60 Days In: I Got My Eyebrows Tweezed By A Meth Head!

60 Days In Brian
I can’t believe I’ve been missing all of these 15 minute shows before the show. They are listed as “a preview of an upcoming show” so I just ignored them because I was about to watch and recap the upcoming show.  On the other hand, Tami and Barbara are still idiots. We are apparently still pretending Tami is a cop.

I’m expecting a huge big riot this episode. But they set us up for this every week.

C- Pod

Dion and Quintin are getting closer, but neither has figured out the other is in the program yet. Dion asks Quintin how he would fix the problems if he were sheriff. That should give Q a huge clue.

Dion, like many of the participants, tells producers they are losing a sense of self. He says he is about ready to fight. Being treated like an animal makes you believe you are one, he says.  He calls his girlfriend, Ashlee, for support.  She tells him she wants him out of there too. They are both ready for this to be over.

The race riot once again doesn’t happen and they have stopped mentioning it. Tensions are high, but compared to D-Pod it’s a cake walk in there.

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Daily Tea (Open Forum): My Drug Deal Gone Bad

Libyan tea with nuts seems appropriate here.

Libyan tea with nuts seems appropriate here.

Drugs are everywhere here in the ghetto. If I wanted to buy meth, there are probably five meth houses within walking distance. I could probably, if I so desired, stop by any one of them while out walking my dog, and both Banjo and I would be welcomed in.

“Hi! I would like to buy some of the meth you are making in there. I’m Tamara, this is my dog Banjo, he’s kind of aggressive so keep your distance.  May we come in?”

In my mind, the meth dealer would say, “Of course, selling meth is my business. I can tell by your back fat you are a new user. We’d love to have you as a customer. Have a seat and I’ll tell you all about meth, how we package it, and show you an array a packages you can choose from. We even have some free samples.”

He would offer Banjo a treat that I would decline on his behalf, because Banjo is on a wheat-free, grain-free, gluten-free, taste-free colorless diet infused with 20 superfoods and heavy on greens. At least theoretically. I’m guilty of enabling him with cheese, peanut butter, bacon, pork, cheese burgers and McDonald’s french fries once they get cold and gelatinous. Anyway,  I’m confident I could leave the meth house in a reasonable amount of time with my meth, a happy customer.

Now let’s talk about buying pseudoepinephrine, as it was my drug of choice this week. Pseudoepinephrine is the active ingredient in Sudafed. The name makes sense now right?

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Revenge of the Queens


By The Lady Cocotte

This week RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars doesn’t mess around. We’re right back in the middle of Phi Phi O’Hara’s rant about Alyssa Edwards when the four evicted queens show up in the mirror. Now, production originally planned huge drama from the shock of seeing the supposedly eliminated queens back in the workroom. But Phi Phi flipped the script when she went off on Alyssa while Alyssa was hidden but in full earshot. Oops! These days it’s incredibly rare to get non-producer driven drama like this. It was pretty spectacular. RuPaul must have flooded her basement when she heard about it.

No wonder Phi Phi had a meltdown on Twitter last week. She knew the vilification of Phi Phi was only going to get worse.In case you missed it, Phi Phi lost her damn mind on the interwebs, accusing RuPaul and Drag Race of setting her up and saying she was going to boycott the reunion. She replied to just about every internet troll out there, trying to justify her behavior and blame editing. She even went so far as to claim a particular judging was falsely edited and when someone (cough, production, cough) leaked the uncut footage it supposedly proved that Phi Phi lied. Then RuPaul unfollowed Phi Phi and the drag world imploded. I find the whole thing pretty sad. I know Phi Phi expected this season to be her redemption but I wish she wasn’t so sensitive about her dark side. Sure, she’s shown being shady on the show. A lot. And she gets defensive when she feels threatened. But she’s a drag queen. And a human being. I like Phi Phi, flaws and all. We don’t need her to be nicey nice to like her or respect her. What we need from her is an ability to rise above her personal pain and slay on stage. Which she does often enough to have earned her place on All Stars. No one deserves death threats over a tv show. That is never ok. But Phi Phi should know that troll’s opinions do not represent most of the viewing audience. To quote Alaska, “Be nice, for fuck’s sake. It’s just drag.”

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Drama in Dallas As More Poop Throwing Goes Down On Twitter!

RHOD Leeanne
Just when the poop show that was Real Housewives of Dallas was but a distant, vexing memory, a bizarre Twitter war brings it all back. I’d been ignoring rumors that the series that began with poop on a hat and ended with pooping in a basket had the potential to be renewed for a second season.  The first season ended with Leeanne Locken threatening to gut Marie Reyes like a fish and Marie returning home to get a restraining order because Leeanne would not stop texting her threats, The show barely hit a million followers the first night and never did again. And yet, the shit is hitting the fan again and it’s all about who will and won’t be on season two.

Pretty much the only person I found amusing on the show was Marie. She was the last one in a string of ladies that Leeanne took because Marie knew where all of Leeanne’s bodies were buried. And yesterday, Marie dug up a few of them. Marie has a blog and on that blog she mentioned a meeting that she had with Rich Bye, the owner of Goodbye Pictures and Producer of the Real Housewives of Dallas,  The two met because he wanted her back RHOD season two. Because apparently, they really are going to shoot another season.

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Married At First Sight: In Sickness and In Health



It’s been one hell of an irritating day, and I’m several recaps behind what I anticipated doing today.  Everyone seems to feel some kind of way about Married at First Sight this week So I’m going to start there. I’m warning you, I’m in a shit mood and even Banjo is feeling my wrath today so be forewarned.


I forwarded through all the Heather stuff and I can’t believe Dr Pepper suggesting letters of affirmation. But I am stopping at the scene with his mother. It’s hard to watch him tell his mother. She is at a loss for words. She’s upset that Heather hurt her son and gave up after one week. It’s all for the best, Mom. She’s a great mom. Derek is really hurt by the whole situation.

Lily and Tom

Lily is planning a birthday surprise for Tom. She’s asked his brother to fly down for the occasion. Tom is confused by Lily’s sudden cleaning spree in preparation for Tom’s brother to show up. He’s tired from work and doesn’t to want to come home and work some more. Aw…. welcome to adulthood, Tom.

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Bethenny Frankel Survives Worst Divorce Ever, And A Fake Bomb Threat

RHONY Luann Beth NBCU Media


Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Tour continues to rage on at any venue with a camera.  The most recent stop on the sanctimonious advice train was Tuesday night at  an anniversary event for Stanton Social, a restaurant on the lower east side of NYC.

In case you have forgotten, Tuesday was when the earth briefly paused rotation and Mercury fell a bit deeper into retrograde over the news that Brad and Angelina had split up. So many actual celebrities and some housewives were asked their thoughts on the split.

Apparently, E! News an affiliate of NBCu which also owns Bravo was instructed by someone to go to the restaurant party and ask Bethenny and Jules  Wainstein, who was also in attendance, their thoughts on the demise of Brangelina.

For whatever reason, Bethenny is really pushing her divorce story. I can only suppose that we will be seeing another book coming from her where she condescendingly counsels women everywhere on how to navigate divorce. What is it with this vile woman who sucks at relationships with her parents, her husband, her cast mates, and seemingly has no actual friends that are not paid employees writing a book on relationships?  What idiot buys these books? It appears there are people willing to do it so the “How Not To Guide To Divorce” has got to be coming soon.

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