Big Brother 18 Update: I’m Like The Messiah!


BB18  Julie
Just a short Big Brother post to get you up to speed on tomorrow night’s eviction. As of this moment, Jozea still thinks he rules the house and tomorrow night will be a huge blindside. This almost never happens without the person getting evicted figuring things out, but the newbies are so stupid, we might have a shot at this.

Today, Victor, Jozea, Paul, Bronte and Natalie are all furious with James for a variety of stupid reason.  Victor got pissed at him first because James pranked Corey by putting crushed crackers in his bed. Corey just laughed and brushed them out. This caused them to land in Victor’s bed and sent Vic into an unnecessary rage. He exchanged words with James. Then later APPARENTLY  James told Natalie that Victor (who Natalie has a crush on) asked Nicole on a date. This info came from Bronte, who is an evil person playing a nasty game, so I’m not sure if this actually happened but she told Vic and Paul it did and started  a huge drama.

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Blind Item Revealed! Airin’ It All Out…

Secrets Blind Item

From March 13, 2016

This actress/writer/reality participant can barely contain her disdain of her famous father’s latest wife.  It seems that she maintains two Instagram accounts. One public, and one private. On the private one, she has been posting about “how to spot a liar” and more recently about the reality of mental illness. She is quite close with her father so there is no doubt he is aware that his children are not buying what the latest stepmom is selling.  The good news is that daddy should be moving on to wife number five soon enough.

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Abby Lee Miller Changes Plea To Guilty

Dance moms abby
Abby Lee Miller joined the ranks of  reality personalities who will have a felony record in federal court last Monday. The Dance Moms star pled guilty to one count of concealing bankruptcy assets and one count of structuring international monetary transactions. Once again the charges stem from a  Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Last fall, Abby was charged with failing to disclose (and attempting to hide) $775,000 worth of income from Lifetime and her related appearances and master classes that resulted in 20 separate charges. Basically, what Abby is alleged to have done is having payments she was due paid to her mother instead of herself to avoid paying taxes. I am assuming based on the charges that she did that a total of 20 times in amounts that totaled $775,000.

Deadline, who has had the exclusives on most of this court battle, provided new information on Tuesday reporting, “Miller on June 20 was slammed with a whole new case that threatened her with up to another five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The dance coach allegedly brought more than $10,000 into the country from Australia on August 7, 2014, without the required reporting.”

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Famously Single Recap: Will They or Won’t They?

Famously Single group

I can’t believe I am actually watching this show, let alone recapping it, but I am intrigued by the Brandi Glanville we see on this show. We start with Jessica reading cards for Aubrey. It’s not a traditional reading though. Basically, she is just looking for confirmation that her ex is miserable. I’m going to assume he is thrilled to bits to be away from this bitch.

The group is about sex this week. I don’t believe anything the guys said. Brandi says she has friends with benefits. She doesn’t really get attached to them.  Paulie has never been in love or made love. He really wants a real relationship. Sadly, he ends up hooking up with Aubrey. Paulie does say he feels used having sex with all his groupies.

The exercise this week is to throw a house party. They are supposed to invite single friends that their cast mates might like. Aubrey has no friends.  Aubrey is already making her moves on Paulie. Calum has eyes on Brandi. Josh is super picky. He wants to approve the female friends before they are invited. Somaya’s friends are the same way.

This week it’s Calum’s turn to meet with Dr. Darcy.  His father was a very  famous pro soccer player who was an alcoholic. His dad had cirrhosis of the liver and got a liver transplant. He continued to drink on the new liver and died of organ failure. Calum gets very emotional telling the story. After his father died when he was 24 he spent three years drinking hard and sleeping with women. Calum realized in his session that the drinking and womanizing was subconsciously him trying to connect to his father.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Fever Pitch

Below Deck Med Captain Mark


It’s time for another much needed float around the Greek Islands. I am so much happier to recap this than the nonsense of last night.  We begin with Danny once again not listing to Bryan, who advised him to stay out of the lovers quarrel between Hannah and Ben. He just can’t help but jump in and start hurling insults at Hannah, who not only out ranks him on the boat, but is a female. Ben and Jen are both thrilled by Danny’s behavior while Bryan and Bobby find it disturbing. Julia has fled after Hannah who is crying and begging to have the cameras leave her alone for a bit.

Back on the boat, Hannah asks to chat with Ben. Hannah wanted Ben to be her friend in the situation with Danny and he was not. So she continues their conversation from the restaurant to define their relationship. It is decided that they are merely work colleagues.  Hannah cries herself to sleep. She must not have watched Ben on Below Deck. The guy is an arrogant asshole.

The next morning, Hannah is still upset. She obviously believes in the philosophy that the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one. So she as a little romantic interlude with Bobby before getting dressed. Bobby tries to make Ben look better to Hannah.  Hannah is planning on telling the captain about Danny’s photos of charter guests being passed around to other guests. And she does. I wish she would have also ratted out the deck crew for shoving Danny into the galley so that he is out of their hair, because he is driving her crazy.

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Watch What Happens Live With Tamra Judge

WWHL Tamra Judge
Tamra looks like she is keeping up with her workouts and possibly even the severe diet as she is very small and she has lost weight in her face.

Andy plays the clip of Vicki sobbing on the ride home from the yacht party and Tamra says it is heart breaking, but that Vicki didn’t do the right thing. And she never apologized to anyone even though after the reunion she was tweeting everyone that she did. There was a lack of audio for a  good bit and I am not sure if she was cussing or if my DVR screwed up again.

Andy says the last time he saw her was at his AC2 tour in Orange County and Alexis was seated right in front of her. Alexis had sent in a long letter about Tamra’s sudden storyline conversion to Christianity.  He asks how that went for her. She said that it actually  went well and Alexis said she didn’t intend to come across as mean and she is really happy for her.

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