Jill Zarin Squeezes Her Atlanta Fans

Jill Zarin made an appearance at the grand opening of the first Von Maur in the south today to hawk her Skweez Couture line.  So despite the fact that I hate leaving the house, I actually got up, did my hair, put on some makeup threw on some black jeans and a black cashmere v-neck topped it with a shiny silver jacket and sat my fat ass down on the  couch.
I mean really. Am I going to drive all the way to Alpharetta to hang around in the lingerie section of a department store talking to Jill Zarin and hoping that Sheree and Phaedra show up?  Why would I do that? Georgia football is getting ready to start.  I believe we are playing some high school team from Arizona or New Mexico or somewhere.
But I DID IT FOR YOU, all three of you, that read this site.  On my third blog here I did something to show you just how committed I am to getting you the latest gossip and goings on in Atlanta.  So basically, you all owe me.
Things started off well. At the door to Von Maur I am greeted with a long stem rose and a box of chocolates. No really, I was. And so was everyone else. So we were off to a good start. I headed upstairs to lingerie about 11:20 and Jill was scheduled from 12-2. There were a few people wandering around pretending to be interested in stuff but not many.  I browsed the Christmas department where I met Julie Ireland and got a signed inspirational card. (I don’t know either)
About twenty minutes until twelve some woman in a navy suit began lining people up.  I wandered over from the Christmas department and decided to fall in. There were five or six people in front of me and soon five or six behind. The lady in the suit was apparently the sales rep for Skweez.  She informed us that Jill would be happy to “fit us”.  The product is sized in tight skweez, tighter skweez and tightest skweez. Whatever that means. She also made sure we stayed one behind the other and did not turn to each other and chat so that the aisles would stay free.  Um, free for what? Did she see people I didn’t? Her time would have been much better spent in the mall with the families with strollers walking three and four abreast. But we smiled and complied like good little customers. Until we didn’t.
At long last Jill emerges in a ruffly short pink/fushia sleeveless dress and purple pumps. There are a couple long lens cameras there that I assume was AJC.  Though one lady behind me asked “Does she bring her own photographer with her?” It was a valid question, it is Jill.
Jill sat at a table next to an empty chair where one by one we sat down and received a hug and an air kiss. Then, if you were talking to her about SKweez she would lift the hem of her skirt and show you that she was in fact wearing the product.
You can see her black Skweez…Skweezes…um undergarments in this picture
About one fifteen I went back to the event to see if Sheree or Phaedra had shown. They had not.  As I was returning I realized I had no story. I needed to ask her some hard hitting question. But alas ,she was not at the table and the small crowd had dispersed. Apparently she was on break. Her assistant was there though talking to a woman about joining Jill’s Fan club. She was explaining that the site would keep her fans up-to-date on her whereabouts and …. I guess this is my big news… “The fan newsletter will be the first place fans can hear about Jill’s ‘upcoming project’ when we can talk about it.”   This could be the much rumored story about Jill and Patti Stanger getting together for some new show. Or maybe Jill will be the east coast matchmaker.  Who knows?
So Jill comes back out and I shoot a picture of the Skweez Couture bags (free with purchase of two Skweez items)
 and her purple Mu Mu suede heels
 and head back to the sweet, sweet safety of home.
Y’all are welcome.


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22 responses to “Jill Zarin Squeezes Her Atlanta Fans

  1. I love you even more now than I did before. Was she itty bitty? I think I need some of those Squeeze things.

  2. She was itty bitty. And nice. I just reread my blog and I sound cranky. :) Thanks for being my first commentor

  3. Well, it sounds like she had 12 potential customers…which is 11 more than at her Target showing.

  4. Those shoes are cute. I want!

  5. Excellent write up! Thanks for going out and braving the "crowd" for us!

  6. Tamara, Great blog and photos! Can't wait to see what you say about the ATL housewives tonight!!!

  7. Glad to see you didn't get trampled at that event! Lol!Great blog, by the way!

  8. Thanks for the compliments you guys. Sorry I haven't commented sooner, I was in a Blogger glitch.

  9. Love your blogs. Will be reading from now on.

  10. Welcome, Lisa! And Thanks that means a lot!

  11. I just found your blog…you did seem to be cranky in your blog and I am not sure why. You thought enough to drive to meet me…you said I was nice enough though not sure what you expected. Did you get FaceTime and a hug from anyone else you never met before? Did I answer all the questions you had ( but really just wanted to ambush me it sounds like) . I am human…and when someone comes with the intention of not wanted to like me or even comes to actually hurt me…well you did. jill

  12. Welp. Has she been sedated for three years and just ran out of meds? First, I am not wearing so anything called Skweeze, not even just the tight one. And, how dare she not try to get you into a ring for 3 effing years? Totally dissing my favorite is not going to win her another friend to go with the purchased ones, allegedly who does she think she is..Bravo doesn’t fire ANYbody. Bye, Jill. You need to hook up your computer more often. And as for Tamara sounding cranky, you haven’t seen anything.

  13. Vandelay Industries

    You have come a long long way, Lady. Now that you are your own boss, and much more confident, and in control, you can decline interviews and you can also do them, if you so please.
    I am sure Mr. Salley, would have done a double flip, seeing you all pretty and dolled up for that “not so nice” interview. 😉

    From, the Marine Biologist.

  14. JennLovesAndy

    So nice to revisit an old blog from way back in the day…thanks for the commenter on today’s blog that mentioned the Jill comment! Lol. Poor thing…

  15. Holy crap, 3 years later Jill finds this post.
    Then she finds the negative instead of the positive. Wow no wonder she imploded.

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