Jonathan Jaxson’s Past with Perez Hilton

Jonathan Jaxson tweeted this picture from his hospital bed after allegedly trying to kill himself.
Another publicity stunt?

This is part four of four posts regarding this topic. Please read here, here and here  to get caught up.

So just who is Jonathan Jaxson? Perhaps Kim Kardashian should have asked herself that question before she did business with him in the first place.  Apparently, while he was allegedly working for Kim K as a PR rep, he was also involved in a lawsuit with Perez Hilton. Check out this info from The Smoking Gun.

APRIL 9 (2008)–Perez Hilton claims that a Florida blogger slandered him by claiming the online gossip columnist solicited sexual favors in exchange for help promoting the man’s nascent web site. In an April 8 Los Angeles Superior Court complaint, Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) alleges that Jonathan Lewandowski recently told reporters that he was manipulated into sending sexually explicit videos to Lavandeira, and that the pair had sex and dated. Lavandeira, 30, charges that these claims are false, adding that Lewandowski (who uses the handle Jonathan Jaxson when blogging) has also invaded his privacy by posting his cell phone number online. In his complaint, an excerpt of which you’ll find below, Lavandeira contends that, as a result of the 24-year-old Lewandowski’s actions, he has ‘suffered loss of his reputation, shame and mortification’ and ‘mental anguish.’ Lavandeira’s lawsuit does not specify monetary damages, but seeks general, special, and punitive damages, and the reimbursement of legal fees from Lewandowski. Hilton declined comment about the lawsuit, while Lewandowski, who had yet to see the complaint, told TSG that he found it ‘hilarious’ that Lavandeira was suing him. ‘I have not lied about him. What Perez did to me was hurtful,’ he said.

The lawsuit was a result of this article that appear on page 6 of the New York Post in February of 2008.

MARIO Lavandeira – better known as online gossip “Perez Hilton” – encouraged a handsome young blogger to send sex tapes of himself while he was making promises of promotion for the blogger’s own fledgling Web site.
Jonathan Jaxson – a former publicist and founder of gossip site JJ’s Dirt – told Page Six he sent Lavandeira sexually explicit videos of himself with the hope of Lavandeira’s help, which never materialized.

More juicy details after the jump…

“He would tell me he would give me stories for my blog,” Jaxson, 24, said of Lavandeira, 29. “He used me.”

We’ve obtained pages of lengthy AOL Instant-Messenger chats between Jaxson and “Perez Hilton,” who has risen to fame with his Web site, where he doodles on photos of celebrities accompanied by scathing insults.  

The New York Times ran a gushing puff piece on “Perez” Tuesday, reporting he gets 2.8 million visitors a month and is in talks with Warner Music for his own label because he has such a great ear for new music.
In an exchange from Sept. 1, 2007, Lavandeira told Jaxson, “you should totally make a sex tape . . . (but not with me).” Jaxson wrote back, “I will have to make one on here for you tomorrow and e-mail it to you.” Lavandeira responded, “Hot! Do it now!”
The next afternoon, Lavandeira asked Jaxson, “When are you sending me that video you promised?” Jaxson responded, “If you do a phone blog with me for my blog . . . as if I am cold calling you in attempt to get advice for my blog. You can be totally rude. I don’t want others to know we talk.”
The next day, Lavandeira asked again, “Where is that video?”
Jaxson told Page Six he sent Lavandeira videos of himself masturbating and other forms of “sex videos,” but said he only met Lavandeira in person three times – once in Florida and twice in New York.
“I fell in love with Perez. I thought he had a huge heart . . . but he’s just a [bleep]hole,” Jaxson told us. “We started working together and communicating on how to make my blog bigger. Then it got more personal and intimate.”
JJ working it at age 18

Lavendeira had no comment.

Well that is very interesting. At the very least this is not the first time a “celebrity” has had cause to sue ole JJ.  On the other hand it is Perez.  It does sound like something he would do.  According to the lawsuit published at The Smoking Gun, Jonathan Jaxson also published Perez Hilton’s phone number on his blog and encouraged his followers to call him by posting the following.

I can’t stand Perez Hilton and the way he has hurt me and millions of others, because of this I think you should call him and let him know how you feel. Since he gives out everyone’s phone number, here is his mobile XXX XXX XXXX, Happy late Birthday Perez!

Now let’s look at this alleged  book that he was shopping for a publisher for and then wanted to sell online suddenly coming up with a January 2012 release date with pre-sales that began the week of his “suicide” attempt.  Why do you presell a text file? Either it is ready or it isn’t. On his website he briefly had up some sample “chapters”. Well, they were titled as chapters but seem to be a string of short essays. In fact, they read almost exactly like the beginning of this article from Creative Loafing  from nine years ago except he only includes the biography and none of the red flags the article mentions.

Jaxson’s story gets cloudy when it comes to corroborating some of his claims. While Jaffe confirms that Jaxson was on “Ricki” three times (he says five times), his appearance on other shows are difficult to verify since they’re no longer on the air. Asked to produce tapes of his appearances, Jaxson says the tapes are either broken or were lost in a house fire last year.
On Jaxson’s website he boasts that his show “The Edge” won a Southern Regional Emmy Award for “Best Cable TV Host.” But that category doesn’t exist, says Tomi Funderburke, executive administrator for the Atlanta chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which oversees the awards.

Clearly Jonathan Wayne Lewandowski had a knack for telling lies to the media from a very early age. But wait! There is some ammo for JJ’s side as well.  Back in 2009, according to Gawker Jonathan Jaxson sued Perez Hilton for violating the terms of an agreement reached where both JJ and PH agreed not to discuss each other in public.  PH was not allowed to blog about JJ but he did. This is when Perez Hilton admitted that he had not been writing his own blog for years. It’s common knowledge now that PH was not actually blogging anything and in this instance he blamed his sister for writing the blog. It is well know that many ghost writers has come and gone from the PH site because apparently it is a difficult gig and PH is well, an asshole.  That agreement would imply that the court found some credence to what JJ said about the sex tapes and decided to rule that both parties would be precluded from discussing the other in the future.
And then there was the time he was a publicist for Kim Zolciak. But that’s a whole nuther talk show, or blog post as the case may be. There is a lot more to tell you.


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    This Jonathan Jaxson fool is a man not to be trusted.
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    This same guy is writing a tell about Kim Zolciak, spoke up about Amanda Bynes and someother crazy shwang.

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