Denzel Washington Filming at the St. Regis

Denzel Washington

Okay, remember how I posted last week that I had a source that indicated that Kim Zolciak was getting married at the St. Regis?  And remember how I was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG even though I speculated earlier with no source that she would get married in that ginormous house of hers? 

Well, as Andy Cohen would say, here’s what. The source was very mysterious in their gift of information. The source stated that the St. Regis was all abuzz and people were working overtime in preparation for a major upcoming event. At that time two major stories were coming in a mile a minute, the Kim Zolciak wedding and Kim Kardashian filming The Marriage Counselor in town.  So rather than getting up off my big fat and heading over to the St. Regis, I stayed right here working on blog posts. At first I thought Kim K was there, but that wasn’t true, and then I was sure that because I had been putting word out I was looking for where Kim’s wedding location that it was that. So I ran with it. And I was wrong.

More Denzel because one picture is not enough

 Today I find out from Jennifer Brett, blogger at the AJC’s The Buzz  that Denzel was filming Flight at St. Regis yesterday. Now it all makes sense. But before we all go rushing out to the St. Regis,  it looks like it was a day shoot and that day was yesterday.

Flight  began filming here last month. It was written by John Gatins who spent twelve years trying to get it to the screen. In an interview with MTV last month Gatins describes the movie as ” a movie about an alcoholic commercial airline pilot,” adding that the tone is adult and a bit old school. “It’s an R-rated drama, it’s like a movie from the ’70s that the studios don’t really make anymore, so it’s an amazing vote of confidence on Paramount’s part to make the movie.” Deadline announced last month that John Goodman was cast in the film to play a friend who helps Washington’s character come to terms with his alcoholism. Flight is directed by Robert Zemeckis who previously directed Forrest Gump and Back to the Future.

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2 responses to “Denzel Washington Filming at the St. Regis

  1. You absolutely must stake out the St. Regis for pics of denzel deliciousness. Perhaps you can have a drink in the bar and delicately drop a hanky? Were it me, I would drop my undies, but I'm not nearly as ladylike.

  2. Alas, I believe Denzel has moved on and it's raining here tonight and tomorrow they are forecasting hail. No a good day for celebrity stalking. Thanks for commenting!

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