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My photo. :)

My photo. :)

I’m not sure how this happened but I’m just having an I don’t give a fuck day. I’m moderating comments and doing the bare (bear?)minimum to keep the blog going, but I am probably not even going to watch whatever I am supposed to be blogging tonight. I’m in the BEST MOOD EVER!

And drinking.

So what better time for y’all to ask me questions. Grab a drink and hit me with your best shot. What little filter I have is gone. Who is first?

Okay that may not be my pic, but this is how I picture the haters and it amuses me.

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Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan Judging Hot Men!



On Saturday, Cynthia, Kenya and Claudia faced a long grueling day of filming. Okay, it may have been a long day but it certainly doesn’t sound grueling to me.  With all of the various factions on the upcoming season with way too many “housewives” I’m going to refer to these three who seem to be quite happy filming together as Team Pretty.

So Team Pretty was tasked with spending their weekend with a ton of hunky guys because the Bailey Agency was hired by Ebony Magazine to find twenty hot men for the February 2015 issue of  Ebony. The ladies spent Saturday at the Sheraton hotel holding  an open casting call for successful men between the ages of 28 -50.  I guess Kenya got some digits. :) It sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon to me. Continue reading


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Bar One Atlanta To Close At the End of the Month!

Peter Thomas RHOA

Bar One in Atlanta has certainly had it’s shares of ups and downs over the years. If y’all think my commenting rules are harsh, you should check out Peter’s rules for sitting down in his establishment.  Then there was the constant drama with his landlord. It seems that Peter was making his rent payments to the landlord, but the landlord was not making his mortgage payments to the bank!  So the property went into foreclosure. Peter put an offer in to buy the property but it seems the offer was not accepted so now they have to move. Peter repeatedly tried to work something out with the owner before it got to that point but at least from Peter’s perspective the owner was uncooperative.  To make matters worse, after Peter decided to rent the space across the street from the same owner and move Cynthia’s Bailey agency into it along with another tenant issues arose again. This time there was some sort of zoning issue with the city. So according to Rodney Ho of the AJC,  Cynthia moved back into her original space that she still maintained back in November. Continue reading


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Joe Giudice Back In Jersey Court Today

RHONJ JOE TITWell, if it’s a day that ends in ‘y’ someone connected to the Real Housewives of New Jersey is in court. Today it Joe Giudice’s day.  Nearly three years after Joe was arrested for presenting false paperwork (his brother’s marriage license and birth certificate) to the DMV to get a driver’s license despite being suspended for a DUI, the case is finally going to be resolved.  Say what you will about the Giudice’s but one thing they do well is select lawyer’s. Joe’s lawyer , Miles Feinstein, has been pushing this case back ever since the federal indictments came down in an attempt to get the pretrial hearing set after the sentencing in the federal case. Had he allowed Joe to be convicted prior to sentencing that conviction would have increased his federal time according to the handy dandy little sentencing chart the fed use.

So today it court we learned two things. First, the federal sentencing date of October 2 appears to be “firm.”  Based on the glacial pace we have seen the wheels of justice turn in federal cases in Jersey so far, I would not hold my breath but today everyone is pretending to be very confident in that date. So the pre trial hearing was set for October 15th.  YAY! Joe will finally be held accountable for his crime after three years of wasting time and money in Superior Court! Whatever will his sentence be? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Time For the Fake Jacqueline Scenes

RHONJ S6 CastIf you recall, when reports of Jacqueline Laurita returning to RHONJ came out, I told you guys it absolutely didn’t happen on August 8th.  My source explained that filming had long been completed and the stories were false.  Then a month later, there she was on the Bravo Site previews and I was gob smacked as was my source. I was then informed that in post production it was decided that the new people were bombing and unlikable so they needed for find someone to bring back. Okay, I can see that, but Jacqueline? Do they really think she is a fan favorite? I guess Caroline turned them down. Anyway, Jac had come back to film a week or two before I reached out to my source, in July pretending it was winter time. I’m guessing we won’t see any outdoor scenes tonight. This is one of the more ridiculous things that Bravo has done.

Sidenote: It looks like the reunion will be filming at the end of the week, on Friday if I recall correctly. That’s less than a week before Teresa’s sentencing. Look for her to be heavily sedated.

On with the show…

The girls are all head off to Boca Raton. How is that just a two-hour flight? Why am I not going there? The ladies are flying down by themselves and have all the usual luggage struggles. I guess that Teresa and Joe were not allowed to leave the state. The ladies are glad that Amber isn’t coming. The ladies arrive at a beautiful home to relax and bask in the sun.

Cut to New Jersey where it is snowy and dreary. We are shown a house with a for sale sign advertising a property with a pool and a spa. Teresa and Gia are looking for a place to move. Teresa says she is no longer skeeved by looking at other people’s houses. She is not materialistic anymore, y’all. Her priorities have shifted. Ah, nothing like a pre-sentencing burst of morality and frugality. The house Teresa and Gia are looking at is still beyond their means. What happens when she goes to prison will someone move into the house to tend the girls for those two months or so? Is this simply so Teresa can say she has a rental where she can do her house arrest? There is no way anyone would give her a loan, except for maybe the cocktail weenie if he really is still employed in the mortgage industry. The house is nearly 9,00o square feet. He is talking to her about property taxes. There is no way Teresa can buy a house in New Jersey. I just don’t believe that is possible this is scripted shit. The list price is $1.4 million.

Oh Gawd. Here we go with the cancer story. We are about to miraculously find out that everything is fine and the shit stirrers will be able to go to Florida after all. It’s a scripted miracle! Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Melbourne: Bitch Party

RHOMEL Cast2“When life throws rocks, I melt them down into diamonds” Is possibly the worst tagline ever.  Janet and Chyka go on a high-end shopping trip with a personal shopper. Janet still want Gina to apologize. For something. Maybe calling them cunts?

Gina is going to see an elite matchmaker to find her a man. Did Gina just say she has children? Were we supposed to know this already. She has an interesting list of attributes that turn her off, men with saliva problems (gross when eating) and men whose thumbs stick out(indicates they are stupid).

Lydia is fascinated that her housekeeper  can peel vegetables with a knife. Lydia is impressed by her skills in picking out her dresses and pretty much making all the decisions for her.

Jackie and Chyka meet to talk about Jackie’s imaginary cocktail line.  Well what do you know, it is a thing after all.

OMG Chyka rents the coolest limo ever. The doors open upward and the interior has pink leather accents. Sadly, he good ideas end there as the plan is to take Lydia, Andrea and Gina shopping together to try to make peace. Why on earth would Gina agree to this?  They are shopping at a West Elm which has not officially opened to the public yet. Gina invites Chyka and Lydia (???) to a cancer charity event she is having and one of them asks her if she is inviting Andrea and she said the last time she shared with Andrea about her cancer experience she was quite ugly so she is not sure if she wants to invite her. Lydia runs straight to Andrea and tells her that Gina said she wasn’t going to invite Andrea because she is not sure she could behave appropriately at the function. Which is not what Gina said, but also true. Continue reading


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Guess the Property

house guess

This three bedroom house has returned to the market recently with a list price of $179,000. Guess the housewife that is the seller?


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MDLLA On WWHL: Andy Is Moody, Flagg Cries, Brits Get No Respect


I just remembered something happened to my DVR on Tuesday I don’t have Dance Moms (sssh don’t talk about it I am going to on Demand it, maybe next, but I am everso tired…) and I may have missed an episode of MDLLA. I swear Comcast sucks ass when it comes to recordings.

Anyway that eye brow guy from the Singles Project is the bartender. I haven’t watched that mostly because Comcast sucks and if I knew when it was on I would tape it. I’ve caught a random episode here and there and it looks decent. I liked eybrow guy with the first guy he was with that was sort of swirly middle easternery. I don’t know why they are not still together.  Also, Andy is offering up Josh Flagg to eyebrow guy. I must have missed what happened to Josh’s BF too.  The gay male relationship world moves fast if you are not paying attention.

Moving on. Continue reading


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Couples’ Therapy Recap: Fifty Shades of Gray Walls and Character Flaws

Couples Therapy New SeasonFor the past few days I’ve been wanting to watch TV rather than recap TV. I’ve been binging on Unforgettable (CBS, female detective has one of those memories like that one woman, whatshername, I um forget. SWIDT?), Reckless (Um also CBS I think, Two hot lawyers female defense, male prosecutor sexual tension set in Charleston)  Dating Naked (Vh1, Realityish) and occasionally peeking at Utopia live feeds.  It’s been fun but it has me a bit behind in recapping so I am going to take care of that tonight. I hope eeess okay eef I start with Couples Therapy.  It occurs to me that there should be an apostrophe in the title.

It’s only Day Two and Treach and Cicely have been arguing since Day One. Dr. Jenn’s helpful talk over points out what a blessing it is to have people to commiserate and support each other. Then the camera pans to Evel Dick. I hated Evel Dick on Big Brother. Way beyond my current dislike for say Christine this season. It’s taken me a few years to mellow and realize that even though some of these people are on TV for us to be amused, disgusted or outraged by, they are a product of society and all simply media whores. Unless they are endangering the lives of cancer patients for profit, or doing serious time for felonious acts I no longer bat an eye. But back in Evel Dick’s 15 minutes of pan banging and pissing in Jen’s tea or whatever he did, it seems like child’s play now. And even on episode two, I’m starting to think I’m going to enough his cranky ass exterior this season. I have a feeling he’s hiding a secret. I hope we find out what it is. Continue reading


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The Blacklist Returns in TWO DAYS!

I’m so excited for the premiere of The Blacklist I can’t stand it! I hope you are doing your homework. I will be collecting your papers. You’ve been warned!


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Big Brother Friday Night Episode: You Didn’t Miss A Thing

Photochop by Dharmit I miss Donny.

Photochop by Dharmit
I miss Donny.

Not much to say about this show, I’m sure unless they show jury house. So far Victoria is CONVINCED Derrick is going to take her. She is going to be really hurt if he doesn’t. Derrick is convinced either one will take him, so he might throw it to Cody. No, I’m serious, he might.

It’s the breakfast flash back of all the departed. Boring. Ah, Devin’s house meeting and fake tears. Joey was not even mentioned I don’t think. Donny got quite the plug for America’s Favorite Player.  They pointed out Frankie’s lies. They hinted Nicole would be a good choice. (They =production). And they showed the day the dog came in the house. Was that on any of the other shows? The dog scenes were cute! Continue reading


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It’s Almost Time For The Blacklist to Come Back! Time to Catch Up!

The Blacklist Red

The first season of The Blacklist was a mixed bag of bad writing, bad acting and the fabulous James Spader. The show continued to improve from episode to episode and thankfully so did my recaps.  I started this post to link you to all of my recaps but basically in the beginning there was a lot of ew…um… ick…. can anyone explain this to me.

My recap of The Stewmaker;

was basically me saying “I can’t recap this shit.” Now that there is a season two I have a feeling there was a lot of important information stuff in that episode. I’m going to rely on you all to let me know what I missed there.

The Courier

Things got better in this episode where Liz finds the passports and cash hidden in the floor of her apartment.

Gina Zanetalos

This is the first time we meet Gina, but not the last time we see her. Continue reading


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