It’s Time To Review How Bravo Contracts Work

RHOA Cynthia friend contract
There seems to be more and more comments from the new people here about the “fired housewives” that make it clear they  do not know how contracts for reality shows work.  So let’s review.  You may hear Nene Leakes (who also doesn’t get it )  say things like she has an eight year contract. No one has a multiple year contract to be on the show.  What they have is a one year contract with options to renew. Every year after the reunion taping Andy and the head honchos sit down and reevaluate the cast. Who is bringing it? Who has become boring? Who is a potential liability? And they begin looking at potential new cast members to test.  If they want someone to come back, they send them a “pick up letter.”  A pick up letter is a letter offering to pick up their option to renew their contract. They give them a little raise, or a larger one if ratings were great and send them the contract to sign. This could be an HW or an FOH contract. It specifies the total number of episodes and how much they are paid for episodes. At that point the HW of FOH either signs it and returns it or has their agent ask for more stuff. Maybe a stylist or a glam squad stipend. Maybe more money. Maybe the right to accept offers on other networks with prior approval from Bravo. Maybe they negotiate down the percentage of their businesses that Bravo gets. That sort of thing.  Let’s look at two examples of housewives who were “fired” recently.

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Nene Leakes Begins Filming To Tell The Truth

RHOA Nene Leakes To Tell The Truth

Nene Leakes has arrived.  Well,  she is in LA to film  To Tell The Truth.  Preproduction started on Wednesday for those who are not Betty White. Nene and TTTT Host Anthony Anderson were on the set working on blocking and wardrobe and such today. Former NBA player and ESPN host Jalen Rose was also on the set.  It seems like there may only be three judges this season, but there have always been four, so if it is only three that will be new.

Filming for the show is on July 13th – 15th and I am going to need all of my LA people to sign up for free tickets here to bring me the tea! There will be two shows filmed each day. The first one will probably be the most interesting. It’s super fun to go to these tapings I went to Family Feud once in Atlanta with Steve Harvey. There is a lot of wait time particularly if you are going to the second show and the first one runs late. Bring a big bottle of cold water because you may have to wait outside. Continue reading


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Big Brother 17’s First Live Eviction. Maybe.

BB17 Jace Eviction

PhotoChop By Dyllani

I have been worried ALL DAY that there will be a TAR twist called “Non-elimination leg.” On TAR the last duo to hit the pit stop mat “may be eliminated.” Usually they are but a couple times in the season there is a non-elimination leg and the last two people are not sent home but have an extra task to complete the on following leg. This has been the most insane first week of feeds in the history of Big Brother. Jace and Audrey are both mentally ill and Jace is expected to go tonight with Audrey next week. Of course nothing goes according to plan on BB, but the first eviction is usually pretty straight forward. I am ready for Jace to go. EVERYONE is read for Jace to go. Let’s hope he goes.

I’d like to get right too it and get on with HOH. I so hope Julie asks him about his extremely disgusting behavior toward Steve this week. I want he to play him the footage and ask, “What was the point of that?”  But I doubt that will happen.

Okay Julie Chen just said the first houseguest will be evicted. THANK GOD.

Jesus, Jace says in his DR that “this is worse than Y2K.” Um for those that may not know, there was a lot of paranoia about ATMs and all kinds of electronic devices malfunctioning on January 1, 2000. But nothing happened. Jace is so dumb. Jace is shown bitching out James and Audrey individually. Audrey says she has a clear conscience. Everyone knows that Audrey doesn’t have a conscience or any feelings at all for that matter. More scenes of Jace doing one on ones with the outsiders trying to get their support. No one is feeling it. They show a nice encounter between Jace and Steve, not the bullying one. GRRRRR. Continue reading


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Meghan’s Delusional Ramblings of the Week

RHOOC Meghan Tamra

I suppose it is time for me to  pull out my purple pen. I really wanted to do a RHONY blog but neither Sonja or Dorinda have posted one and the rest are sort of bland. So thank God for Meghan I guess.

Here is Meghan’s interpretation of this week’s RHOOC events. And of course my purple pen rebuttal.

And so Phone-Gate continues. Even watching this was exhausting because it was so stupid and petty for Shannon to storm off on me like she did and make a scene in the Bello’s home.

Why is it that you feel the need to confront Shannon at every turn? The state of her marriage is common knowledge, her only previous encounters with you were when you and her husband were flirting. Could you not have called any of the other housewives, perhaps say…Heather to teach you how to throw a charity event? It seems a bit odd you never asked any of the others, and you hired people to do the event for you so all you had to do is show up. And yet…

If Shannon reacted like an adult she would’ve swallowed her pride, apologized for unintentionally offending me, and explain she was caught off guard, the issue would have been laid to rest. There was no ambush as she described it unless she was recreating history in her own mind. What the cameras show was what happened. There was no prodding from production for me to talk to Shannon about this or to make the phone call in the first place, it was all my idea.  

When someone makes it clear they are not interested in you, and don’t particularly care for you, the adult thing to do find other people to hang around.  Speaking of swallowing, one would think based on your resume that swallowing your pride would be easy for you. Swallowing your pride applies to you in this instance, not Shannon.  It was your pride that was wounded when Shannon made it clear she didn’t want anything to do with you.  Did you swallow your pride for the benefit of your charity event and invite one of the major players in the charity to your party? No, you did not. You did not swallow. You of all people should know that swallowing can really improve you status.

Anyway, I was angry when I saw Jimmy turn away when I tried to kiss him at the Bello’s. He was embarrassed that I was involved in a dramatic scene at his friends’ house but he should’ve trusted me to know that I wasn’t “ambushing” Shannon. He should’ve kissed me and looked me in the eyes. I had no idea he reacted this way until I saw the episode because I was so preoccupied with the ridiculous drama. When I asked him about this moment he told me he acted this way because he doesn’t like drama and he apologized.  

Did you not see all the other times he has done it so far? Like every time you go near him?  So you and your spouse don’t like drama yet you signed up to be on a housewives show where you proceeded to go after Shannon on every single occasion you ran into her. What exactly was your husband apologizing to you for? You seem to miss a lot of clues people give you about not wanting to be around you.

It was plain for all to see Shannon wanted nothing to do with me. Additionally, who calls someone to tell them they aren’t invited? That’s just weird. And she made it clear that she was upset I had her private cell number so there was no way in hell I was going to call her unless she gave me her number personally. Lastly, Jimmy didn’t want Shannon at our home because of her blow up in Napa. He knew how hard I had been working on the JDRF party and how stressed I was with our upcoming move that he told me she was not allowed to step foot in our home until I had de-stressed from our move. Jimmy and I made it clear to Shannon and David after the fact that it was Jimmy’s idea to not invite the Beadors and there were no hard feelings.

Do you really expect us to believe that Jimmy gives a shit one way or another about who you invite to a charity function? You really are dumb. Jimmy doesn’t even seem to be aware that you exist. Continue reading


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Big Brother Recap: Power of Veto

BB17 Jace rain

By Lady Cocotte

It’s the first time I’ve really watched the title sequence. Splish splash. Summer fun. We join the houseguest after the BoB competition. Dr John is stoked to be safe (along with Becky). Steve is nervous that he and Jackie lost and are still on the block. James and Jason immediately start plotting how to backdoor Jase. They figure they need at least 7 votes to get him out. James thinks he has an alliance with Jason, Audrey and Day. He wants to add Meg because he thinks she looks like Taylor Swift. I don’t see it at all but I’m not looking that hard. Next, James wants Clay because he thinks he can trust a country boy from Texas. Clay is down with that group but he knows you need to keep your alliance small (big groups always fraction). They have their first alliance meeting. In her talking head, Day acknowledges that this group temporary for her but she wants some of them for her core alliance. She knows the large group won’t last. The group works on the plan to backdoor Jase.

Jase streaks through the backyard because he is an idiot. Vanessa explains he didn’t get the excited reaction he wanted. Crickets. Even Austin thinks he needs to chill out (Shell Town). He warns Jase that people are annoyed by him so Jase goes to talk to HoH James. Audrey joins them because Audrey. Austin joins because Audrey. Jase explains to Austin that he and James are talking about backdooring a big target. He’s not wrong about that. Audrey throws out former HoH Jason as a possibility just to keep Jase off the scent of the true plan. Jase and Austin decide the four of them have an alliance and immediately want to name it. Jase throws out Cloud 9 alliance. Or Cloud Squad. But their favorite is Cloud Town. James and Audrey don’t even react but Jase doesn’t notice. He’s too busy creating a stupid dance move for Cloud Town.

The house meets to pick names to compete in the Veto competition. James hopes that neither Jase nor Austin gets to play. James starts by picking Becky. Jackie picks John. Steve gets houseguest’s choice. He picks Jason as a way to bond with him. James chooses Austin (in his Judas hat) to host the competition. Austin and Jase celebrate like they won veto. Everyone laughs at them, not with them. James is disgusted by their immaturity. Continue reading


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Brandi Glanville Does Howard Stern. Um, Howard Sterns SHOW.


Howard Stern seems to love Brandi. Right away Brandi says that Eddie pays her $1170 a month in child support.  Howard asks if the producers ever give her feedback on their performance. Brandi says that the producers will pull her aside and tell her to “do something” to cause some drama.

“Last year was a really tough year for me because, I felt like I played ball. I gave my all to the show! Then when it aired I felt like…Oh my God, they did me no favors in the editing room!I got really upset and a little depressed. ( Howard interrupts)  Yeah, I’m like I played ball, cut me some slack! But… you don’t get a say. They don’t care. They’re making a show.”

Howard asks if she ever pulls the other HWs aside and tells them look don’t take me seriously if I slap you or whatever, I’m trying to keep the show interesting. Brandi says she has only done that with Yolanda they are friends outside of the show and she gets it. She says she will only be coming back for “a little bit” next season… Howard interrupts again before Brandi can explain whatever she was going to be doing a little bit of. It sounds like Yolanda will have a limited contract with a few episodes where we keep up with her health and Brandi will stop by. Howard is a big interrupter. I want Brandi’s mouth to just keep running.

Howard interrupts with “So wait, you’re not fired?” And Brandi is all like so let me clear this up because there are paparazzi outside her door all day. Um, noe. Noe there are not. YOU DON’T HAVE A DOOR ANYMORE! YOU ARE HOMELESS.  So here come the lies. Brandi says she didn’t want to come back to the show because she “took so much heat” and “I was doing all of these things to my detriment that I could not explain.”  Yet on Ross Matthew’s Podcast in early June, she said she was still waiting on her contract and she hoped to get to do one more season. Brandi is having a hard time keeping her lies straight. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes New Gig Will Be Spotting The Liars on To Tell The Truth?

RHOA Nene bri of frankenstien


I am currently sleeping with Big Brother. What I mean is I am up most every night until the last BB17 houseguest goes to bed because they have not one but TWO sociopaths this season and there is a potential for murder at any given moment. I can’t stop watching. So I have only been up for about an hour and I am trying to collect my thoughts on whatever the fuck Nene Leakes is doing. Because frankly,  I don’t get it. And my sources are equally confused it would seem.

Let’s talk about her new “prime time gig with a legend.”  Yesterday we were wondering if she knew what “prime time” meant and who she might consider a “legend.”  Today, TMZ is reporting that she will be a panelist on yet another rebirth of the 1950s game show To Tell The Truth to be aired on primetime on ABC at some future date. This will be important later.  For those younger than a billion years old,  To Tell The Truth is a game show where four panelists are presented with three people all claiming to be the same person. One is telling the truth and the other two are lying. The panelists each have a certain amount of time to think of intelligent questions on the fly to contestants two of whom are trying to lie. Then the panelists individually make their final guess about who is telling the truth. One of Betty White’s husband was one of the creators of the original show.  Betty White is “the legend” that Nene will be working with. So Nene is two for two with the primetime and legend clues. So far so good. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New York Recap: Sonja Island

RHONY Bethany

Heather’s flat belly is awesome.

Ramona and Bethenny sit down to talk about Sonja’s drinking. Things devolve into a conversation about how lonely they all are and how scary the unknown is. Ramona breaks down over Mario. Bethenny who is not a hugger, is already hugging and crying.  Ramona goes on and on about how Mario is a part of her and she wants to fix him so bad. The both cry and hug some more.  I thought it odd that Bethenny said she related to the feeling of loss Ramona was having. She never seemed to attach to Jason.

Sonja and Dorinda have a loud discussion inside while the other girls are doing yoga. Sonja is reenacting Bethenny screaming at her. Sonja is totally disrupting yoga and the girls all get up from yoga to go hear what Sonja is screaming about.  So much for yoga.

Ramona tells Sonja that Bethenny called her an alcoholic. Ramona just AGREED with Bethenny five minutes ago.  Bethenny walks up the conversation escalates. Bethenny tells Sonja that she gets drunk and tries to screw everybody else’s man. Ramona defends Sonja to Bethenny and backpedals like crazy to avoid any involvement in the Sonja intervention. Luann shows up with breakfast for everyone to eat on the beach.  Ramona takes hers into the house. Leaving Bethenny and Luann getting screamed at by Sonja. Luann takes Bethenny side and says that Sonja tends to “fall asleep” at the end of the night and need to be put to bed. Sonja doesn’t deny this, in fact she says, “so what” and continues screaming at everyone as Heather approaches. Oh Heather, this is an OG problem you need to stay on the porch and sip mimosas, I’m sure you can hear them from there. Continue reading


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Nick Gordon Lawyers Up For Upcoming Legal Battles

nick and bobbi

Bobbi Brown was back in Atlanta today after a weekend concert he did out of town, to reunite with the Browns and Houstons as they stand vigil over Bobbi Kristina who is in end stage hospice care.  Meanwhile, Nick Gordon is drinking in Florida while his attorney empanels a legal team to fight his upcoming legal battles. The same day that Bobbi Kristina was moved into the hospice facility, Krissi’s conservator filed a civil lawsuit on her behalf against Nick Gordon claiming that Nick was physically abusive to Bobbi and asking for more than $40 million in damages. Interestingly, that award would ultimately most likely go to Bobby Brown as Krissi’s next of kin.

But today, Nick’s attorney added some new people to the team that make me feel like he knows that criminal charges either have or are about to be filed against Nick.  Namely the hiring of Jose Baez. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Charity Case

RHOOC Cast  Season 10

Between last night’s Nene drama and the Trump drama and the insanely good BB17 feeds that are still going on today, I have not been able to get to RHOOC until now. And frankly, I’m not really looking forward to the show. My I hate the new housewife post has been viewed A LOT since last night so I know it isn’t a fun show.

Heather sits down with Meghan because Heather has no compassion for Shannon and wants to be a shit stirrer again this season and finds Meghan to be the perfect minion in that regard. I swear the triumvirate of Heather, Meghan, and Tamra will be downfall of this series.  And just like that Tamra sticks her nose in it.  Shannon is crying in the bathroom. Meghan tries to kiss her alleged husband and he clinches his lips and flinches. Meghan tries to approach Shannon to apologize and then goes in on her again. Meghan is a bitch. Shannon walks away from Meghan again. Meghan needs to buy a clue.

Vicki returns home from Florida and she doesn’t feel well. Brooks and Vicki talk about juicing and um, other dietary changes Brooks is making to help with chemo.

Meghan has bought a friend to do all the wifely duties she doesn’t want to be bothered with. Brooks a brough an event planner to do all of the event work that she doesn’t want to be bothered with.

Heather is building a house. I bet you didn’t know that. It’s a lot of work for her to approve sinks and flooring. She has a  very hard life. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Tells People Magazine She Will Not Be Returning To RHOA

Nene Doesn't want to


So who buys a multimillion dollar house and then quits the job that is their primary source of income before the furniture is delivered? Nene Leakes would like for us to believe that it is her. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it is Nene we are talking about.  I have been frantically trying to get in touch with my sources. So it may take me a bit to get the whole story.

But let me explain a few things that have been going on in the background. As I told you on my exclusive on June 9th that other sites are apparently calling their exclusive today, there are a LOT of casting changes possible for RHOA Season 8. I have NOT confirmed Kim Fields or any of the other three women being tested, nor have I confirmed that Claudia Jordan, Phaedra Parks or Porsha Williams are definitely out.  I have confirmed that Nene, Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia were all offered contracts which I expected them to accept. Nene clearly did not sign hers yet. She may not like the terms. Or perhaps things with Gregg are not going as well as she likes to proclaim. Remember this season is supposed to be more focused on personal relationships.  Or perhaps with the new women supposedly testing so well, the new production team decided Nene’s salary was not worth what she brings to the show anymore and they could pick up the new women for less money.

I did not jump on the bandwagon confirming any housewives departure and stated that testing was still ongoing and anything could happen. Claudia, Phaedra and Porsha were certainly on the bubble based on the information leaked to me about the other four women who were being tested. Whatever happened with Nene puts all sorts of possibilities back into play.

UNLESS, this is a ploy by Nene for more money. If it is she is playing a very dangerous game. That house is going to be hard to cool without a Bravo check. And if she has pissed off Bravo and the Road Trip with Kim Biermann thing is off the table, she is well and truly fucked. Time will tell. I am working on it as we speak.

Continue reading


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Univision and NBC Cause International Disaster!

Donald Trump

So every presidential election for the last decade or so, Donald Trump pretends like he is considering running for the presidency. I never really believe he is serious, because, he’s kind of busy running eleventy billion businesses and hosting Celebrity Apprentice. One of his other entertainment enterprises is the Miss USA and Miss Universe Franchise.  Some reports indicate that this enterprise is jointly owned by Trump and NBC. I don’t think that exactly accurate. I believe Trump owns Miss Universe and partnered with NBC for the TV shows.

Which brings us to this year when Trump is actually honest to God running for president.  This meant that Celebrity Apprentice would be on hold until he dropped out.  I can live with that.  But then, Trump said about illegal immigrants ” they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.”  Well, this caused the Hispanic population’s head to explode.  God forbid we mention that the illegal immigrants are committing crimes simply by entering the country illegally, draining our public school systems, burdening our jails, and committing violent crimes.  If you live in the south, anywhere, this is no secret. Apparently, it is not nice to mention that criminals commit crimes. Sure Trump’s delivery sucks, but nothing will win the votes of Texans and Arizona voters like promising to seal the southern border with a big ole wall.

So then Univison who airs the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant in Spanish says they are not going to air it anymore because Trump is a big ole windbag who hates Mexicans.  So now all the people who work on the Spanish version of the show are out of a job, and all the countries with Spanish-speaking representatives in the pageant can’t watch and Univision (and Trump) lose money. Who cares the least about this? Trump. Continue reading


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