Kim Kardashian to Sue Ex-Publicist

Jonathan Jaxson and Kim Kardashian mugging for the camera

As a blogger, it is interesting to see what you guys find to be the most interesting read. The blog I did recapping the fight between Nene and Sheree  on episode one of RHOA is by far my most read story. I’d like to think that my writing was particularly good that day, but despite having the title lifted by another blogger, there really wasn’t anything outstanding about the writing. There probably never will be anything outstanding in the writing of my recaps because they are written late on Sunday evenings while trying to watch the show and WWHL. Not my best work. So why is it the most viewed blog entry? The picture of Nene’s teeth or lack of teeth as the case may be.

Personally, I was rather proud of my blog about Jonathan Jackson’s interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.  This guy was on the show spillin’ tea and throwing shade all over Kim Kardashian at a time when Kim K was in Atlanta and I was giving her some attention on my blog whether she needed it or not. Although he threw out a tidbit here and there about the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape on which her infamy is based, the nature of Kim K’s relationship with Kayne West and even passing comment about his work with Kim Zolciak  when she was a stripper and living off of Big Poppa, I was focused on his comments regarding Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring.  Even with all that Atlanta gossip, the post was met with a rather lukewarm number of page views. I even whined a bit over at LynnNChicago’s blog, one of my new favorite places to hang out online, when someone mentioned Jonathan Jaxson over, that I posted that story days ago as if her readers were somehow magically supposed to know about the post here. Why yes, I am sort of obsessed with my blog at the moment, it’s new I promise to chill about it later. Maybe.

So last night as I was obsessively stalking Jonathan Jaxson trying to get him to notice me like Jill Zarin and a B-list celebrity reading my twitter feed, I just happened to notice Jonathan Jaxson saying that he was in Atlanta (yay relevance to this blog!) and that he received a call from TMZ  which is usually not a good thing for a publicist. This morning I wake up to find…

Kim Kardashian has hired a lawyer to sue Jonathan Jaxson for damage to her reputation. Read that sentence again. Kim Kardashian wants Jonathan Jaxson to pay her $200,000 for marring her good name in the public arena. Do you have that confused look on your face like you get when someone in the room farts at a formal function and you are looking around sort of aghast? Me too.

As both you you who read my most excellent blog on this (see what I did there?) on November 10th know, Jaxson, a former PR rep for Kardashian, didn’t say anything defamatory. He said Kim was more than friends with Kayne West. Shocking. Kim Kardashian and a famous black guy hooking up? How dare he go there? He was asked that question because Wendy Williams asked Amber Rose about it on her talk show that week. Amber Rose said the same thing and her word can be considered expert testimony in a court of law when it comes to who Kayne West is making the beast with two backs with. Trust.  Defamation? I think not. He said Kim K knew about her sex tape coming out before it happened. Surprising? Hardly.

Kim K wearing the ring and practicing her shocked face

 I was most intrigued when he said that in 2007, Kim K wanted to start a rumor that she was engaged to Reggie Bush. Jaxson said she used a ring she already owned that looks a helluva lot like the “engagement ring” Kris Humphries gave her and they leaked the story to a gossip magazine. Well, I wasn’t paying Kim K any attention in 2007 but Internet archives indicate there was such a rumor and there was such a ring. The ring by the way can be seen here both in 2007 and 2011. Guess where that link goes? As it turns out, this isn’t really news either. Several gossip sites, have pictures of Kim wearing the ring in 2007, 2009, and even during a taping of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2011 before the engagement even “happened”.  Jaxson merely told us where the ring came from. You WILL read that blog entry, dammit.

Now sure, Jaxson could be a lying liar who lies. He could be, but it’s not likely. He has pictures, and video blogs and cashed checks and emails between him and Kim K which he posted on his site, here.

Marty Singer, Pit Bull

So enter Marty Singer, asshole lawyer to the stars (forgive the redundancy) whose website describes him as “One whose job is to dive into the gutter of a litigious, capitalistic society and win at all costs. In other words, a specialist: one of the pit bulls of L.A. law” to rescue our fair maiden.  This self-described pit bull gives the following statement to TMZ about Jaxson  “Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense … This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 mins of fame.” Um DUH!. The guy trying to get a publisher for a book called “Don’t You Know Who I am Yet?”.  It’s an autobiography on his dire attempts to get his 15 minutes of fame and what happened to him when he got it.  So yes, counselor Singer, Jaxson is still working that fifteen minutes, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t telling the truth as he lived it. And the irony of that particular statement being made on behalf of Kim Kardashian is pretty hysterical. Jaxson has documentation proving where he was and who he was with while he worked with Kim Kardashian.  Kim K must be quaking in her boots about what he is saving for his book because she wasn’t back from Atlanta for a day before Kris Jenner was sending her to meet with Singer.

I noticed Singer was not quoted as saying that Kardashian and Jaxson had a confidentiality agreement. No, that was “sources close to Kim” which is TMZ speak for Kim herself.  I hope she can lay hands on this imaginary agreement or she is throwing  money away on her pit bull attorney. I also hope Jaxson sues for court costs.

Jonathan Jaxson’s full statement regarding the TMZ story can be read here. Pre-Sales for Jaxon’s autobiography, Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet?  will start Monday, November 14, 2011 for a January 2, 2012 release. It is not a book about the Kardashians. I have read the excerpts and Jaxson has an intriguing, gripping story that is worth a read.

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  1. I've always thought that wedding was KimK PornoGate Part II.. I don't buy any of that family's poor me BS for one second. MelHatzArin2

  2. Hey You! Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to believe…

  3. As much as I hate this family – I can't help but watch them. :-(

  4. I'm starting to be able to help it. Apparently Kendell turned sixteen and Mama bought her a 2012 Range Rover for her birthday. They don't seem to learn. Also the whole Range Rover Sweet Sixteen party will be an E! Special. After school specials were a lot different when I was a kid, I'm just saying…

  5. Pam

    Having an unnatural fasination with all things Kardashian is not yours alone. No idea why I would watch and care, but I do. Thanks for this blog, it really is an interesting read.

  6. "Page not foundSorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Jonathan Jaxson Online does not exist."I am guess numerous complaints by the Kim K camp and blogger removed his post, which sucks because I wanted to read it lol

  7. JJ took lots of stuff down last night during his dramatic "suicide attempt". He has a history of pulling stuff and putting it back up. I still don't know for sure what happened last night. :(

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