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Grey’s Anatomy

I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy a million years ago. I remember McDreamy. I remember the Asian doctor whose relationship ended sadly. I don’t remember much else, or why I stopped watching. I don’t recall actually breaking up with Grey’s specifically, I think we just grew apart and sort of consciously uncoupled in an amicable way. But now, it seems weird not to tune in to all three Shondaland shows on Thursday nights. I like it again. But it is still like when you hang out with your girlfriend and she is watching her soap opera and you don’t know any of the backstory on anyone. Was it just me or did the whole mystery sister/daughter line just sort of go away? Did I miss something? Did the love child doctor just leave forever?  Last night I was just getting in to the lesbian marital problems storyline and now they are going to break up? Someone is actually named Arizona? I’m still going to watch this for a while, but I feel like I need a friends chart. Continue reading

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Jodi Arias Trial Unable to Proceed After Lunch Break. Juror 17 Is a Problem.

This was Jodi's Day Three Look. It didn't get much use.

This was Jodi’s Day Three Look. It didn’t get much use.


UPDATEE 10/24/14 I just zipped through Dr. Drew and he confirms that he did not put up his tweet until AFTER court was adjourned for the day. Which confirms to me that he booked the old Juror 17 after the new Juror 17 situation arose. He did that because everyone wants to know the deal with the new Juror 17 so he booked the old one to play off that interest. So the new #17 was called into chambers for some other reason.

UPDATED AGAIN: In an odd turn of events, Dr. Drew is interviewing Juror 17 FROM THE ORIGINAL TRIAL, not Juror 17 that is at the center of today’s debacle.  Very sneaky there, Dr. Drew. Very sneaky.  So We are back to the belief that Juror 17 from the current trial has not (yet) been dismissed. Dr. Drew is evil.

UPDATED: It appears Juror 17 WAS kicked off. Will be on Dr. Drew on HLN tonight at 9 During SCANDAL! UGH.

We come back from lunch and Judge Sherry Stephens dismisses the jury for the day. She asks Juror 17 to stay behind. WTF is wrong with these jurors? Can they not stay out of trouble at lunchtime? Do they need to be sequestered? WHAT NOW? Judge Stephens says they are unable to proceed today to an event outside of their control.

The lawyers, Arias and Travis’ sister are all called into chambers. Juror 17 was waiting in jury room. Speculation is she is in chambers  as well. They were only in chambers for a few minutes. Maybe five. Nurmi and Willmott seem “happy” according to one account. Detective Flores told several reporters that Juror 17 was NOT dismissed. But how would he know? He was not present for whatever happened in chambers.

It will remain a mystery until Monday I suppose because there is no court on Fridays. Because, Arizona.


This is just a clusterfuck of a retrial and it’s only day three.


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Below Deck Renewed for Third Season

Below Deck Capt lee dickNEW YORK – October 22, 2014 Fueled by ratings success, Bravo Media has renewed “Below Deck” for a third season as last night’s finale earned the highest-rated episode of the season among all key demos. With over 1.4 million total viewers and 710,000 P18-49, the episode was up 26 percent and 23 percent, respectively, from the prior week (10/14/14), according to Nielsen. On a most current basis, season two is averaging 1.5 million total viewers and 808,000 P18-49.

Next Tuesday, October 28 at 9pm ET/PT, “The Crew Tells All” special takes a look back at lost footage from the first season with never-before-seen cast interviews. Get a closer look at the outrageous hijinks of the charter guests and crew. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial Day Three Morning Recap: Hissyfits and Crying Jags

Jodi Arias Day 2

The day begins with a sidebar at the bench. Because, Arizona.  Up first is Esteban Flores. Nurmi is finally getting to cross-examine him because for some reason Horn had to be on the stand yesterday. If this is your first trip to the rodeo, Flores was the lead investigator in the murder of Travis Alexander. There have been seats available in the courtroom everyday. The overflow viewing room has not been needed. Who wants to go be the TamaraTattles.com intern for this case? Anyone?

Nurmi immediately goes in on Flores asking him if he lied in any previous court proceedings. At issue once again is the sequence of the wounds inflicted on Alexander. Flores has been accused of changing his story and pressuring Horn to change his. Horn denies having a conversation of that nature with Flores, and continued to do so yesterday.  Nurmi whips out the transcripts of previous testimony by Flores where he said the gunshot happened first. Ooopsy. Flores testified that the neck slicing came last. He claims that it was Horn that told him it was the final wound. This is not what Horn said yesterday. Martinez objections and calls a sidebar. Sounds like Nurmi is doing a good job trying to impeach the testimony of Flores. Continue reading


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Nene Leakes Goes to Wardrobe to Get Fitted for Evil Stepmother Role on Broadway

RHOA Nene Cinderella fittingI keep meaning to post this picture of Nene being fitted for her Cinderella costume. I meant to do it yesterday because you will never guess what Nene Leakes does on Wednesdays. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, there are all sorts of stupid little days like, Follow Friday (where people spam your timeline with a bunch of people’s twitter IDs with no explanation of why you should follow them) or Throwback Thursday (where you posts pictures from back in the day before saggy breast and random chin hair robbed you of your beauty) or Woman Crush Wednesday where you post a quote or a picture of a woman who inspires you or moves you in some way, or maybe you’d like to take a dip in the lady pond with…). Nene Leakes is really big on #WCW.  Pretty much every Wednesday she participates, and each time, she chooses the same woman. Herself.

That is all.


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Teresa Giudice Appears to Be Going to FPC Danbury Afterall

WWHL Teresa hands

On Tuesday, Teresa Giudice had a new lawyer craft a letter to Judge Salas because the judge did not include recommendation for where Teresa should serve her sentence in her judgment of conviction (JOC).  In that letter the new attorney suggested that if the judge did not amend her JOC then Teresa would be serving her time in scary place like MDC Brooklyn or MCC Manhattan! The attorney also made, what I told you at the time was a ridiculous request for Teresa to do as much time as possible in a halfway house.

Well, today the Judge basically told everyone to calm the fuck down. Teresa will be going to FPC Danbury which is the cushiest, nicest choice available. And, as everyone loves to point out is where Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black served her time. Here is what really happened. Continue reading


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American Horror Story: Freak Show


AHS Edward

By: Urethra Franklin

Hallo mein liebchen Freaktards!

Every year AHS does a 2 part Halloween episode and tonight is part 1, and we will find out who the baddest witch in town is. Ooopsie wrong season. Actually we might find out who the baddest freak in town is, and that could possibly be Edward Mordrake. His character is based on a legend about a man with 2 faces that may or may not have existed during the 19th century.  The myth about this Victorian era madman is that he was born with another face on the back of his head that would whisper to him and force his good side to do horribly evil things.

Writers took creative liberties and fictionalized the tale of Edward Mordrake into a ‘Bloody Mary style’ superstition for the carnival workers. Elsa’s beloved ‘monsters’ believe that if they perform& sing on Halloween night that it will summon Mordrake, and he will take them all to HELL. While Dot & Bette dismiss it as nothing but a myth, Ethel Darling warns them that it is all true. She knows firsthand because he is a dark tormentor from her past, and he is thirsty for some revenge. Could Elsa’s warbling of a Lana Del Rey song be the reason for his sudden appearance at the Carnival? #GodsAndMonsters Continue reading


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Blood Sweat and Heels Bravoleb Geneva Thomas Arrested for Felony Assault

Demetria on Blood Sweat and Heels It's Hell Time

If you had Geneva Thomas in the Which Bravoleb Will Be The Next Felon By Bravo Pool, you are a winner!  But really? Who would have chosen her? I liked her and thought she was the voice of sanity on Blood Sweat and Heels.  She made news a month or two ago over stiffing a cab driver, but at the time it just seemed like it was all a big misunderstanding. She has a January court date for that situation.   But now, Geneva has gone full on bad girl!

First of all, the good news is that Blood Sweat and Heels is taping again. I actually liked that show season one, though we all know the second season of anything Bravo produced is when things start to go to shit. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial Day Two Afternoon Recap: It Was A Slow, Boring Afternoon

Jodi Arias TwitterWe are officially down two jurors in two days. Yesterday one was excused for a family emergency, today one decided to wander out front, take her badge off, have a smoke and watch the live news interviews. That was juror 9 and she has been sent packing.

Back to the showdown between Willmott and Horn. Willmott says it is possible to survive a gunshot wound to the frontal lobe. Horn sticks to his original story that when he reviewed his initial report he made some corrections. Horn maintains that the gun shot was last. JW ends her cross.

Martinez jumps up and runs toward Horn with a pen a pretends to stab him while shouting “That didn’t take long, did it?” Willmott objects saying, “Mr Martinez is standing next to the witness and yelling at him…and stabbing him!”  Not nearly as good as Objection! Fairytale! Which will always remain the best objection made by any attorney in any case.  Juan does very little redirect. Continue reading


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Bravo To Air British Show, Made in Chelsea: NYC


That’s a LOT of people…

It looks like Bravo is going to give us another international show to take the place of Real Housewives of Melbourne! I’m already excited! This time it is a spin off of a British show called Made in Chelsea.  Who knew that Stephanie Pratt, Spencer Pratt’s little sister from The Hills was doing scripted TV in England? The show will air on Sundays at noon where Real Housewives of Melbourne used to be.

Click through the page break for the official press release and tell me what you think! Continue reading


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Is Apollo Tweeting From Prison?

Felons by Bravo

Felons by Bravo


APOLLO NIDA RHOA @apollonida03  ·  2h 2 hours ago

It is time to release the silence! Fitness All The Way! Prepare for the Upcoming Year! in 2015!

Is he trying to say he is going to roll on Phaedra? Did he email someone his account info for them to post this? I need answers people. I’m pretty sure they can email, but I don’t think they can get on social media. Can they?

Check out all Apollo Stories here!


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Jodi Arias Trial Day 2 Morning Recap

Jodi Arias Day 2

Juan was in court early prosecuting an unrelated case. All of Jodi’s family and Donovan are there. Travis’s family is there including all the sisters. Jodi chatted with her mitigation specialist while she waited.  A juror is running late but in en route. Meanwhile Nurmi made a motion to repress the medical examiner’s testimony about the order of the wounds. Judge Stephens denied it.  For some reason I do not understand, Nurmi is not allowed to cross-examine Flores’ testimony from yesterday  until after Horn gives his testimony. I believe Horn is the HOT medical examiner that we enjoyed watching last time. He will be up first today. The order of the wounds and the determination of the fatal wound seem to be very important to both sides. And frankly, if I recall correctly Horn, or someone changed their minds about the order of the wound inflictions last time. I think Horn’s schedule is limited and he can only testify first this morning. That is why Nurmi can’t do his cross yet. Nurmi thinks this is a calculated move by Martinez. Of course it was but there is no law against it.

I am still confused why Nurmi is upset over the phone sex call. Nurmi feels that Martinez is questioning the authenticity of the recording. Martinez says he is not questioning the authenticity, he is questioning whether the tape was stolen. Nurmi wants to call Martinez on the stand to state that he has already acknowledged the authenticity of the tape.  Does anyone understand the point of this? Nurmi seems to be saying if the judge doesn’t find prosecutorial misconduct on Martinez’s part he will call him as a witness. Continue reading


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