How To Get Away With Murder Recap: The Last Two Episodes


By @TamaraMissy

Last time we all got together to discuss the show, Bonnie wished death upon Annalise for ruining her life, Asher found out Annalise turned in his dad, and Conner was kidnapped and possibly  murdered by Philip!!!

Bonnie has decided to take a few personal days off and is trying to regain control of her life.  We watch Bonnie as she sits rocking herself and crying the in the shower.
Annalise doesn’t ever seem to really help anyone out.  I mean,I think she (sometimes) genuinely wants to help but she normally just makes a bigger mess of everything and hurts them even more.

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Botched: Stitched Up Sisters

BotchedBy Lynn Carmer

If you’re anything like me, and are stuck in cleaning hell because you have 18 people about to crash your pad in two days, then watching our modern day Frankenstein’s, Paul and Terry, will actually be a real treat. (Damn, dirty baseboards!) But enough about me—let’s get Botched.

We start out with two sisters, Bethany or Tiffany – maybe Stephanie? – oh Lord, too many “anys” so I will lovingly refer to them as Thing 1 and Thing 2. (What? I said lovingly.) Botched calls them, “Terribly Tucked.” Thing 1 and Thing 2 are inseparable. They call it true love, I call them co-dependent, but I’m getting ahead of myself. You decide a better name for their sisterly love. They are both nurses, went to school together, bought a house together, got married together —their dad walked them down the aisle simultaneously– lived together with their husbands in the house they bought together, and eventually had kids together. Two each. (I’m exhausted.) But wait! There’s more … They gained weight together and eventually weighed over 300 pounds, separately, but somehow together. Interestingly enough, Thing 1 got Gastric Bypass alone – how dare she? – and lost well over 80 pds. Only problem: Extra skin. So Thing 1 decided on a full body lift. She loved the results. If only the story ended there—another complication arose. Pregnancy. Totally blew out the body lift and now she has saggy boobs, and …saggy everything, really. Yikes. She is a mess and needs help! Continue reading


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Blind Item: Just Another Bravo Casting…

blind female

One of the newer Bravolebs has an online profile that describes her thusly…

I’m a chick from a small city, just trying to make things happen, and most hopefully meet a lot of homies along the way. I’ve been doing this since the age of 12, and I have loved every minute of it. Thanks to all of the people who have made me look like a bona fide banger over the course of my modeling career! haha. They’ve made me a very diverse model, and I adore them for that. Thank y’all so much!

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Below Deck Reunion Recap: Je Suis Rocky!

Below Deck Reunion


Y’all can hate on Rocky all you want but she was the STAR of this season. Rocky is to Below Deck what Kristen Doubt is to Vanderpump Rules. And that my friends is THE STAR! Please notice she is seated right next to Andy because this night will be all about her.  And it’s a TWO PART Below Deck Reunion!  Twice the Rocky!

OMG, Captain Lee is going to break my heart going after Rocky. #JeSuisRocky! But good lord he is hot. Cranky, but hot.

Connie randomly jumps on Emile for throwing him out of their room every morning so he could masturbate. That Connie. Such a peach she is.  Emile doesn’t care and they show a scene of him wanking it in his bunk.

I have already seen way too much resting bitch face already.

I love that they showed behind the scenes with the camera men.

We get a long montage of the star doing her adorable looking at the ceiling thing in all of her talking heads. Rocky says she thinks they put sparkly butterflies in the corner. Or maybe dolphins. Oh, Rocky, never change. She says when she is thinking she looks up.  Stupid ass Eddie interrupts her and Rocky is loaded for bear. She asks if his girlfriend is there because she’d love to meet her and has so much to share. Eddie giggles like a girl and looks to Andy for help. Oh Eddie, this must be your first rodeo, Andy is NOT your friend. Continue reading


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Shannon Beador Responds to Vicki Gunvalson’s WWHL Interview

Shannon rumors gif

Shannon Beador is NOT happy with Vicki’s interview on WWHL. She feels like Vicki is playing the victim card while knowing all along what was going on.

Shannon is on Facebook saying she has all the texts Vicki sent her starting on September 9th.  Shannon brings up that on the reunion she said she sat at City of Hope for four hours, yet she told Mario Lopez she picked him up from City of Hope.  None of her stories match up. Her WWHL story about walking around outside City of Hope for half an hour and then leaving with no checking out is a new story

Shannon says that we can say she is bitter and hate her all she wants. But she can’t just be quiet about this. Shannon says that Vicki sent everyone an email last week about the guy named Tony who supposedly took Brooks to chemo while Vicki was at Disneyland with Brianna and her kids. Shannon says if her man was having chemo, she would be there and not at Disneyland. There was an email from Tony that said that he stopped over to bring Brooks soup and hang out with him. He mentioned nothing about taking Brooks to chemo. Continue reading


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The Walking Dead Recap: Heads Up

TWD 1By The Lady Cocotte

The Walking Dead is back with another amazing episode. Alexandria is still recovering from the wolves. Now all they have to deal with is a horde of walkers surrounding their gate. Daryl has reunited with Sasha and Abraham and they are on their way home. Not only that, but they’re bringing a gas truck and several big ass grenades. Will they make it back in time to help chase away the walkers at the gates? Is Morgan going to be exiled for his “do no harm” policy? Is Spencer still drunk? Let’s find out.

We start with a black screen. We hear Nicholas say “Thank you” and a shot. We’re back with Glenn! I didn’t think we’d get resolution to this storyline until after the mid-season break but they took pity on us. Once again, we get to see Glenn and Nicholas fall into the sea of walkers. This time the angle shows us that Nicholas fell on top of Glenn and it’s his guts that the walkers are eating. Glenn climbs under the dumpster while they’re busy eating Nicholas and the mystery is solved: Glenn didn’t die. The walkers closest to Glenn reach under the dumpster, trying to get him but he pulls out his knife and kills them. At a certain point the dead walkers create a barrier around the dumpster and Glenn is finally able to relax (well, as much as one can relax under s dumpster surrounded by dead walkers). Continue reading


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