Well, Apparently THIS Was Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Dress

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Kim’s Wedding Dress on http://tamaratattles.com/

 This is reported to be the wedding dress that Kim Zolciak wore when she married Kroy Biermann this morning.  After much speculation by me and other bloggers that Kim would be wearing a Pnina Tornai ball gown with an illusion bodice, Kim outsmarted us all with a handmade Baracci gown covered with Swarovski crystals and pearls with a full satin skirt embroidered with antique lace. She wore  a Baracci veil with similar detailing. The dress was purchased from Preowned Wedding Dresses  an online bridal shop for high-end new and previously owned gowns. Baracci gowns available on the site now range from $4,000 for a preowned gown to $15,000 for a new dress with tags.

Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Dress on http://tamaratattles.com/


Kim’s wedding dress is heavily embroidered and includes a French satin overlay that falls from the waist to mid-skirt. The opulent crystals and beading in addition to the voluminous fabric cause the strapless gown to weigh in at over thirty pounds.
Ariana, Perez and Brielle at tamaratattles.com
Kim Zolciak’s Wedding reception at http://tamaratattles.com/

Kim’ daughters, Brielle and Ariana looked lovely in sparkly short dresses of their own. They are seen at left with blogger Perez Hilton whose luggage I am assuming was tragically lost en route to the Kim’s  wedding causing him to be forced to wear, um ,whatever that is he is wearing.  This photo, taken in the reception area shows a hint of Colin Cowie’s design  which seems to have a focus on tall lighted floral centerpieces. Also in attendance at the wedding were Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo and Patti Stanger.

Apollo, Kandi, Patti, and Phaedra at Kim Zolciak’s wedding on http://tamaratattles.com/
As always, I will be back tomorrow to report more details on Kim Zolciak’s wedding as they become available; so check back often and follow me on twitter for updates @tamaratattles 


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13 responses to “Well, Apparently THIS Was Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Dress

  1. Good lord, what was she thinking? It look like Cinderella's mice got drunk.

  2. Looks like a wadded up bedsheet wrapped around an evening bag.

  3. I'm just happy she dressed her daughters like strippers. They have bright futures.

  4. Y'all are so mean! I am sure it looked lovely. Since I am the bastion of politeness, I described the girls dresses as sparkly. :)

  5. Hi Tamara,great blog on skanky Kim's wedding & dress. That dress is awful!!! The other one you thought she'd pick was way better.BlueSky_Forever

  6. Thanks for posting BlueSky! Good to see you over here. I am going to withhold judging the dress until I see in on TV. I like the dress, but I would have picked the other one for her. :) Don't be a stranger to comments!

  7. Kim's younger daughter's name is Ariana not Adriana.

  8. OOPS thanks! Edited to remove the errant "d" ! :)

  9. Great scoop on the photos! Looks like they're making the rounds, now. lynnnchicago.com has them up on her site now, too (without giving credit, sadly). At least I know now that my #1 source for fresh hotlanta gossip is right here at tamaratattles.com if I want to read it first and fresh!

  10. Pam

    Was just coming here to post that I had been over reading at lynnnchicago and that your pictures were posted over there. And no, there was no credit given to you. But all of us here know that you had the scoop first. You will be my go to source from this point on when I want to read about the ATL Housewives!

  11. Photos also at straightfromtheA web site without any credit to you.

  12. The ones at Straight from the A were obtained from IHJZ. Straight from the A puts their logo on everything, usually in the bottom right corner. My watermark was in the bottom left corner. Oddly the Straight from the A logo moved over to the left for that picture. Make of that what you will. Thanks for the info.

  13. So why are they posted on Lockerz, clearly without any watermark, leading me to believe that they in fact belong to Brielle Zolciak? If so then they are not "yours". Did you get them from Lockerz or perhaps Brielle may have transmitted them to you for you to post ?

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