Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Dress

We found out last month that Kim Z was still shopping for her wedding dress when she attended the Pnina Tornai 2012 Bridal Collection Show in Atlanta.  This dress,(pictures left) seems made for Kim if she has lost all of her baby weight (and perhaps then some) for the wedding.  Since the wedding will not be at a church, I would not put it past Kim to wear this gown with the illusion bodice that laces up in the back. The full organza skirt is gorgeous. 

Another option pictured at the right has a jeweled bodice and a full skirt covered with feathers. I wonder if the best tailors could get Kim’s boobs in either of these dresses. Being a full breasted girl finding the right dress will be difficult. Y’all need to understand this before you go out and buy you some boobs. I’m just sayin’.

This dress, was the last one to walk the runway, and likely the most expensive. The ball gown has an illusion bodice, which I can totally see Kim going for and a very full skirt made of lots of lace and netting. I can totally see her in this gown replete with the ginormous hat waltzing down the aisle at the St. Regis tomorrow.

You can see the full collection Pnina Tornai showed for 2012 here.
Take a look and let me know what you think.  And be sure to come back tomorrow for updates on all the festivities.


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5 responses to “Kim Zolciak’s Wedding Dress

  1. Pam

    Can definitely see her wearing the first one. Remember, money can't guy you class.

  2. Can you imagine? Even the stick thin model has side boobage in that first one!

  3. I am so happy I can finally respond to comments with my actual nic!

  4. The gowns are so beautiful and elegant!If I'm slim I think I can handle wearing the first dress.

  5. The boobage in the first pic looks like overflow to me. Kim would need a whole other dress to contain her pups.

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