The Daily Tea For Tuesday: Varietal Baltimore



Photo From Twitter Apologies for not knowing who to credit.

Photo From Twitter Apologies for not knowing who to credit.


This is some fucked up shit. I’ve been live tweeting all not and will continue for a while. The mayor and the governor is a fucking idiot. “We gave those who had wish to destroy space to do that.”  Then tonight she was all “Don’t get it twisted.”  Cunt satchel PLEASE  We heard what you said.

We see what you plan is doing. We see you keeping the police from doing their  job. As I am typing the NATIONAL GUARD is arriving  now so that this cunt satchel can’t stop the enforcement of law. This is disgraceful. The LEO has not been allowed to arrest anyone. The number of injured police is on par with the number of people arrested. Continue reading


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Shah of Sunset Recap: Can’t Fake The Funk

Shahs of Sunset Bravo

I am trying to tear myself away from the live coverage of the Baltimore riots to watch and recap this. We can discuss the Baltimore riots here.   I really need to get at least the Shahs of Sunset recap up,  but I am going to wait on Southern Charm and WWHL when I am not so preoccupied. This may take a bit longer than usual as I may have to peek at the news. Please post your news comments in the Daily Tea thread for today rather than here.


Reza and Adam are talking about Reza’s wedding diet. Reza has lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Reza and Adam agree on getting married in Thailand. Because who doesn’t want a paid for wedding by Bravo in Thailand. Reza is not sure he wants to invite Mike and Jessica to the wedding. Reza does not like Jessica. Mike is having a reconciliation dinner, which may or may not include GG. Because dinners are always a calm happy event on Bravo shows. Continue reading


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Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Shore House to be Auctioned !

RHONJ Shore House

The banks are finally foreclosing on the Giudice’s properties.  On May 19th, their shore house will be auctioned off by the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office on the court house  steps. The bidding starts at just $100 according to Vicki Hyman of NJ.Com.  The Giudices bought the house in 2005, four years before the pair landed their reality TV gig on Real Housewives of New Jersey. At that time the took out a mortgage to pay for the $347,000 purchase.  They took out a second mortgage to renovate the property sometime thereafter. Then, in 2012 shortly after the renovations had been shown on the show, Hurricane Sandy hit. They then took out a third mortgage to restore the home after the water damage. When their finances were reviewed by the bankruptcy trustee they found that the equity in this home was miniscule.

The house itself is  1,300 square feet with  five bedrooms and two baths according to all the real estate sites that I wasted way too much time scouring. Because those stats make no sense. You can’t have five bedrooms in a 1,300 sqft  home. Unless they are all big enough for one twin bed. Continue reading


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Life Twirls On Trailer is Out!

And it looks great. But it is very interesting that Janet Hubert is in it. Janet who is a little bit off kilter, is the lady who played Will Smith’s mom on Fresh Prince of Bel Air  Before being replaced by another actress.  Hubert has been going off on Kenya on her Facebook page for months claiming that  Kenya never paid her for her work. Hubert also refuses to allow her work to be shown on RHOA. Continue reading


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Exclusive: Animal Control Picked Up Kingsley

Kingsley has been a very bad boy. :(

Kingsley has been a very bad boy. :(

This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive..Please give appropriate links, etc.

If you are a frequent reader of Tamara Tattles you know that a commenter here has close ties with Kim Richards neighbors. Kingsley was removed from the house by animal control on Saturday, the same day Kim went to Rehab

If he hasn’t already been put down he will be another victim of  Kim Richards. Continue reading


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The Daily Tea For Monday: Varietal Nepalese

Disastrous Earthquake in India this weekend

Disastrous Earthquake in India this weekend.

Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore and Daisy From Blood Sweat & Heels

WWHL with Kenya and Daisy

I’m so pleased to see Daisy from Blood Sweat & Heels on WWHL with Kenya Moore tonight. If you don’t watch the show she is battling cancer and it is great to see her out and about.

Kenya is very beautiful tonight in a tamed down ensemble. Daisy is also beautiful with a bit more bling. I and not even going to go there with the Prancing bartenders.  Nene’s under three minute (or so I was told) appearance on that show makes me want to puke.  If you don’t already know the Prancing whatevers are some gay kids who have been excluded from a team for being gay or not being female or whatever their crisis may be. But the story is that Nene has been crowing about some filming she did on Oxygen as if she had a new show. No. She went on to a show about gay people show them some support. Did she offer to kiss their ass and throw them a gay parade? Nene has been repeatedly offensive to the gay community and this was a DUMB PR move for the Prancing Elites or whatever. I will not be watching.

Kenya is STUNNING tonight.  She says she heard Porsha cheated on  Kordell, not the other way around.  Andy asks if Kenya’s dress was inspired by Beyoncé  and she said no it was custom made for her by a designer who is her friend. As she says this the photo of Beyoncé in a very similar dress is shown side by side with hers. So Yes. It was inspired by that dress obviously. And Kenya wore it better. And Kenya’s dress is prettier.

Andy makes fun of Nene walking out of all the scenes this season and counts how many times Nene said everyone else is right. Ten times. Kenya said they cut a lot out but it was pretty much her response to everyone.  Andy is not so ass kissy to Nene when she is not there. He is actually being almost nice to Kenya.

Daisy says she is better and has her “twirl back”

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One Recap: Nene Is A Victim Act One

Kandi  reads Nene

Kandi reads Nene

First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they started with behind the scenes footage of all the women getting spackled and spit shined while Andy Cohen wanders around watching it.  Andy mocks Phaedra’s GIGANTIC eyelashes.  Everyone is in white and Nene is unsuccessfully trying to channel Olivia Pope.  Just moments into the previews, I can see that once again my source was golden.  Should I just wait patiently for all the Nenetards and Porsha Stans to apologize for doubting me?

Everyone goes in on Nene, Phaedra and Porsha and reads them for filth. If I didn’t have to blog this ish I’d be over on CNN watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. There is like some kind of director’s cut at 8pm from last season and the premiere is at 9 for season 5 in Korea.  I’m taping the second run later.

The hotel they always do this at, not only let them back after the police had to be called TWICE last time.  But, they have decked it out in a zen themed set. That is new and I could not for the life of me figure out where they were. But it’s the same room they always use.

Andy starts sucking Nene’s asshole right away talking about her “big ass house.”  I suppose you have to be from Atlanta to know what a poor choice of homes that one was.  Regardless, anilingus  appears to be Andy’s favorite position with Nene.  Andy asks how it compares to Chateau Sheree.  Nene says, well it is built and it is mine. Point Nene. I love when  Andy brings up Chateau Sheree because it draws traffic to my NUMEROUS posts about Sheree Whitfield’s construction site.  And yes, it remains INCOMPLETE.  Just like Ilanya Vanzant’s assessment of Sheree’s Life.  And Patti Stanger’s view of Sheree. Who essentially called her unmatchable.  None of the ladies seemed pleased by Nene’s new home. Even Phaedra joined the collection of stank faces. Continue reading


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President Obama At The National Correspondents Dinner

Sometimes I know posting something is a bad idea and I do it anyway.


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Bobby Brown Files For Guardianship Of Bobbi Kristina’s Estate


Well, I was just saying in the Kim Richard’s rehab post that with all the huge media focus on Bruce Jenner and the disastrous earthquake  in India, it’s a really good time to try and get some things done under the radar if you are in the public eye.

So Bobby Brown finally made his move.  Bobby Brown has filed for guardianship of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, according to reports by local Atlanta NBC affiliate 11Alive.  Currently, Pat Houston holds the position and is in charge of the financial matters regarding the money that was left to Krissi by her mother Whitney Houston.

Bobby Brown moving Krissi to a sort of warehousing facility for those with global, non-reversible brain damage was an indication he intended to keep Bobbi Kristina’s body alive for as long as possible.  We suspect he would like to keep her in this state for eight years until the entirety of Whitney’s inheritance is paid out at age 30.  At that point Bobby Brown would be the beneficiary of all the money at the time of Krissi’s death.  If Krissi were allow to die with a shred of dignity, the inheritance would go to Whitney’s brothers and her mother. Continue reading


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