in Atlanta… except for one. I think they just made this show because they wanted a housewife show with black people…. Buckhead is where the real housewives are but they all had too much class to sign on to this ridiculous show.

  29. Just stopping in…Her first house was off Lake Forrest Drive..does she still live out there. Also I am a former Fulton County School Student. Taught in the county as well. I disagree, Fulton County Schools don't suck….have we heard of the APS scandal. Also the chances of them getting real housewives is gone because they are too classy and discreet to portray themselves soooo THIRSTY for attention on TV. Also, I am embarrased that this show is giving all the other starving for attention, STAR STRUCK women who have moved to Atlanta to marry "ballers" false hope for expensive living and shopping at Lenox. So sad, feels like my city is polluted now wanna be rappers, singers, video vixens and publicized baby mamas!

  30. OMG. I have been a teacher all my life until recently and I truly apologize for saying that Fulton County Schools suck. I was truly thinking of APS. I would like to clarify that most all school districts in Atlanta SUCK. But it is not the individual teachers who get shit shoveled on them every day while trying to teach. There came a point where that was no longer good for my mental health and I bailed. I harbor a lot of guilt for bailing on the kids. But it was literally killing me. I love my teacher friends and respect them for staying in the trenches when I was too weak to stay in and fight for sanity.

  31. Once an educator always an educator (in some form or fashion..hence…lol

  32. Kim does not live in Atlanta. She used to live in a townhome in Johns Creek, but recently moved into a massive Roswell home with Kroy.Kandi I believe lives in Peachtree City (I would choose to live there as well if I was as wealthy as she is)NeNe lives in Duluth and Phaedra in ViningsSheree used to live off of Long Island Dr. in Sandy Springs and the lot they show her building on is off of Lake Forest. I live less than a mile from the lot and drive by it every day, and it is still EMPTY.

  33. The neighborhood NeNe and "Big Poppa" live in is St. Marlo in Duluth. The house Big Poppa use to live in is being rented by the actress Mo'Nique.And hello… Sheree ain't got NO money!

  34. Try for the lot that used to feature the white house at approximately 5250 Lake Forrest Dr NW…This location looks suspiciously close to that of the white house that was torn down, as well as the view of the house across the street that we briefly see.

  35. PS…in addition to the above post, the correct address has been located. The land was purchased in January under the name "Thelma Ferguson". A quick google search will lead you to believe that "Thelma Ferguson" is Sheree's mother.

  36. hmmm my search on that address shows a heavily wooded area where if there is a neighborhood, I don't see it. Thelma Feguson is an MBA accountant in Atlanta. I don't see Sheree's mother being so well educated. I fully disclose I could be entirely wrong about everything I just wrote. :) Meanwhile there is a new post up about the latest con artist Sheree has sidled up to.

  37. Sorry…check out these links for clarification on my earlier statement….First off the address is 5210 Lake Forrest, and it's the corner lot between Lake Forrest and Burdette. As for the Property Records, will show the lot/house was purchased in January 2011 by Thelma Ferguson. A google search on Thelma Ferguson came up with this link: could all be just a bunch of coincidences, but I came across it and thought I'd share! ;)

  38. I also checked on Facebook for Thelma Ferguson and noticed that one of her friends is Tierra Fuller – who looks a LOT like Sheree's daughter… (She went to Lake Erie College and now lives in Conyers, GA – it all kind of fits…)

  39. Yep! There is a new post up about your leads. Thanks. Blogger ATE IT THREE TIMES because it didn't like my cut and paste from the Fulton Tax site. SOOOO ANNOYING!

  40. If you look at Thelma Fergusons pictures, she has at least one of her and Sheree who she identifies as her daughter. I can definitely see the resemblance!

  41. Well, Sheree's mom was on the episode with her "dance recital." So, refer back to what her mom looks like from that episode.

  42. I love myself and not you…

  43. Ne Ne used to work in a convience store in Baton Rouge La off of Nicholson drive near LSU…I remember seeing her work with the dude called Corny.

  44. It just goes to show it pays to get your own money. After watching the first season I didnt quite get why NeNe kept on calling her a gold digger but after seeing Bob I get it. Sheree really put her self out there on the first season by saying she was looking to get six figures. I think that played a major part in her not getting a much as she would like. Just sorry to hear that Bob is not stepping up to the plate though, and take care of his kids. I wish Sheree the best..

  45. If you do a search on google earth for that lake Forrest dr. Address, you'll see that on street view, the house Sheree had torn down is still standing at the time of the picture, while on aerial view, there's a scraped bare lot.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. Thanks Anon. I am pulling your comment to make a post!

  48. Y'all got a lot of time on your hands. I too think Sheree is full of ish, and her house? She can not obviously afford, but damn yall bored. Lol

  49. So many things wrong with show……but so additive….Kim….nursing school…….? Dream nursing school? Virtual nursing school? please…….she had NO knowledge of caring for a circumcised penis? Knows nothing about nothing…..and says she is book smart…? She is the biggest loser of all of them. What is wrong with Kroy? I give the marriage less than 2 years. These wealthy women have the filthiest mouths and worst grammar? Thankfully, while I am from NE PA I am smart enough to know these women can't possible represent the real socialites, wealth and educated women of Atlanta. The lot for the Chateau is no way large enoguh for the home Sheree is talking about, and as a real estate agent, working with buyers and sellers, NOBODY upsizes to that degree with children at that age, they prepare to downsize. I read her net worth is about $50k…….can't build a mansion on that….she claims she takes care of her children, pays all the bills and receives nothing from her RX… does she pay for all her hair extensions, and high maintenance personal upkeep…first it costs about $600 a month just to put food on the table. $300 a month for gas in a vehicle, utility bills, rent, car payments and all the rest of her crap…….another one living beyond her means. Although her EXs excuse for not paying..because he doesn't believe he should have to maintain two households……what a loser ….that's what happens in divorce, it costs double the money to take care of children because there are two households to maintain….I love Kandi and NeNe ..although I do wish NENe would cut out the foul mouth. Ilike Cynthia too….she is articulate and expresses herself without the need for filthy language as only a true woman of class would do….Phaedra….she is just one in a million and so over the top ..there isn't much not to like ….. A little OK a lot pretentious, but at least she has the education, money and class to back her up….Not like dumbass Sheree…..I don't know who is dumber, Kim or Sheree. And lastly, Peter told it straight up about Sheree, and everyone else…..I hope Appollo and Phaedras marriage works out, but it seems there is a lot of distance there andit may be heading towards divorce……

  50. Wait, wait, wait. You're from NEPA and you've noticed a foul mouth? This NEPA girl would have to have it blared in her ears to notice.

  51. It's my guess that underneath it all Sheree has low self-esteem and she's hurting; although she comes off as confident (almost arrogant), I believe she needs therapy, the support of people (rich, poor–doesnt matter), and she needs to accept that she's no longer the girlfriend of a rich NFL player. Unfortunately she was so caught up in the hype…that she didn't put things in place, legally, to assure her and her kids futures. He knight turned out to be a deadbeat and now she comes off as a delusional goldigger. It's sad. I feel sorry for the kids who look lost in the mix.

  52. I used to love watching the show, now I see the truth of what's happening it makes a sad statement about how we live, love and respect (dis-) each other, even today. Kandi's fiance was murdered, Nene is seperated telling people "I'm rich!", Phaedra (who I thought was a real lady) brought a vulgur stripper to Kandi's bday party with her Mother there, Cynthia is clearly MISERABLE to everyone except Peter who doesnt seem to care enough to notice as long as he gets his new bar, Kim..well, we'll see if she starts to treat Kroy like she treats "Sweetie", her servant. It's just sad.

  53. Tamara gurlllll I luv yo website…oh we can spill so much tea 2gatha… its so much that you dont kno gurllll Im Gay and I am on the Atlanta Scene and its jus to much for words I am gonna have to keep in touch honey

  54. Watch the show because it is interesting how Americans "reward" these losers. NeNe Leakes is just a big monster. And all the comments about being rich, well to her and her lifestyle she is rich. If my net worth was reportedly 3.5 million I would feel rich but rich is as rich does. Looking at 8 million dollar houses shows you are an idiot. Especially on a "perhaps" income. Kandi is accustomed to six figures and more so this is an income booster for her. Pheadra has an education and security even when this show ends (which it will). Cynthia, well, bless her heart. She is trying but she is so confused. And I cant even dignify Kim with a description.

  55. I leave down the road from the land an they have started on her house so it is very true she building it…

  56. Rich? Nene please stop. All of them need help. I like Kim and Kandi and Sheree. But these women are broke. I live in Buckhead and I'm not bragging but I have a $7,000,000 home in a very nice neighborhood and no one around here would be caught dead with these women.

  57. No, the homes are not in Country Club of the South…I wouldn't even lease one of mine to any of them. Second, Kim's short old previous kick did own a home in St Marlo at one time, but he lost it to the bank, and the one leasing it had to move out. Actually bid on that house, but it was not that fantastic.. and smaller than it appeared,and either he or the leasee left the aquariums of fish to die—-sorry good for nothing fish abusers!! Hate to tell you folks but the whole Atlanta HW franchise is a real joke to those of us that actually live in the country clubs. Word on the street was that the casting rep put her buddies in this deal and NONE of them had their own pot to pi** in (excuse my french). It was a joke from the start because NONE of us that really are in the category to be cast for the show would TOUCH it!! It is an embarrassment like no other. These are WANNABES. The REAL DEALS would NEVER associate with the nasty mess on the show. Finished educating you now. Maybe one day Atlanta can actually be portrayed like it really is…and not like the street alley projects…and that includes that wigged out trailer park ditz. Her baller is now stuck. Bet he wakes up one day and good luck getting out of that damn mess. His country folks didnt school him too well. He got had by a real pro…..and I mean that in every sense of the word. Silly little kid. lol. Not even the old man wanted that bought **** for the long haul.

  58. Pat

    I like NeNe, Khandi, Cynthia, Peter, and Apollo. They are real. I can do without the rest of the cast. Phadrea, Sheree, and Kim are as phoney as they come. Kim's mouth is a disgrace to women everywhere!!! She is a GOLD DIGGER!!!!!!! Kroy better watch his back!!! Sheree is an uneducated fool, who is out for men with money as well! She needs to get herself educated and stop buying all that exspensive stuff, which she can't afford. Spend more time with her children and less time with all of her gay friends. Stop trying to get to her ex and concentrate on building a life for herself and her children. She made a big fool out herself when she said she was building this big house "Chataeu Shree." Which is going to be put in her mother's name. Wise up and Grow up Shree!!!! Eligance and Sophiticated you are NOT!!!!!!!Phrae profest to be a Southern Bell..if she is a Southern Bell everyone else must be nothing. Phrae is just another want to be! We likes to be seen. She need to get her mouth fixed. Stop pretending to be something she's not. Phrae is one of those people who throws the rock and then hide her hand!!!! The things that come out her mouth is very distasteful!!!

    • jackie russell

      you are right Phaedra is a joke as a lawyer. She must not be doing to well as a lawyer. She trying to hard to come up however. Funeral business, this is a joke she looking for quick money to come up another level. Now she trying to do dog burial let’s stop. Non of these ladies are Atlanta best. Atlanta substitututes. Phaedra need to stop she don’t have it for an educated woman all she talks about is her ass, that seems to me she well educated about sucking, her ass and looking in a woman vagina telling her, how pretty it is. She had her face so close to the white woman vagina all she had to do was do what she do. Apollo need to know the truth. The why that mouth doesn’t at all represent a real southern bell, she putting her lips elsewhere. She tries so hard to fit in, she wants so bad to be a first class chicks. Sorry just a chick with lips that works wonder between the sheets on both men and women.And why don’t they leave kim alone, all she do is talk trash about all of them. She go to almost everything they have and then turn around and dog them. She thinks that she’s first class not so. She went to candy’s new home and all she did, was mad nasty remarks, why don’t candy’s stop being so stupid and cut that trash off after she got over on her with the music candy’s should have learned something. Kim used her to get just what she wanted did’nt give her a dime. Candy’s the fool. Messing with Big poppa wasn’t cool at all he was married, but kim saw dollar. But she will reap it with krow. he’ll be gone soon. Kim waiting to get what little money he got

  59. Has anyone ever shopped at the boutique Sheree had. And do you know why it closed

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