VERDICT IN JODI ARIAS CASE? Not Really Jury is Hung…

Jodi looks happy in court today.

Jodi looks happy in court today.

Remember when I predicted the jury would come back on Tuesday after lunch? Well it’s Tuesday and the jury came back in the Jodi Arias trial. Remember when I said they will probably not agree? We they don’t. In some states this is when the judge reads something called an Allen Charge to the jury. That is basically the court saying, “Look you bunch of fuckwits, do you have any idea how much money the state has spent on this shit show? Get yer asses back in the room and don’t come out until you all agree. I don’t care what you agree on, but you best by God agree on something or else you are all a bunch of worthless maggots!”

But this is Arizona. Arizona doesn’t allow the Allen Charge, which clearly I paraphrased and modified a tiny bit above. But many states feel like the Allen Charge, or “dynamite charge” makes the jury feel forced to ignore their solemn beliefs on the situation (normally guilt or innocence, but we are in Arizona) and reach a verdict. The fear is that hold outs would feel compelled to find someone they believe is innocent to be guilty. So Arizona gives a watered down version that says something like, ” Oh hey you special little snowflakes. I know you are trying ever so hard to reach a verdict. I am going to give each of you a gold star! Your opinion is your opinion and you don’t have to change it. But hey, if you feel like it, why don’t you identify areas of agreement and disagreement and relate to law.  If you still don’t agree you can write me another note and I can answer your questions. No pressure. We have all the time and money in the world to wait for you. Do some yoga. Meditate. Write a poem about your feelings and let us know. *smooches*” Continue reading


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Shahs of Sunset Season Premiere: I am Gay Ghandi!

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

Shahs of Sunset Season 4

I just realized how much I’ve missed this show.  I hate that the production strike delayed things so long because this season is supposed to be super good and filled with drama!  Perhaps the wait will give the presumed bride to be a bit of time to reconsider her decision?  I mean take a page from Reza and his fiancé  who are not in a hurry to marry.

Reza and Asa are going gold shopping. I am not sure where this store is, but I want to find it. Reza is buying a Rolex and he will get a better deal than what they are saying on air for promotional consideration (there is more of that on this show than any other) still. I am surprised those watches are only $35K.

Anyway, this is all to say that Asa parents are moving in with her while she has their house renovated. And Reza’s man’s parents are coming to town or something. Sorry. I was distracted by the gold.


Mike drops by his parents with chocolates and champagne shows them the engagement ring he bought for Jessica. Continue reading


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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Dethroned

Pump Rules finale pink motel

Okay, it’s time for the finale so I am making some adjustments to recap this live. I took a shower, and put on clean jammies in honor of the first clean sheets night of 2015 (I’ve been sleeping on the couch mostly). After this and Shahs I will likey pile up in my nice clean bedroom for the night and deal with GiGi (and Reza I think, not Kristen :( ) in the morning/afternoon.

It’s time for the annual calendar shoot as all restaurants have each year. The location is cool this year. It’s The Pink Hotel which is so cute and 1950s that it would not surprise me if Lisa buys it before the episode is over.  James is super hot in the photo shoot. Yes, little Europeon boy James.  He photos very well.  I want those one piece 1950s swimsuits. Sort of. I mean if I have to wear a swimsuit.

Sandoval and Jax are always in a lovers quarrel for these things. Scheana just let Sandoval know that Jax is saying he slept with Miami girl.  that was sweet of her to do right before they have to pose together. Scheana tell Ariana what Jax said about Miami Girl on a break in filming but Ariana doesn’t believe Sandoval would lie or cheat. LOLOLOL. Um, okay. So he would cheat with you but now on you. I see.  Ariana says she texted with Tom all night.  She says that Facetime “didn’t work” in his hotel room.  Yeah, I dated a guy once whose IM that he was on all day long with me in town “didn’t work” on his work computer he took on business trips.  Scheana points out that Eddie would text Brandi a lot when they were dating. Ariana says she is not stupid and she is smarter tan anyone she ever met in her life.  Ariana tells Scheana  she is sure Tom didn’t cheat. Scheana wisely says she will not bring it up ever again. Continue reading


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Chateau Sheree Update for 2015!

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree's mama, This is August 2012

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree’s mama, This is August 2012

Another holiday season has passed with no Chateau Sheree open house Christmas party. Last night on WWHL, Andy asked Miss Lawrence if Sheree was living in her Chateau and he hemmed and hawed and said he thinks she might be he’s not sure. Um, I’m sure.

Click through for a picture taken today by a neighbor. Continue reading


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Catfish Recap: Miracle and Javonni

Catfish Nev and Charlamagne

Nev and Charlamagne head to Milwaukee

Sorry about pumping you guys up for this show and then blowing it off. I had a hell of a hard time getting this show to tape. I think I have a conflict when the show comes on. I have been taping that Tom Colicchio show Best New Restaurant and Nashville. I think I can push BNR to a later taping catch Catfish on time this week. Anyway, I’m gonna turn this one on and watch!

Already I miss Max. Charlamagne is no Max. I am not five minutes in and I don’t think Javonni is a man at all. I think this is going to be a chick pretending to be a hot dude. They both keep stressing that “he’s a man” rather unnecessarily. Charlamagne coincidentally already met this girl a couple of weeks ago.  Even though they have spoken on the phone, I still think it is a female. Miracle just said there is nothing to make her think he is a girl or anything. Jesus, if this dude is a girl then this whole setup scene was filmed after the fact.

They check the guy’s phone number. All it tells them is that it is a man. You know, in case they have not stressed that enough. After a call to Max for some promotional consideration for a web site. They find that a guy named Rickie Witherspoon is the owner of the phone. Again, Nev says, the good news is that it really is a guy! Continue reading


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The Real Housewives of Everywhere Has Jumped the Shark (Have Jumped the Shark?)



I started this post writing about what is wrong with Real Housewives of Atlanta and how it has jumped the shark. I thought about how it could be fixed. How to save the franchise. I thought about how to make it more interesting, ways to make it better.  But, very quickly in, I was reminded that we shouldn’t be watching this crap at all. Seriously. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? But first, here is what I thought we should do back when I was still drinking the Kool-Aid. At the end I will link you back to my thoughts three years ago, before the crazy came.

There are too many women on this show. I have said this forever, when there are more than five housewives, it’s hard to get into any of their storylines. Hell, we don’t even notice anymore when Nene is not on at all.

There is was too much recapping of the previous episode. We get it the wives told their husband about the previous week’s forced dinner where someone was a cunt. The wives who weren’t in some scenes the previous week were filled in on what happened. We don’t need the first 25% of the show to be a recap. That’s what I am for. Continue reading


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WWHL With Kenya Moore, Derek J and Miss Lawrence

WWHL Kenya FQs


Well this should be an action packed show! I could do without Derek and Lawrence on this show since they are both SO over the top. They would be better being on with Kandi or someone boring. I have a feeling this is going to be like three cats fighting in a burlap bag, which is coincidentally what my ass looks like in khakis these days.

In the introductions, Andy says to say that she got a rise out of one of her fellow Atlanta housewives tonight would be putting it midly. Kenya looks great in orange. I love that she has on orange lipstick but not hideous neon lipstick,  just a nice lovely shade to match her dress.

Andy asks Miss Lawrence about Phaedra’s comments about Nene calling to check on her every day. He says everyone needs friends. Andy asked Kenya if it surprised her. She said no, it seems they have a bit of friendship going on, if it is by default or whatever, they seem to have something going on.  Andy says that Porsha threw shade at Kenya and plays the clip of Porsha making fun of flirting with the waiter.  Kenya says that it’s sad. She was being friendly to the waiter. Being friendly to the staff doesn’t mean that you are flirting with them. And shame to the people who think that was flirting. Shame to me I guess then. It was definitely flirting. We’ve been over this a thousand times. Kenya would flirt with a mop bucket it you drew eyes and a moustache on it. And that’s fine! That’s part of her perky personality. Who cares? Continue reading


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Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands


RHOA Phaedra Fence


LOL We start with Apollo’s video he posted from the prison where he says he is about to “go asunder,” which always makes me wonder what he thought that meant during his wedding vows. And it ends with “you will be hearing from me shortly,” as if he thought he was going to do a podcast from prison or something. They really are milking this prison shit.

ROFLMAO. Phaedra is so full of shit. These fake ass security people. Taking the service elevator. She so wants people to believe there are paparazzi tailing her.  Jesus. She has to flag THEM down in LAX. Now she is talking about “the headmaster” (giggles) at the boys school. Wait so she took the boys to school from the hotel with all the security? Jesus. Those boys are in some day care. The rarely go, they are with the baby sitters and the nannies most of the time. All the parents on that cul de sac go to a variety of schools and have tons of get togethers with tons of neighbors in the area. They go to all sorts of private schools. Nary a one has ever seen any spawn of Phaedra at their school. Headmaster. /giggle.  This scene is hilarious. Waiting on the elevator by the high voltage door.

I don’t even know When this “return to the house” thing happened. We had another fake “return to the house scene” last week. How many times is she going to “return to the house?”  I love the giant Phine Body poster in the living room. Phaedra is such a victim in all of this. She just wants to kill Apollo with her bare hands and then embalm him and cremate him and flush him down the commode.  Okay. That’s not sociopathic at all.

Oh look fake scenes of Phaedra pretending she watches her kids.

A hilarious bullshit scene with a ridiculous “apostle”  praising  Jesus and sprinkling some water on the floor throughout the house occurs. Phaedra’s in her infinite biblical scholarship says that he has performed an exorcism. Lord have mercy this show is stupid tonight. Continue reading


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Brielle Biermann is HOW OLD?

RHOA Brielle's 18th Birthday Present



Jesus. How old was this kid when we first started watching Real Housewives of Atlanta? And the girl has been asking for a white jeep since she was 15!  Well, she turned 18 this month and she finally got her dream car.  Props to Kroy and Kim for buying a reasonably priced car and for making her wait until she was 18.  Her driving skills left much to be desired for the first year or so of her driving life. And she still gets grounded and has her phone taken away a lot! LOL. But she is finally an adult with her dream car finishing out her last four or five months of high school.

She sure grew up to be a beauty! Continue reading


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For Those of You New to Lisa Rinna…

Here, once again with feeling, is what happened to her lips, when she was 24 years old. This clip is from 2013. I think she has a pretty attitude about a dumb mistake she made in her youth.  Hopefully, we can drop this issue now, or at least have a link to refer everyone to when it is continuously brought up.

At least it isn’t as bad as what young women and transgender folks on a budget are doing TODAY (shooting silicone into their chest and buttocks)  despite having the facts and knowing it is illegal and has lethal side effects.


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Saturday Classic Video : Abby Lee Miller

This video is two years old but it is interesting to watch because it’s a clandestine video of Abby’s Master Class with the girls. Kids were allowed to video parts of the event but NOT the questions and answers. I’m not sure whether it says more about Abby or  um “kids today.”

Since humans have been having offspring, each generation seems to be a big fat disappointment. I shudder to think what the young lady who filmed this will find fault with in her offspring in a decade or too.

I think it is time to give up on our species. Continue reading


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