Southern Charm Recap: Saint and Sinners

Southern Charm Thomas


It’s time for Southern Charm so all hell is breaking loose.  Fireworks have been on sale in every single grocery store, gas station and pig trail for the past week and at 9 p.m. like clockwork the explosions start and the dog loses his mind and like ten other things happened disrupting what was until  15 minutes ago a very zen and pleasant day. I was actually eating a Zensational  salad when the shit started hitting the fan! /sigh.

Okay back to the show. Let’s get this baby out of Kathryn so we can have some drunk Kathryn this season! I missed the part last week when Landon said she just wanted to write content and have someone else run the website.  Yeah. That’s not how it works sweetie. I suppose you want them to pay for your trips as well. What you want to be is a writer for Conde Nast Traveler, just like every other bitch with a laptop. The line forms behind me. You can find me by listening for the fireworks and the dog barking his fool head off!

Ah we begin with K. Cooper Ray and Kathryn all is right in my world again. (But Banjo may literally be hyperventilating.)

But my mellow is quickly harshed by an LA scene where Whitney has found a grocery store to stock “his LA house” and cook for “his girlfriend.” I can’t type that without giggling. I wish they would show where he really lives in Weho. Allegedly.

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Here’s How The Housewives Spent Memorial Day Weekend!

Working Hard for the Money!

Working Hard for the Money!

Nene Leakes got her hustle on this weekend working in Columbia, South Carolina doing her So Nasty, So Rude tour where she trash talks the other RHOAs.  Make those coins however you can, Nene!  Shockingly, Sonja Morgan is also working. Her photo looks like she is in Brooklyn somewhere but she’s on a Universal Studio set in Hollywood filming something.  Ramona Singer has wandered into a big summer party somewhere, seemingly alone…

Theresa Giudice and her brood on down the shore in Jersey. So are Joe and Melissa Gorga. It doesn’t look like they are running in the same crowd though.

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Blind Item: Swavik the Swede

flamingo beer

The Best Frat Party Take Home Gifts Ever!

Earlier on an episode of a show we all know and love, a random feminized male in a periwinkle shirt and a gray suit and sporting an unfortunate mustache that I used to see on pasty little seventh graders,  showed  up in the kitchen of the male half of the show’s most volatile couple.  He was listed as “a friend”of the lothario in quite unnecessary scene where the scandalous lothario was pointing out the “special skills” of a particular female.  She would be accompanying the two “friends” to an event centered around inflatable flamingo beer coozies. Because at times, when people attempt to put on airs, they do so with a full gross of pink beer coozies floating in their pool.  One assumes that the special skills of their female companion had something to do with impairing her ability to use her shrill voice. But one should probably not ponder that too…err…deeply  The point of the conversation seemed to be to point out that both gentleman in the room were heterosexual and to put forth the platonic nature of their friendship.

It seems as though this “friend” of the lothario like another “friend” of his on  the series both share a common jealous rage over when it comes to the beautiful starlet of the show. For what other reason might this tiny little creature have a nose full of consternation when it comes to the starlet?

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Daily Tea: Weekend Open Forum!



*Please remember not to spoil episodes of TV shows, movies, etc in the comments. Many people binge watch shows these days and do not expect to find spoilers in the Open Forum, including me thanks! *

We are just over half way through the three day Memorial Day Weekend. I thought I’d put up an open forum so we could share what we are up too. I am hopeful that I still have time to get some things done in and out of the house before the weekend is over!  I spent my morning (errr…afternoon) doing some research for one of two posts I have been working on. I will put up some RHOA tea  later tonight after I get some house and garden stuff done and maybe get some sun on my face! I’ve been holding a few things to triple check my sources.

I will be having a BLT in a bit. I admit I am having a hard time getting decent bread for this purpose. There is a German bakery practically in walking distance so I really need to get around to checking them out I suppose. My Gerber daisies a blooming like crazy for the most part. I have them in three pots and one is one of those concrete pots on a stand and it is not big enough to hold all the water they need. I finally realized why these usually die on me. They need a ton of water every dayum day. So fart I am keeping them all alive.  Continue reading


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Blind Item: “Sir, You Are no Gentleman!”

This married reality show cast member is not at all what he appears. He claims to have a variety of businesses on the show; however, he holds no trademarks on any of the products and businesses he pushes on the show.  In addition, he has a number of financial and legal problems including a history of foreclosures and bad debts. I have no idea if he even has a job, but it certainly not the one he portrays on the show.  His business partners are equally as fake.  Word on the street is he runs with a few of his cast mates who enjoy partying to the fullest.

In fact, I’ve been told he completely missed the birth of one of his children while out on a two day bender.  He’s not a southerner, let alone a southern gentleman. It’s all scripted TV.


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Teen Mom 2 Catch Up Recaps! David Really Is Janelle’s Worst Boyfriend Ever

Teen Mom Chelsea

You know what I really want to do on this long weekend? Recap Teen Mom 2! No really. The past couple of weeks I’ve been super busy working on boring tech stuff with the site and it has caused me to let some of the lesser viewed recaps fall by the wayside.  I have two episodes ( plus the aftershows) on my DVR and I have been dying to watch the one from two weeks about because Barbara is going to go head to head with Janelle’s felon boyfriend of the week!  I remember some commenter having a minor meltdown about me not liking the housewives shows anymore. She felt all betrayed that I had been grudging blogging when I was over the series. The fact of the matter is, it is now my job to recap shows that get the most reaction (views) from you guys. And yes, there are times I’d like to drop out of a franchise here and there, or simply take a night off and watch something else that interests me more, but I also like to eat. And buy wine. So I do it anyway. Also, I usually like the seasons for the first ten episodes but really Munchausen and fake cancer can become quite tiresome. And then there are shows like this I am dying to get to buy are a lower priority for the website like Teen Mom!

I’m going to combine two episodes like it was one big show and include any interesting things from the after shows.


Chelsea and Cole are going out with friends to a concert. Aubree has a responsible babysitter, probably her mom. And they are going to meet Jason Aldean, a country singer I think. For having VIP passes they had some mediocre seats.

Aubree has apparently told Chelsea she can’t see the board at school. Chelsea feels bad because she didn’t need glasses until high school. In actuality, elementary kids are not given enough eye tests. At least in the county I taught in. It was like pulling teeth to get my kids an eye test in first grade because they had one before kindergarten. The only test in certain grades and clearly I don’t know what I am talking about when I send a kid to the nurse for a test. Because “I send too many.”  Aubree has a fit about getting eyedrops. Chelsea is way too permissive with the meltdown. She also picked out hideous pink glasses.

Cole takes Aubree to a father daughter dance because Adam doesn’t show up! Aubree wanted to go with Cole and Adam. Aubree calls Cole her other daddy. Aw.

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