Close Your Legs To Men While You Are Married, NeNe!

This is Nene’s  boyfriend, John Kolaj. He is part of owner of the family pizza business, Famiglia Pizzeria. He is also a patsy, or, if he prefers Italian, pazzo. I have a feeling he is going to be feeling all kinds of used and stupid once season four starts airing. I mean imagine giving gifts to someone like Nene and seeing the scam played out on the air as she opens a Tiffany blue box and screams “CHA-CHING!” I wonder what else she has whored herself out to this poor guy for? An airport franchise license in Sacramento perhaps? Can you imagine how this poor guy feels watching Nene playing him on national television?  I doubt this guy knew what he was getting into.

Meanwhile, Nene and Gregg are still married and still seeing each other. Pictures of Nene and Gregg surfaced last summer showing them at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. Other reports say Gregg frequently travels to LA with Nene but flies out separately to avoid being photographed.  

This would would not be the first time that Bravo has encouraged a RHOA to bring more (manufactured) drama. Apparently, Lisa Hartwell left RHOA because she refused to fictionalize part of her marital story. Then again, it would surprise no one if Nene made up the whole divorce thing, with absolutely no input from Bravo.  If you remember the scene from season three, where Nene was working (briefly) at 11alive, the very first thing she does when the cameras are on her is mysteriously bring up website where she is SHOCKED! to discover Gregg talking about divorcing her. If you rewatch that episode where shortly after she is talking to Gregg, or more precisely talking at Gregg, Gregg is just sitting there with the whole, “I can’t believe we are really role-playing our divorce on national TV” look on his face. Somebody needs to snatch Gregg up. Bless his heart, he deserves better.  Though I doubt he will have to worry about John Kolaj anymore. He’s probably changing his name and appearance as you read this.


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6 responses to “Close Your Legs To Men While You Are Married, NeNe!

  1. That pretty blue box just does stuff to a woman. Even if it isn't a diamond bracelet.

  2. Yes it does, sigh. But if you are RICH RICH, you should be able to shop there yourself.

  3. He is not Italian, he is actually! But he is no Italiano, 100% Albanian! And this is most likely a publicity stunt for both, he gets notarity for his business or being with her and she gets publicity for dating him. Albanians don't like to marry out of their towns never mind American. I am curious to see how this plays out.

  4. Yes, he is a businessman who has had his business mentioned on every show Nene has gone on. Whether or not Nene is actually "playing in the snow" it is first and foremost a business relationship.

  5. i have a pretty blue box from Tiffs. it was a pair of Tiff glasses that i myself brought from Lens Crafters at Lennox mall.

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