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Herman Cain and Nene Leakes Should Run as the Pizza Party!

Okay, I am not sure what to think about this Ginger White chick. Today on GMA she was talking about Cain taking her on trips. The one that came to mind was a Tyson Holyfield fight from 1997. Really Ginger? Nothing in the last decade popped into your mind? Look, I think Cain’s campaign has been a joke for quite a while now. Cain may have good business sense and clearly was successful at running a bunch of pizza joints, but he could not get elected to Senate in his home state. What on earth made him think he had a shot at POTUS? It seems like he might be waffling on his decision to bail which was pretty much a given yesterday. If he is going to stay in, I suggest he approach Nene Leakes as a potential running mate. They could run as the Pizza Party! Because you see, Nene is a restaurateur in the pizza business. Oh hush, and just watch the video. It’s funny.


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Chateau Sheree is More Like Empty Lot Sheree

There is a lot more to this story, here and here.
One of my commenters did some sleuthing and found out that the property where Chateau Sheree is supposed to be is still in fact an empty lot. Also the house is listed in her mother, Thelma Ferguson’s name. Now why would that be? Perhaps because Sheree is claiming bankruptcy?  Everybody knows that Sheree got into a lot of financial trouble last year.
Sale Date      Sale Price      Grantee                               Grantor
30-DEC-10     $319,000      FERGUSON THELMA       HOMESALES INC
02-MAR-10   $290,316      HOMESALES INC               SULLIVAN MICHAEL & JACQUELINE
Sheree’s mother is an educated business person with and MBA in finance and an Atlanta Businesswoman. Why didn’t any of that financial sense pass down to Sheree? Maybe because Sheree had a child, Tierra at age 15. Perhaps she ran off or was sent away and wasn’t raised by her mother? He mother is the author of a book, ironically enough about her relationship with her mother who suffered from depression, BeSSie is My Mother’s Name.  For whatever reason, Sheree publicly denied her daughter in season one and referred to her as “her friend” in pictures that were printed in Essence Magazine. Tierra’s friends from college have reported on blogs that while Tierra was in college struggling for money for Ramen noodles, Sheree was off bouncing checks and buying an Aston Martin she could not afford.
But Sheree’s financial decision to demolish a two story home in an established neighborhood led her to be stuck with a $300.000 mortgage on an empty lot and the rent on her townhouse. Unless her poor mother gets stuck with the payments. 
Are you surprised that the lot is still empty? Leave me a comment and follow me @tamaratattles on twitter.


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Herman Cain Is Dropping Out of the Presidential Race!

BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! ( I always wanted to say that.) Word around Atlanta is that Herman Cain has ended his campaign for POTUS ! It wasn’t because he can’t find Libya on a labeled map, or because of all the sexual allegations, no it was because his Mistress of thirteen years has come forward to tell all about their relationship. Yesterday, Ginger White came forward to let us all know about her torrid affair with Cain. She provided phone records and other evidence of the affair. White stated that she and Cain spent lots of time snuggled up in fancy Atlanta hotels and that he made her boring life more exciting.  Rumor has it White is flat broke and facing eviction so the timing of her story could not be any better for her finacially. I’m just saying. Looks like we won’t be getting ourselves that 9-9-9 plan after all.  Why don’t politicians, or pizza men for that matter ,ever think that their skeletons will come out of the closet? Rather than denying the story, Lin Wood, Cain’s attorney issued a statement that said that a candidate’s sex life should not be discussed in the media.

What do you think of the news? Do you think Gloria knew? Will she divorce him? Do you care about the sex life of the person you will vote for for POTUS? Leave me a comment and PUHLEASE follow me on twitter @tamaratattles ! I am almost to 200 followers! :)


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You Better NOT Call Tyrone!

Okay, I have been reading the tea on that Tyrone guy that Sheree called during the big blow up with Nene. Apparently, every single person that appears on RHOA is a shady as the day is long with the possible exception of Kandi. But this Tyrone guy is likely headed to the pokey.

Here’s what. Tyrone is a 44 year old man from Philly who among other things claims to be a pastor. In addition to his holy work, he also runs scam investment operations. Essentially, what he does  is tell people that he wants to get a group  of investors together and pool their money to invest in U.S. Treasury STRIPS  (Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities). Essentially, the money will be invested in Treasury bonds that will mature on a specific date and provide around five percent interest. So Tyrone manages to get around oh FIVE MILLION DOLLARS from investors and then shuttles most of it off to a personal account in Ghana. Now the beauty of this scam is that everybody knows that you don’t get any interest on your  investment until the bond matures.  So everyone will just sit around happy as a clam and not check in with ole Tyrone to see how their money is doing, like they would if it were in the market.  But, he did claim to be trading them and that the investors would gain five percent A WEEK, but all the ins and outs of the financial plan are boring and irrelevant because he never purchased anything and he never traded anything. He also was not authorized by any agency to conduct business with either the stock market or the commodities commission. What he did was take the money and spend it on hookers and blow, um metaphorically speaking.

The event that Sheree and Nene were arguing about was a Joy to the World Fest held in Philly last December. Sheree did go to the event, but Nene did not. This was advertised as a charity event to feed the hungry. Apparently Tyrone turned out to be the hungry one. Local Philly media cover the story expressing  concern that an event financed with stolen funds could be trusted to then give the funds raised to charity. In fact, if Tyrone had simply donated the funds he used to finance the black-tie party to charity would have had  a much greater financial benefit. Associates of Tyrone indicate that what Tyrone really wanted was his own reality show. It is starting to appear that what Tyrone will be getting instead is a nice vacation in a federal prison.

What is it with Sheree and all these skeevy characters? Remember the fake love doctor she hooked up with on the show? It’s like she’s a magnet for shady folk. Leave me a comment and follow me on twitter @tamaratattles !


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Nene’s Shady Past With RiDICKULOUS

Looks like RiDICKulous’ story on Nene is holding up. Read here for the tea first.
Dallas Southern Pride
hosted by
The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Own
97.9 The Beat’s Own Gary with The Tea
Friday, October 2
at Club Che
10333 Technology Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75220
Doors Open at 10PM

This is where RiDICKulous says Nene showed up with an “entourage” and let it rain on his display. :) According to the archives at ”  Last year, Nene hosted at least 3 Pride events including Atlanta, Dallas, and Baltimore and hosted even more gay and lesbian parties throughout the year.” That was 2009. Seems like her relationship with RiDICKulous, ( or um rEdickulous if you are looking for the videos. or email me and i’ll send the link)  goes way back.

So do you believe Nene’s ACT of RiDICKULOUS FACT? Leave me a comment and for the love of DICK follow me !@tamaratattles !


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A Bit More RiDICKulousness

Last night, RiDICKulous called the WWHL aftershow to let Andy Cohen know that Nene was full of bull with regard to her reaction to his er… performance. In fact, this was the FOURTH time Nene had been to a RiDICKulous performance. He talked about a PRIDE event in Houston where Nene showed up with an entourage and was tipping heavily and having herself a good ole time.  Which begs the question, “What was Nene doing at an out of state PRIDE event in the first place?” Well he mentioned two PRIDE events and said that Nene introduced him at one.  The third event was a local Atlanta function. Clearly, Nene just wanted to get out of there as she was outnumbered by her haters (which is pretty much everybody) and Peter and Cynthia were in the same outcast boat so they took that golden moment in time to ride out of there. But not before Nene took some jabs at Phaedra with Mama Joyce.
Oh Nene just hates not to be the center of attention, and RiDICKulous sure took all the shine away from her at Kandi’s party. 
For more backstory on Kandi’s birthday click here.

What would you have done when the live sex show started? Leave me a comment! And follow me on twitter @tamaratattles.


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