Big Brother Wednesday Night Recap: James v Vanessa

BB17 BatesBy Lady Cocotte

Meg is crying. She’s on the block with James and you can tell the game has finally gotten to her. Vanessa offers to explain her nomination reasoning to James but he turns her down. I think he should win the game just for that. Meg cries some more. James remembers he’s playing a game so he allows Vanessa to explain herself to her nominees. I’m having a hard time following her. I think I’m just over Vanessa’s excuses. Meg gets a little heated and it actually chases Vanessa from the room. Meg saved us from another loooong circular speech from Vanessa. I think she should win the game just for that.

Vanessa calls everyone together to pick veto players. She pulls Julia. Steve smirks. He knows Julia is a terrible player. James gets Liz and Meg picks Austin. Things don’t look so great for James and Meg. Vanessa is happy that all of her AusTwins are represented. In the Have Not room, James is trying to keep Meg’s spirits up. He tells her he’s going to go to the veto comp dressed in sunglasses and a blanket a la Audrey. it works. He gets a smile. Now all he needs is the veto.

James tells the story of how he found out he was going to be a father. His baby mama didn’t realize James was the dad until an Asian baby popped out. James got home from the bar one night (drunk) to about 20 voicemails telling him to get to the hospital. Luckily, the story has a happy ending. James loves his baby girl Baleigh and is a very good dad.

It’s time to play High and Go Veto. John and Steve are hosting, dressed in tuxedo shirts like Vegas dealers. All the players will be isolated. One by one they enter the house and hide a personal veto card. In each round, players have 2 minutes to search for veto cards. Whoever’s veto card is found last, wins. Meg hides her card under a mattress. Austin hides his card inside a duvet. James hides his card under the rug under a couch (yeah, this competition was made for him). Julia hides her veto card inside a couch cushion. Liz hides her card inside a box of frozen pizza. Vanessa also hides her card in a couch cushion. Continue reading

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Janice Dickinson Attacked by Bees on Big Brother UK!

This is so scary to me. Shouldn’t they have epipens on site if she can’t carry hers? I love Janice and hate this happened.


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Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Announces New Cast



Do you guys still watch Dancing With The Stars?  I watched the first few seasons because it was a new thing and there were far less stereotypical castings than they have now.  Let’s see who fits what role this season.  It turns out the rumors were true about Kim Biermann being on the show.  She is paired with the beleaguered Tony Dovoloni who has partnered with Kate Gosselin, Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes in the past.  Clearly, the casting folks don’t expect Kim to do any better than I do. I think Tony should get paid the most out of any of the pro dancers because he works the hardest.  I love seeing Kim and her tribe being silly on TV, but I don’t think she will last three weeks on this show. She will be dying to be voted out after week one. She doesn’t have the work ethic of Nene Leakes and she will miss her babies. She will probably have to hang in a couple of weeks while Gary Busey and Paula Deen get voted out. I’d love to see some interaction between Kim and Paula though.

The big surprise was the casting of Alek Skarlatos, one of the American heroes who recently thwarted a terrorist attack on a rapid train in France.  He’s 22 and just your average military guy who suddenly found himself famous worldwide for his bravery.

This cast seems to be aiming for a very young demographic with several the addition of  Hayes Grier, Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter.

The ringers seem to be Tamar Braxton who is paired with Val Chmerkovskiy, and American Pharaoh Jockey Victor Espinoza who is paired with Karina Smirnoff.  Nick Carter and his partner Sharna Burgess should also go a long way. Derek Hough might be able to carry Bindi Irwin a long way; however, I read that Bindi was learning how to WALK in heels for the show. That will be a disadvantage.  Married  couple Alexa and Carlos Penevega  both seem to have a dance background and either could be a dark horse winner.

Click through for the complete press release on all the participants… Continue reading


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Below Deck Recap: Off the Radar

Below Deck  pic

We begin with Emile and Rocky being called off the mast where they were dodging the whirling radar arms taking selfies. This does not bode well for their futures with Captain Lee.  Rocky doesn’t seem to get what an idiot she is. Emile says he was tempted into stupidity by Rocky.

Shortly after the crew got on board for the season, Connie’s dad passed away. She has been texting with her brother during the ordeal. Connie was estranged from her father but I imagine there is probably some tough feelings going on. She has not told anyone (except the cameraman) what is going on.

Oh we have the same guests. That almost never happens. They are apparently good enough for two episodes.  The foam party loving man’s request for the day is a paella party on the beach.  Kate leaves Rocky on the beach to deal with the couple. Everyone is pissed at Rocky for her mast top selfies. As the try to start cooking on the beach, a sudden storm rolls in.  The primary gets drunk and starts hitting on Rocky.  Drunk Steve is having a great time.  He and his wife later try to proposition Eddie. Continue reading


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Ratchet Housewives of Atlanta Filming Goes Awry! Cynthia Attacked by Porsha

One is hot, the other is a THOT.

One is hot, the other is a THOT.


Of course in the middle of a technical nightmare some ish goes down during Real Housewives of Atlanta filming. I’ve only heard from a couple of sources on this. Since it happened on a boat there were not as many witnesses as there would normally be. Basically, the story making the rounds is pretty much the whole story.

Over the weekend, the ladies went to Lake Lanier and spent some time sunning on a boat.  At some point, Porsha just lost her mind and went in on Cynthia.  Porsha began insulting Cynthia calling her names and getting in her face. Cynthia walked away and ignored her.  Porsha kept following her around and got more and more hostile. Porsha had Cynthia sort of backed up with to way to retreat at one point and got right in her face screaming at her. Cynthia was forced to kick Porsha to keep her from jumping on her.

Porsha was immediately escorted off the boat. She apparently hit her head in the fall and went to an emergent care place.  The filming picked right back up and everyone moved on. Cynthia was shaken up because she has never been physically attacked like that. Continue reading


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Blind Item: Fresh Tits?

blind female


When I first got this tea I did not believe it. Rumor has it this former Real Housewife thinks going under the knife will help her be successful. The tea was she went to Mexico or Miami for the actual surgery because she was strapped for cash after a major down payment. This former housewife finds herself in Miami a lot but folks say she did not have the latest surgery there. At least not from a reputable  doctor.

That explains a recent TV appearance where her breasts were WAY up high and totally not the ones we are used to seeing.  They are HUGE now.  Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Sex, Lies and Leeches

Why doesn't anyone like me? Do I look evil?

Why doesn’t anyone like me? Do I look evil?


It’s time to head back to Orange County and  pick up where we left off with Vicki and Meghan having it out over Meghan’s insistence in participating in Brooks treatment plan while all the while insinuating he doesn’t really have cancer because of some fakeass psychic scene on a TV show.  I already have a headache. I am not sure how much screeching I can take tonight.

Lizzie and Shannon both step in to try to explain to Meghan that Vicki has asked her repeated to stop talking about Brooks because it is none of her business. She needs to stop talking. Heather half heartedly tries to stick up for the little cunt satchel by saying she just cares about Brooks. Vicki points out quickly that Meghan doesn’t know Brooks she met him twice. Meghan starts talking like a four year old and says she cares about everyone with cancer. You know, when she isn’t spreading gossip saying they don’t have cancer at all, or when she is screaming at the cancer patients caregiver saying she knows more about how to treat her man who his own doctors. Outside of off those sorts of things she just loves cancer patients.

I want to poke Meghan’s  eyes out with rusty little knives while she tries to defend herself in her talking head saying that Vicki is deflecting and trying to make her look like the bad person. You are the bad person, Meghan. You are a vile little twat that won’t but out of grown folks business because you want camera time no matter how much of a shit person you look like doing it.

Heather goes on saying that people concerned because they wanted to do chemo on Brooks every day (OMG!!! that sounds like that alone would kill him) and he is not doing it.  Tamra keeps whining over and over “that’s scary to meeeeee!” Because Brooks’ cancer treatment should be all about Tamra. Continue reading


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