This Bruce Jenner Situation Is Bothering Me


I don’t watch the Kardashians. I know way more than I want to by just having them thrust in my face. But the tabloids treatment of Bruce Jenner really irks me. In Touch went beyond the pale with the photoshopped picture of Bruce as a woman.

When Bruce had the cosmetic procedure called a tracheal shave it was clear he was transitioning.  There is no other reason for that surgery. I have a lot of respect for Bruce for finally standing in his truth. I cant imagine being born into a gender that you don’t identify with. He’s a gold medal Olympian. He been married many times. His hobbies…flying helicopters and playing golf seem very male. He’s fathered children. And it is just now in his twilight years that he is admitting to himself that he has a gender identity issue. Continue reading


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Ariana Madix Wants You To Know “The Truth”

Kirsten It's me or Ariana!

One of the things that must really suck about being on a reality show like Vanderpump Rules is all the bullshit editing. As a viewer you learn quickly to sort of suspend disbelief and pretend like what you are watching is real. I mean we all know it is not real at this point. So imagine a situation being portrayed that makes you look bad and having to pretend that what we saw was the real deal on your Bravo Blog!

Such is the case with Ariana Madix this week. All Y’all know I am team Kristen just because I find he crazy fascinating and great TV.  Bravo edits her as the crazy, because she is, but I think she also amplifies it for the camera and is just having fun with it.

Anyway, numerous Bravolebs have become frustrated with the official Bravo Blogs. One season, Kandi Burruss just refused to post them because they would not let her speak freely. Since then, people have taken to posting what they really want to say on their own blogs.  And yesterday, while I was slammed with other posts and a certain lunatic someone sent me Ariana Madix blog on her tumblr. (Thanks for that by the way, I love those of you who email me what is going on when I have my nose to the grindstone all day.)  And just because I am “Team Kristen” it doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy Ariana. It’s not that serious.

So click through to see what Ariana wants to get off her chest. The bolding is mine. Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: It’s Just A Scratch

RHOBH Just a Scratch

We begin with the physical altercation between Brandi and Kyle in which a perfectly good piece of pizza was thrown to the ground. Kim recognizes the severity of the issue when she asks what happened to her slice and Brandi nonchalantly admits to throwing it on the ground. Kyle and Kim have a discussion in high pitched crying voices that makes zero sense. The two new girls creep around trying to listen outside the line of fire.  Brandi, realizing that she is not on camera once again tries to insert herself into a conversation between the two sisters. Lisa tries to get Brandi away from them and Kim’s cheese slides even further off her cracker. She is now accusing Lisa of saying something to Kyle about the car ride from hell.

Brandi grabs Kyle by the wrists and yells at her. I would have punched her right then and there. BAM! Right in the kisser. Brandi continues to scream at Kyle saying she does nothing for her sister and is never there for her. Vince is hilariously peeping through the garage door window. Brandi gives talking heads where she says Kyle is a worthless sister. Brandi whines about a scratch on her arm. She says it is swelling and she is going to kill Kyle. Eileen says, “How about a little Neosporin? Get a grip!”  I love Eileen.

Lisa rides home with Kyle who is still crying. Kim seems to want to leave with Kyle but Brandi is literally holding her back and telling her Kyle is a bad person. What a fucking loser Brandi is.

The two addicts leave together. Brandi tells Kim she is not making sense. Lisa tells Kyle that Brandi needs rehab. Kim has no idea where she is or what just happened. It’s all very sad.

Eileen and Vince drink some wine after everyone left. Eileen has sisters and she has been in fights with her sisters before but not as grown ass women. Vince is flabbergasted. Continue reading


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Dear Nadine Brownen Posting Here as “Ginger” & Pandy Pump

RHOA Kenya come for me


I warned you that there would be repercussions if your Psycho behavior continued. Sadly, you did not heed that warning.

You have been reported to Paypal as an abusive member. You attempts to abuse my Paypal account can be criminally prosecuted.

Your IP : Tracks to your address where criminal charges can and will be filed.

A report of abuse will also be filed with your Internet provider, Time Warner.

Your employer Elite Auto Network may also be contacted if your harassment does not cease immediately.

Should you continue to harass me I shall contact the Beverly Hills Police department. It appears they will be familiar with you as there is a plethora of allegations about you on the web suggesting that you are  ” a part owner of an escort service which specializes in corrupt Orthodox Jewish men.”

I assure you, that I am not someone with which you want to fuck. I suggest you go back to your whoring ways and remain very far from this website and my Paypal account.

It’s amazing the lengths that you will go to for being butthurt we deemed you too dumb to comment here. You retaliate with criminal activity that includes your full name and address?

You really are too stupid to breathe.


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Jodi Arias Trial Recap For Tuesday January, 27th: Don’t Mention the Magic Underpants

No photog in court today so we flash back to Tank Top Thursday  Photo: Mark Henle/Pool

No photog in court today so we flash back to Tank Top Thursday
Photo: Mark Henle/Pool


Nurmi is stalling already. One of the jurors said that she was asked what time court started and she replied she could not talk and walked away. Nurmi wants to question her in chambers. WHY? Also Juan is going to call Deanna, the bishop dude and Abe who was the official recipient of the email Jodi CC:ed Travis on. Abe will testify he never received the email. Nurmi wants Abe precluded because he just found out and has not been able to interview him.

Judge Stephens asks Jodi is she is going to continue her testimony. She says she would like to but is unable to do so for reasons she stated in chambers. WOW! They are going to let Jodi’s prior testimony stand, even though Juan was unable to cross examine. That can’t possibly be legal. Nurmi says he doesn’t want anything said to the jury about the fact that Jodi will not continue her testimony. Judge Stephens is all, “Okey Dokey” about that too. Juan is not objecting to this. It seems he wants it to stay in as well. Not sure why. The state could have moved to strike testimony but did not. Jodi will do an allocution later in the proceedings.

The jury still has not entered the courtroom. First, the judge gives Nurmi an hour to interview Abe. Then Nurmi will interview juror in chambers. In other words, I doubt anything will happen this morning. Apparently, everyone met with the poor juror in chambers. Jodi wants to be in on the interview with Abe. Judge Stephens will close the courtroom and allow Nurmi to interview Abe with Jodi present.  Nurmi doesn’t want the family present. Judge says the family can observe from the jury room. Juan is okay with that. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules: Miami Vices

Vanderpump Rules - Season 3


YAY! Let’s get this party started! It’s time for my weekly dose of Kristen Doute! OMG! We start right away with AnneMarie (Miami Girl) meeting up with Kristen! Kristen orders a bottle of wine and gets AnneMarie to spill the entire story for the cameras. AM was hanging out at the pool at the Mondrian and Jax was there talking about himself. Because, Jax.  AM said all the guys said they were single. Tom took a liking to her and was very sweet, holding her hand, etc. They talked for hours. AM tells Kristen she still thinks that Tom is in love with Kristen. He talked about her a lot and how he cheated on her. Oh this is going to send Kristen straight to 5 alarm crazy with no stops along the way. YES! Kristen starts crying. Kristen sees an opportunity to get Tom back. AM tells Kristen to go there and confront him. It’s going to GO DOWN at SUR tonight!

Schwartz says he was premed in college and his parents were not thrilled her ran off to Hollywood to pursue a modeling and acting career. Katie and Schwartz rehash the breakup with Stassi. Katie is still hoping for a reconciliation with Stassi. No Katie, just no.

Kristen and her friend Rachel go to SUR to party. And stir up trouble. AnneMarie shows up to confront Tom and he is freaking out. He leaves the bar and has someone else take over the bar. Tom completely flees the bar. Tom is calling AM a crazy, stalking, psycho in his talking heads. Ariana also flees her job and they both get in an Uber. Oh, Lisa is going to love having two staff members bail on their shift. Continue reading


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Jodi Arias Trial Monday Recap: Juror Questions Raise Hope For Death Penalty Verdict

Jodi Arias looked better in court yesterday

Jodi Arias looked better in court yesterday

I was super busy yesterday so I’m just catching up. It was a long day in the Arias trial as they try to finish up with Geffner. Juan spent the morning trying to discredit Bob’s credentials and pointing out inconsistencies with the numerous pysch tests. By all accounts morning testimony was repetitive and Juan and Bob once again argued semantics. Bob wants to differentiate between a push and a shove for some reason. They go over Jodi’s scores on domestic violence tests as well as  the usual psychological inventories for depression, anxiety, PTSD, self-esteem etc. We’ve been down this road several times in this trial already.

Bob wants to make sure we know that Travis was sexting multiple women at once.  Juan counters with Jodi’s sexual texts with Ryan Burns, the dude she slept with right after killing Travis.

After lunch, Juan brought up the magazine with the coded messages. Juan quickly moves on to Bob being uncooperative with the prosecutions psychologist, DeMarte. He refused to release data to her until she could prove she was licensed.  Juan likes to switch topics quickly to throw Bob off. I get the technique but it likely confuses the jurors too.  Juan ended his cross saying that the 18 page letter of lies to the Alexanders  was written on Travis’ birthday.  And Juan is done with cross. Continue reading


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Sad Post Related To Jodi Arias Trial

Detective Flores

Detective Flores

Yesterday, I began hearing rumors that Detective Esteban Flores’s 15-year-old son had died in a zip lining accident. I looked for an official news report and did not find one. I did not want the story to be true and I did not want to report it.

Tonight, sadly, I was sent confirmation. Click through for the details… Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Episode #2 If I Throw Someone Under The Bus, It Won’t Be A Surprise, They’ve Got The Bus Schedule!

celeb apprentice2

Kenya is moved to “Geraldo’s Team” as Trump puts it. Finally separating Kenya and Brandi. Vivica wanted Ian and Geraldo wanted Leeza.

The Task:  Trump wants an interactive theme environment for Trump Golf and Hotel resort in Miami. WTF is an interactive theme environment? Trumps boys will judge on creativity, innovation and guest interactions. I have no idea what this task means.

Team Vortex

Geraldo Rivera, Vivica Fox, Kate Gosselin, Kenya Moore

Project Manager: Kate Gosselin

Geraldo has been to the resort ( of course he has) and played the course and it is all about something on the course called “the blue monster.” I dunno maybe a hole with a lot of water challenges?  Geraldo wants the blue monster to be the theme but others feel it may not be upscale enough for Trump.  Kate wants to go with it anyway. Kenya has very definite ideas. Kenya has drawn a set and wants to over see the set production. Something she says she has experience in. But Kenya wants to send Kenya and Vivica shopping like everyone else has done to her.  This already is too many women on a team. I predict a loss with Kate going home before we even start. Kenya points out that  they will be gone a long time while shopping. Kate doesn’t care.

Kenya is aggravated that her skills are not being used. However, at this point, Vivica and Kenya are still getting along. But in Vivica’s talking heads she rewrites history a little bit as if she was always keeping her eye on her. #editing

Geraldo is the bartender making “Blue Monster” drinks. Kenya hates EVERY THING about the set.  Kate stupidly tells Trumps son and the executives about the drama between Kenya and Vivica. If this team loses, Kate is going home. Continue reading


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Celebrity Apprentice Episode #1 The Captain Goes Down With The Ship

Team Infinity

Team Infinity

The Task: Host a Circle Line Boat Tour around the city with an original theme and provide the entertainment. The winner will be decided solely on guest feedback.

I titled this episode of Celebrity Apprentice  before watching so if the captain doesn’t go down with the ship, I may have to think of a better title. The official title is ” It’s Like A Booze Cruise With Knowledge.”  Which seems dumb. So hopefully we see a captain go down with their ship. :)  Winner gets $30K

Team Infinity

Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville,  Leeza Gibbons, Johnny Damon, Ian Zierling

Project Manager: Brandi Glanville

Brandi points out that Sig may think he as the advantage because he is the captain, but Sig is not going to be driving the boat. They are basically throwing a party and Brandi certainly knows how to party. When Brandi is passing out tasks she so far has given everyone something to do except for Kenya.  Leeza has a talking head where she talks about her devotion to Brandi. I used to like Leeza. Past tense.  Leeza implies that Kenya wants the team to fail. Brandi asks Kenya if she wants to be in charge of the entertainment and the graphics. Which is pretty much everything. Interesting. Kenya points out those are two very broad things. If they could come up with a theme, that would help her tremendously.  It’s all very polite. And Kenya has Ian who is very pro-Kenya to support her. Leeza talks about Brandi and Ian teaming up against Brandi? Really? How about how they just get along like you do with the trashbox that is Brandi Glanville, Leeza.  Kenya throws out ideas for themes because Brandi seems to have none. Everyone seems to like Mardi Gras Manhattan except for Brandi. Brandi wants the theme to be more New York.  I think she has a valid point. Kenya asks Brandi what charity she is playing for and she says Make A Wish. Kenya compliments her charity and says she wants to make it clear that she is on board and wants to win. Brandi says she doesn’t believe Kenya and thinks she wants to see her go down. Brandi doesn’t get how this game is played. It’s a team effort at this point.

No one wants to be in the boardroom. No. One. As long as they are the same team, they are ON THE SAME TEAM.

Brandi agrees to go to Mardi Gras at first.  But then changes her mind. I agree with Brandi. Brandi goes with Leeza’s idea of Big Apple Bonanza. Whatever that means. It is very NYC focused. Kenya offers to sing her Gone With The Wind Fabulous. Brandi thinks it’s a good idea, because if they lose, she can try to get Kenya fired.

Brandi’s cruise goes well. The entire team is working together. Leeza narrated the cruise very well. Someone says, “It’s like a booze cruise with knowledge.”  Johnny got the band. They are a well oiled machine. They will win.

Kenya sings her Gone With The Wind Song! Everyone twirls. It was way over the top. She lies on the deck and does pelvic thrusts. A parent literally covers her child’s eyes. If they lose, Kenya is gone. Brandi recovers with a congo line.

Continue reading


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SAG Awards: What Do You Think Of The Winners?

The SAG Awards were last night and if you are like me you did not watch them. That doesn’t mean we can’t still debate who should have won.  I’m of the (probably unpopular) opinion that Viola Davis should not have won for How To Get Away With Murder.  I love Viola Davis. I think Viola Davis is brilliant in her role. However, if you have ever watched Orphan Black, where Tatiana Maslany plays a ton of different clones, there is really nothing and no one who could be more worthy of the Best Actress award. I’m sorry. There are four or five people in a scene at once, all of them very different and they are all Tatiana, and you completely forget about that while you are watching. It’s a great show.
I have no idea what Birdman or The Imitation Game is about. I’ll wait for y’all to enlighten me. I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel.
I think Homeland is so good it was just up against some really stiff competition. I’m also a huge fan of Shameless and Olive Kitteridge.
Click through for the list of the big winners…

Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Attended Black and White Premiere

RHOA Claudia and Demetria at Black and White

Last Friday, Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie were in town for the premier of their movie, Black & White. The movie is about a white grandfather, played by Kevin Costner, and a black grandmother, played by Octavia Spencer, who fight for custody of their bi-racial grand-daughter. There was a step and repeat and a whole bunch of paparazzi so that means…. HOUSEWIVES!

Claudia and Jordan were in attendance looking awesome and having a fun night at the movies. And so was one other housewife. Continue reading


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