Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2: Bitter? Party of One?

RHOOC Reunion


It’s now or never for the RHOOC to get everything all wrapped up for the season. Let’s see if Andy asks any hard-hitting questions.

A viewer essentially asks Shannon if Dr. Moon is fleecing her. Shannon says no, that he has healed her kids by his touch of many things. Um, the way I said that seems wrong. Andy asks her if she is so zen and holistic, why does she seem like a complete stress ball all the time? Shannon says since she came back from Bali she has been much more at peace, and that it is something she continues to work on. She does look happier on the reunion. Vicki is asked if Shannon’s suggestion to feng shui  her office has helped her business. Vicki said yes! She says it went off the charts and continues to go off the charts. Vicki says she just had Elaine come to her home to feng shui it because she believes in it now.  See Vicki? It does work for white people!

Vicki is asked why she was so open to Shannon and so rude to Lizzie, was it because Lizzie is younger? Vicki says she is not threatened by age. There are people older than her and younger than her. She says she connected to Shannon right away and things were a bit awkward with Lizzie. Vicki definitely had a boob job.  The tops of her boobs are nearly to her collarbone. A bra doesn’t do that.

A viewer asks Lizzie when the last time was that Christian threw her over the countertop? Lizzie says that they have a lot of sex now.  Lizzie is going to start trying for a third child in the beginning of next year.  We rehash #birthdaygate .  Tamra’s story for not calling earlier in this iteration is that she was trying to get in touch with her mother to babysit. That’s a new one I think. Continue reading

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Caleb Continues to Lie About His Military Experiences

Photochop by Blistering

Photochop by Blistering

I realize this could go in the Caleb Reynolds Spool of Lies post, which is the most popular post of the month by FAR, but I really have a pet peeve about guys who embellish their military experiences and tonight Caleb told some whoppers. I also realized where these combat stories and medic stories of his are coming from. Caleb told Rachel Riley in her interview with him pre-show that he worked in a prison in Iraq for about nine months and hated every minute of it because the prisoners made fun of him all day. He says he joined the military to fight on the front lines and was disappointed and pissed off and quit when he got back home. He was not a medic, nor was he involved in direct combat.

So where did all the stories come from? Well on tonight’s show we saw his HOH room and there were three military items there. First, his uniform cap.  Next, was an American flag he claims he got because his infantry unit was the last to leave Bagdad so “They took flags of each of us that were there and they flew them in the soil of Baghdad.”  He gave it to his mom when he got home. Continue reading


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Frankie Grande Realizes We All Hate Him

I love that someone put together a montage of Frankie’s reaction to the Overwhelming No! comment from Julie. He blames everyone but himself. He thought we would want to give him money to build schools in Africa. But no, he’s a political superstar from doing drag on CBS primetime. He’s a superstar and people hate him for it. Then he says it could have been because Derrick said that it didn’t matter what they did, his sisters fans would vote for it. Continue reading


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Frankie Grande Suggests Cody and Caleb Rape Victoria on Live Feeds

BB16 Frankie Frustrated


The house guests have just begun the Veto Comp. It’s  not a physical challenge, so at this point in the game most people are assuming it is a punishment challenge, where it all comes down to whoever wants it the most. Everyone is playing except for Frankie. Which means this would be the perfect time to get him out.

Moments before we went to fish, Frankie may have sealed his fate. Yesterday they got 2 bottles of wine and seven beers. They smartly decided to save it for tonight since they have to play veto today.  So a conversation arose about looking forward to drinking. It seems that only Victoria, Caleb and Cody will be drinking tonight. We’ve all seen that Victoria gets drunk super fast and is um, “an affectionate drunk.”

So the  cuntstain that is Christine, makes a comment chastising her boyfriend Cody to keep his hands off of Victoria when they drink together tonight. It went something like this. (I wasn’t watching I am about to try to roll back. I got this from live feed recaps and emails) Continue reading


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Was Russell Armstrong Murdered?


According to a TMZ Exclusive,  Russell’s father Louie has been saying since Russell’s death in 2011 that it was not a suicide.  TMZ reports that Louie has filed court documents requesting the autopsy photos   of Russell be released to him so that an independent medical examiner can review the case.

The autopsy report (warning graphic details) makes a pretty clear case for suicide. Side note: Why are the tops of the pages of the document time stamped 2004?  So this whole situation is pretty sad.

The Armstrong family was publicly angry with Taylor at the time of Russell’s death and it seems as thought Taylor has cut the family out of her life and Kennedy’s.  Taylor’s new husband, John Bluher, recently adopted Kennedy. Continue reading


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Kim Richards Spills Some Hot Tea!

RHOBH Kim hospital

Kim Richards is in the hospital. But don’t worry Kim fans, um are there any Kim fans?…It looks like she decided to get some boob work done! Now the interesting thing is what she wrote on her Instagram.

I have such wonderful family and friends.💗Thank you for my beautiful flowers🌸🌹🍃🌼 @kylerichards18, @yolandahfoster #eileendavidson #friendship #flowers….. Continue reading


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Ceelo Green and Ray J Both Take a No Contest Plea in Court

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Two celebrities pled no contest to charges related to  mistreating women today. I actually worked on a post about Ray J this morning and then scrapped it because it was not a story I had been covering here. The fact that there were two plea deals made today just struck me as odd so I thought I would mention it.

First up,  CeeLo Green plead no contest to a felony charge of supplying a controlled substance stemming from charges made by a woman who says he slipped ecstasy into her drink and she later woke up nude in his bed. Continue reading


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Million Dollar Listing LA Recap: Gay or European?

MDLLA CastI missed the premiere of MDLLA because I just wasn’t paying attention. I have a new cable company and have to program my shows into the DVR to record and even then they sometimes don’t.  So I am going to check in now with episode 2 and see what I think about the two new guys, James Harris and David Parnes joining the cast with Josh Flagg and Josh Altman. I have a feeling I might miss Madison a little bit.

We start with Altman. The two new guys are British and partners. Apparently, last week everyone went after the same listing and Altman got it. The Brits are mad. Are they all out of real estate to sell over in jolly old England? I dislike these two and they haven’t said two words yet. They have come to the brokers open house to cause trouble it seems.  Flagg is enjoying the pissing match between David and James and Altman.  Altman is pleased with his open house.

The ever popular question, “Gay or European?” is seemingly answered by James’ wife and two daughters  but then his enthusiasm for tea parties seems to belie the initial response. After seeing the clubbing montage, where he knocked his wife up while they were dating, I suppose he is just European. David just walked in and the two both don tiaras and chat over pretend tea about a major business deal. Continue reading


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Big Brother Live Eviction Night: Dang Nab It!

Chop by: @earthdogbb

Chop by: @earthdoggbb

Julie Chen’s outfit is weird. It’s black pants and a shoulderless floral peplum (ish) top. There are ruffles involved. Her hair is stick straight. Since some of you are able to watch this, I just felt like you should know tonight was a fashion fail.

In the previously on BB part they call Cody “gun-shy” because you can’t they can’t say giant pussy cunt satchel on TV.

Lots of discussion about who should go out first. Frankie wants Nicole out but we all know that is not going to happen barring some sort of last-minute production interference. And believe me, production has been trying. Caleb says that Nicole can’t win anything because the guys are too strong. I guess he forgot about all of her HOHs.  Later in another conversation Caleb says Nicole needs to go because she wins HOHs. Yes I know that makes no sense. Continue reading


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Dance Moms: Chloe Gets Revenge

Dance Moms Ava Cota

I already love the title of this episode, Chloe Gets Revenge.  It’s about freakin’ time. We start with the Elite Team and the Select Team both in studio. The Select Team is pissed that Jade and her mother are standing with the Elite Team. Or jealousy may be a better term.

Pyramid time. Mackenzie is on the bottom because she was not in the number. That caused the group’s age group to put them in a tougher bracket. Next is Chloe. She placed 6th in her solo.  Nia is next Abby didn’t like her feet. Next is Jade, she came in 3rd at the last competition, she can be third on the pyramid. Next is Kendall she did well. Maddie is on the top because, she always is on top of the pyramid.

Ava from the Select team has a solo against Maddie. Ava’s solo is called “Drizzle.” Maddie’s solo has a song written especially for her by someone called “Happiness.”  Chloe gets kicked down to the Select Team. Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina’s Brotherhusband Arrested for DUI

Rumors that Bobbi Kristina Quit For Better or Worse Are False.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Christina has been doing a fairly decent job of staying off the radar lately. Until about 11:30 this morning.  Her brotherhusband, Nick Gordon was driving down Holcomb Bridge Road, a major artery in Roswell, this morning and  attempted to change lanes but ran into the curb flipping his black BMW SUV completely over and into a fire hydrant. Ouch that had to hurt.

But apparently he was wearing his seat belt and also intoxicated to that help him from sustaining any injuries. Gordon was charged with failure to maintain his lane (heh), driving on a suspended license,  and DUI.  He’s sitting over in the Roswell Detention Center at the moment if you want to drop by and say hello. Continue reading


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Apollo Nida To Turn Himself in Two Weeks From Today!

Felons by Bravo

Felons by Bravo

Well that was a lot faster than I expected.  Apollo Nida has been ordered to turn himself in to FMC Lexington in Lexington Kentucky on September 10th 2014 by 12 noon.  FMC Lexington is an old prison that was once used primarily as a psychiatric  hospital. The word on the prison circuit is that it has limited air conditioning and gets very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Apollo will be allowed to spend up to $320 a month on beanie weenies  and snickers bars. He will be in a hospital environment for the first part of his “drug treatment” program. When he is cleared to work he will spend 90 days working in food  service before he can request a different job assignment.  The best job assignments are in one of the onsite factories. Continue reading


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