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March 29, 2015 · 4:20 pm

Okay This Creeps Me Out

RHOA Team Pretty Nene Wigs


Something Kenya posted on Twitter.


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Exclusive Tamara Tattles Tea on the RHOA Reunion 2015: Everyone Gets A Go With Porsha!

RHOA Andy Reunion

EXCLUSIVE!  Tamara Tattles  Tea  on the Real Housewives of Atlanta 2015 Reunion!  Please use excerpts and provide links to this source when quoting.

Y’all are terribly impatient when it comes to RHOA Reunion Tea!  It takes me awhile to synthesize my information and get the best idea of what actually went down from the many voices who are dropping some hints.  Some sources just love to make you ask every little detail and that is so tiring at this point that I can’t be bothered.  I just going to go with who seems to have taken the worst beating this season.  The good news is, the top three recipients of a good old RHOA read are all on Team Beast!

But first the seating situation. On the left couch,  we have Kenya next to Andy, then Cynthia then Kandi, On the right couch we have Nene , Phaedra and then Claudia!

Later when Porsha came out, Claudia moved to the Team Pretty plus Kandi couch and Porsha sat with Team Beast.

Also, despite the Asian themed set, I was told that the filming was indeed at The Biltmore again. That does not look like The Biltmore to me, but… apparently, it is.

As for how the ladies looked, I heard great thing about everyone except Porsha who was dressed for her other job if you know what I mean. I’m told that Nene got it right for the reunion. I’m not sure how much faith we should have in that report but in the spirit of fairness I’m letting you know that reports are that Nene looked good.  The usual “did she have some work done?” rumor went to Kandi. Waist training? New Boobs? Good Spanx? Whatever it was, she got good reviews as well.  In fact, everyone was at their best except for the peachless one. Continue reading


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This Just In Photos of Kim Richards Driving Back and Forth To Those Hospitals

These Cabo hospitals have great swimming pools!

These Cabo hospitals have great swimming pools!


This week in Kathrine’s blog we heard of poor Kim Richards’ tireless crusades carting her family members back and forth to hospitals far and wide while applying cool towels to their sweaty brows. This is why Kim is not on social media Katherine says. Continue reading


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Lisa Vanderpump Rules on Brandi’s Behavior This Season

Lisa I don't want to hear it

Gif: Realtytvgifs

Here is LVP’s missive to us for the week…

Well, it’s the final leg of this exhausting race. The sun sets on the Hills of Beverly…

And there we have it. So this season I felt was a little more illustrative of exactly who these complex characters are…Some weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions and others offered up a complete view into the depths of their inner being.

True. I shall generously put you in the both with those who weathered the storm with a modicum of regretful actions. You sure didn’t make the mistake of offering up a complete view into the depths of your inner being. It’s not really hard to come off looking decent on a real housewives franchise. Generally, the ladies will topple of their own pedestals.

Angry accusations, shrouded with deflection, were the actions of some incompetent of dealing with truths that should be confronted.

Maybe they are waiting to see if Jen can get Dr. Drew and  Celebrity Rehab back on the air?

Continue reading


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Brandi’s Ghostwriter Gets Weirder Every Week

RHOBH Brandi Kyle Kim

The best thing about this season being over is that Brandi’s ghostwriter, who clearly gets paid by the word will soon shut the fuck up.  It’s not that these blogs aren’t hysterical. They are, but they are so absurd they are mildly infuriating. When someone hires another to spew their lies and delusions is that their way of distancing themself from the bullshit? Does she really not know she is lying and deluded? Does she not know she has a drinking problem? Does she really not get that she burns bridges with everyone that tries to be her friend?  It’s sort of infuriating not to be sure if she is evil and calculated, or legitimately mentally ill.

At any rate, the ghost writer has shat out another 1500 or so words this week and I am going to take  look at them.

She has upped the ante on the opening with some proclamation of love for her sons. This week she talks about how the horrific plane crash in Europe caused her to modify her “flight prayer” to include Leann Rimes. I’m not making this up. Perhaps her new ghostwriter is that idiot at the FishWrapper? Anyway, let’s just skip over the bullshit for future courtroom use, and stick with the bullshit about the show. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne Recap: It’s Tee Time!


I was taking my purple pen to Brandi’s LONGASS Bravo blog and completely forgot that I have a Thursday night recap now. So let’s tune in to see what the Real Housewives of Melbourne are up to this week!


Janet goes to meet Gina for coffee. Janet looks really good! Lover the hair and the dress. God the tattoo on her back is tacky.  Janet does have a point that Chyka started the rumor. But Gina  is holding Janet’s fire to the flame over the Gamble situation. Gina is quick to jump on Team Gamble. This pisses Janet off so she leaves Gina in the coffee shop and walks away. I have to say, Gina really doesn’t have a dog in this fight and needs to stay out of it.


Bruce and Chyka have a lot going on with their business. They are building something massive. I tuned out twice trying to figure out what the point of it is exactly. Continue reading


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Claudia Says Team Beast Has An Agenda and A Vendetta!



RHOA Claudia

Claudia is really the only one who did a real blog on the Bravo site this week. The rest just half-assed through a few questions and Nene had her tirade on her own site. So this is what we have to talk about today!

Bravotv.com: Did you feel like progress was made at the therapy session?
Claudia Jordan: I do and I don’t. The main people that needed it were not willing participants. One took off because she couldn’t deal with hearing about how her actions affected the rest of the ladies. And the other that stayed, well… she received apology after apology without ever acknowledging any of her own wrong doing. That’s not right at all. How is it that the woman on the receiving end of a physical attack has apologized to her assailant on several occasions, yet she has yet to show any remorse? That’s downright insane to me! At the end of the day, there are lots of situations in this group where one can claim they were “provoked,” and if the response/excuse every single time was physical violence, we’d all be in jail!

I love this new trend of refusing to say the enemies names. Continue reading


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Catfish Recap: Chitara and Priscilla

This is Chitara

This is Chitara

Tonight it is a Lesbian Catfish! Chitara is the one who wrote in because she has a catfish named Priscilla. Priscilla dumped her. Priscilla is supposed to be a nurse who also lives in her town of Durham.  Priscilla dumped her and said it was all lies and she never loved her. Priscilla is SUPER hot. So it’s most likely that Priscilla is not the chick in the photo. I’m guessing Priscilla is a big fat dude with a two-inch penis. Chitara is bisexual so ….perhaps there is still hope. Oh wait. They talked on the phone every night. It was a six month relationship. Priscilla claims her mother passed. Then she said she was into a guy.

So off Nev and this Alex dude go to Durham, North Carolina. The south seems to have a whole lot more catfish. I’m just saying.  Chitara is really pretty and Priscilla’s online photos are like modeling photos. Alex is a goober. Being Max is not as easy as Max makes it look.

SIDE NOTE: Finding Carter Season Two Premiers next Tuesday at Ten on MTV. I strongly recommend binge watching season one. The first episode is sort of meh but it gets really good. And season two looks amazeballs. The truth is going to tear me apart? I don’t want to be told apart. BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS!  FYI Finding Carter is a scripted show about a twin girl who is kidnapped very young and is eventually reunited with her real family in high school. She loves her mom the kidnapper but comes to accept her new family….UNTIL….

The boys figure out that Priscilla has another fake profile where she talks to herself and pretends like they video chatted. Chitara is such a nice girl. I’m glad that Tee Cee is not reading this because I can think of 20 mean things she would say about Chitara’s name. But she is the mean yankee and I am the nice demure southern girl. Continue reading


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Tamara’s Top Three American Idol Picks for Tonight

Boy George better not lay a hand on my baby boy.

Click through for the rest of my American Idol picks for this week … Continue reading


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Cissy Houston Seems Ready To Accept That Bobbi Kristina Is Brain Dead

If you missed our discussions on what likely going on with Bobbi Kristina and who has reason to keep her alive, click here.

Now can someone translate exactly what Cissy calls the “rehab” place?  It is promising that she says “we’ve” moved her as if there is some agreement between Bobby Brown and the Houstons.


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Dance Moms Recap Double Feature: Nia’s Last Chance and Abby’s Trash is Cathy’s Treasure

Dance Moms Maddie

Oh Crap. I just realized I am two episodes behind on Dance Moms. Sorry. I’m catching up now. I am not excited about the title of this one. It’s time for pyramid and everyone expects it to go well because they beat Cathy and the Candy Apples the week before. However, there pyramid has everyone on one row except for one top spot. Lord knows the top spot will be Maddie and the last spot will be Nia, so lets just see what happens in the middle.

This week the moms are pushing for a non-lyrical routine. This is nonsense because we know that Abby already has the routine selected. Apparently, the girls were asked to list pros and cons about Jo Jo being on the ALDC dance teams. The girls basically tell her that she is loud and sometimes her timing is off, that she takes things away from other dancers. Jo Jo stands there and takes it. Abby gives her an ALDC jacket and promises to let Jo Jo be on the team for the rest of the season. Spoiler Alert, she went to Australia so she is also on the team for next season.  Everyone is on the same line of the pyramid because they all did well on the group dance.  Maddie is on the top because she is better than anyone in the whole world.

This week they are going to Philadelphia. This competition critiques the performers live on the stage. The group dance is a musical theatre piece called Decadent Darlings. The three soloists are Maddie with a contemporary solo, Kendall who also has a contemporary solo, with a prop. And Nia has a solo called The Color Purple. If she does not place, she may never see another solo. She should do fine, she has a lot of experience with ethnic dances. BECAUSE THAT IS ALL ABBY EVER GIVES HER!

OMG All the girls carry in Louis bags to the competition. Finally, I have actually seen more than one bag in a scene. This has been driving me nuts. Continue reading


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